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Oishiki Joardar tries to follow the philosophy she gains from ‘Three Idiots’

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Oishiki Joardar is another promising table tennis player from West Bengal, who has been the runners-up in the state championship several times since 2014 in the bursary, cadet, Sub-junior, and the under-19 youth category. Oishiki clinched the singles title in 2022. Besides, this 12th-standard student of Kalyani Public School was one of the bronze-medal-winning senior Bengal women’s squad in the national championship. Oishiki has also represented the country a couple of times and brought gold medals in the Sub-junior category in an international competition in Russia.

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Influence of the Blockbuster Movie

Oishiki Joardar is in the process of mastering one motivational line she has gained from one Bollywood blockbuster ‘Three Idiots’. That is ‘do hard work to earn excellence, do not run for the result, it will automatically come’. She has seen Amir Khan’s blockbuster movie, ‘Three Idiots’ a couple of times and derived the inner message from the film. Oishiki commented,

“It is difficult to follow a particular thought process, but in a bid to think in that way I do deep breathing, meditation, and finally practice visualization. It helps me to become cool even in a tense moment during a game.”

Oishiki shared her experience of playing with foreign players stating,

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“Generally the paddlers of other countries can keep them mentally relaxed because they run for excellence, and do not take additional mental pressure by thinking about the result. Now I also try to focus on my game and the particular point, not on the result of the game.”

PV Sindhu and Cheng Meng

Oishiki is one of the ardent followers of PV Sindhu. She explained,

“My coach Soumyadeep Roy is a friend of Pullela Gopichand and he says I am also shy as Sindhu was initially. But Sindhu gradually developed her attitude, and mental toughness and exhibited tremendous performance. We all know that. I often go through the videos of Sindhu, the articles published on her, and try to gain psychological strength from her.”

Cheng Meng, the legendary Chinese paddler is the idol of Oishiki. She trains more than six hours every day at Soumyadeep Roy Table Tennis Academy. In a bid to hone her skill, Oishiki trains even after her official practice session gets over. She revealed,

“I often watch the videos of Cheng Meng and try to apply the technique.”

The Aim

Oishiki Joardar  | KreedOn

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Oishiki who always likes to deliver a full attacking brand of the game has an obvious desire to win the senior national championship title and at the same time, she also dreams of representing India in the Olympics. But she is aware of the fact that she has to make a huge improvement in her speed, technique, and confidence to steer her game standard to the level of international players.

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