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What does it mean to win Olympic medals for India?

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Olympic medals for India – Past To Present

The world of sports has a spellbinding impact on the Indian citizens and the highest Olympic medals for India at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has marked the beginning of an evolution in Indian sports ecosystem. The Olympics are among the most controversial debates lately, which has grasped the attention of people worldwide. The enriched history of Indian Olympics throws light upon the herculean and influential nature of sports in the country. The Indian sports history goes back to as early as the period of Mahabharata and it becomes a vital source for apprehending the major transformations and progression in the sports overtime. 

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The Olympics was an auspicious occasion for the world of sports and its evolution. It revolutionised the outlook of games for the athletes as well as the Indian citizens. The first Olympics were held at Athens, Greece during 1896 and it was marked as a commencement of revolution and as early as in 1900, India also took part in the Olympics held at Paris. The lone man, Norman Pritchard represented India in the modern Olympics and kick started India’s campaign at Olympics. His inimitable prowess brought laurels to the country, winning first ever silver medals in Athletics and made the nation proud.

Thereby, the Indian Olympics thrived to achieve triumph and the sooner seized the attention of inspired people. The Indian sports also prospered with the surging number of athletes and the government took several initiatives to accomplish the desires of aspiring competitors. Ever since, India has organised numerous international sporting events in the wake of the Olympics and at present has 48 well organised and acknowledged National Sports Federations, administered by politicians. The growth of sports is a perpetual process that has glorified the country in a short span of time. 

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Olympic medals for India: The Essence of Rewards

Olympic medals for India | KreedOn
Image Source: TOI

The Greatest Olympic Prize Ever: Athletes live up their life for attaining honor and achieving rewards as it plays a major role in determining their character as representatives of the country. More recently, the Indian Olympic Association’s Advisory Committee introduced a cash prize for the winners. The Indian athletes winning gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 75 lakh, 40 lakh, and 25 lakh respectively. It also recommended a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh to each athlete in the Indian Contingent to Tokyo Olympics. IOA has also initiated to offer monetary aid to National Sports Federations and State Olympic Association to alleviate the hardships and obstacles faced by the athletes. 

Nevertheless, it is important to take Indian achievements into consideration. India has won 35 medals across 24 Olympic games since 1900 and bagging medals in accordance to the ranks is a life-changing event for the winner. The rewards uplift the scope of improvement in athletes as most medal winners belonging to small towns lack the adequate funds and equipment required for training. The government and private corporations ensure stability and balance between the funds and training.

Life-changing experience of Olympic medalists

Neeraj Chopra | Olympic Medals for India | KreedOn
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Olympic gold medalist in India: Recently, the 23-year-old Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic gold medalist in India, lit up the hearts of Indians by winning a gold medal in men’s javelin throw. He created history on 7th August 2021 at Tokyo Olympics and became the first track and field medallist in independent India at the Olympic games. He also became the second gold medallist after Abhinav Bindra, who bagged a gold medal in shooting in 2008. The whole nation celebrated his victory and he was praised by the government officials for turning India’s hope into reality.

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In addition, he was handsomely rewarded by the Indian and the state government of Haryana along with the sports federations. The Indian Olympic Association awarded him a cash reward of Rs. 75 lakh and he also recieved a cash prize of 6 crore from Haryana government, from where he belongs. This was merely a beginning to his starlit life. Other than the previous rewards mentioned, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) also announced a cash prize of 1 crore and so did the Manipur government and IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Press Trust of India (PTI) also informed that Elans group chairman, Rakesh Kapoor promised a reward of 25 lakh and Byju’s announced a reward of 2 crore to Chopra on his success. 

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Neeraj Chopra, the golden boy became famous overnight by winning Olympic medals for India. His victory at the Olympics turned his fortune and fate in his favor. It is not surprising that Chopra’s captivating performance increased his brand value by about 1000 percent on the spur of the moment. Neeraj has been approached by numerous multinational companies and prominent corporations to sign him up as their brand ambassador. Moreover, it is important to take into account that the non-cricketing achievements of Neeraj Chopra are one of the major reasons behind the significant rise in his brand value. His endorsement fee has also been increased by at least 10 times and there is a possibility that it will rise even beyond.

Other than this, he has been offered to sign deals with opulent and luxurious auto and apparel brands. He has already endorsed himself with Tata AIA Life Insurance. Byju’s, MuscleBlaze, Gillete, etc. and his endorsement fees is expected to be 2.5 crore per annum. It is no wonder an achievement equally enticing as those of the Indian Cricketers. And perhaps, the considerable upsurge in his endorsement fees has put him in the same conglomerate as the finest leading Indian Cricketers. Such as MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and so on.

He has earned this elite life by winning Olympic medals for India. And indeed, his endorsement fees has in greater aspects exceeded the fees of cricketers mentioned above. Neeraj is on a spree and his stardom has also increased the number of his followers on social media and it will rise further in the upcoming days.  He has set a benchmark in history and pioneered change through his consistent efforts and dedication. 

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Drawbacks and the recent changes 

India accounts for the second largest populated country worldwide. The inadequate resources and infrastructure are one of the major drawbacks, which hinders the growth of an athlete in India. Poverty, illiteracy, and lack of awareness curb the needs of the youth willing to acquire proficient skills and accurate guidance in the domain of sports. Various amendments are made over a period of time to diminish the existent crisis. And create a platform accessible for all to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. The government and several private companies along with public organisations put forward comprehensive policies. It is to overcome the gap of inadequate resources. By aiding, funding, and sponsoring the sports federations. And organisations, who look after the competence skills and potential of the competitors.

This authoritative framework provides an assurance for victory and excellence of the athletes. The proactive role of the politicians and government institutions enabled India to become an active member of the international sporting events and a sporting nation itself. 

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These recent changes have brought forth a significant outcome. With the inclusion of cash rewards for Olympic medal winners of India. In India, athletes usually come from a rural background with a passion to succeed. But there are instances when they had to acquire the necessary skills on their own. By self practicing and without proper training. Thus, the cash reward is a scheme being used by the authorities to uplift the monetary status of the Indian athletes and to help them at a large scale. There are various initiatives being taken to improve the instability of resources. The Olympic winners are highly favored and supported by the government as it further heeds respect for the country. The life of the medalists thereby becomes happening and their popularity accentuates opportunities for others as well. 

Olympic Medal India: Success is an arduous affair

Image Source: DNA India

The life chapters of an athlete seem serene from outside but one never knows what it obscures. The journey of the competitors appears to be easy going but it is much different from what the audience perceives. They set out a goal and their consistent hard work and determination compels them to achieve their dreams. There are instances when they are deprived of resources needed for training yet they don’t give up in the middle of the way and seek their way towards success. Thus, they are the immovable pillars of the Indian nation. The athletes seize the opportunities presented to them by the country and make the best out of it. Nothing comes easy without courage and strong will power to outshine others. 

The fear of failure doesn’t stop them from engaging themselves in rigorous training. And in no time their perseverance pays off with flying colours. Their diligence and back-breaking hard work reward the Olympic medal winners of India with honor and pride. Along with notable endowments from the government and several other private corporations. A small effort can make a huge difference in the lives of people who aspire to prosper and accomplish their goals. Fame and stardom are secondary aspects. But what remains, in the end, are proficient skills, the potential to learn, and the ability to win. An invincible star is born everyday but it just takes the right time and patience to rise above the rest. 

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