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Sports Nutrition market size and growth analysis | The rise of the sports nutrition market in India and worldwide

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The nutrition sports market has expanded within the last few years and is constantly augmenting, with a surge in demand for nutrition supplements, protein powder, sports drinks, etc. With raising awareness about health and fitness, people have channelled their investment in nutrition sports that will benefit them. This has satisfied people, not in just one way but also created the growth of the sports nutrition market.

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Sports nutrition products are not just meant for gym trainers, weightlifters and athletes but can be consumed by people of all age groups after seeking professional advice and as per the need of their bodies. There are numerous advantages of sports nutrition products, including gains from training, fast recovery rate, maintenance of desirable body weight and physique, consistency in the performance report, etc. Thereby, nutrition and diet are the crucial elements for good health and maximising performance rate. 

With the raising awareness about health and fitness, there has also been a surge in fitness centres, gyms, pilates and yoga centres, and health clubs that have adopted new strategies and exercise programs to inculcate knowledge about the consumption of nutrition sports under the guidance of professionals and dieticians. These are a few factors that have contributed to the rise of the global sports nutrition market size, which was valued at USD 42.9 billion in 2022. The market size is expected to level up at a compound annual growth rate of 7.4% from 2023 to 2030. 

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Awareness and growth of the nutrition sports market

Global Sports Nutrition Market | Expansion of Distribution Channels to  Boost the Market Growth
Image Source: Tech Navio

Our post-covid lifestyles are more health driven and this has subsequently led to a massive rise in the global consumer base and demand for nutrition sports. Be it bodybuilders, athletes, sports persons or people from any walk of life, who seek to live a healthy life have contributed heavily to reinforcing the idea of healthy living by escalating the size and growth of the sports nutrition industry. The preference of people has evolved into living an active life, with more emphasis on health and fitness, which is the key contributing factor in driving the market growth. Consumer growth in sports nutrition is also expected to accelerate with the consistent surge in the acceptance of health and protein supplements by young and middle-aged people. The amplifying demand for plant-based and immunity-boosting nutritional products and supplements also contributes to the growth of the sports nutrition market. 

Moreover, social media platforms like youtube and Instagram are readily being used by manufacturers to promote their sports nutrition products. Advertisements of health drinks and supplements also intend the growth of the market. In comparison to other countries, North America has the largest sports nutrition market that accounted for 53.45% in 2020. According to a survey conducted by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and Netcomm Suisse eCommerce Association, online acquisition of pharmaceutical and health products has increased by 9.0% in the last few years. The establishment of enhanced digital infrastructure in developing countries like India and China has offered notable opportunities for expanding sales on online platforms. 

Covid-19 impact on the sports nutrition market

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic created havoc in our lives but it benefitted the growth of the sports nutrition market worldwide. It transitioned and evolved the mindsets of people to acquaint and live healthy life. According to a report, an estimated 51% of people and consumers across the globe were concerned and worried about rapidly gaining weight during the pandemic due to being lazy, less active, substituting nutritious food with junk food, etc. Thus, it raised several health issues among people, which led to the consumption of numerous dietary supplements that enabled them to suppress and conquer their unhealthy lifestyles, leading to a surge in the growth of the sports nutrition market. However, consumption was less at the beginning of the pandemic as all the fitness clubs, gyms and yoga centres were shut but eventually, people began to take a stand for their health, which slowly came into effect. 

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Moreover, obesity is one of the major health concerns of people across the world and the most common cause of obesity is living a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. An estimated 39.0% of the world’s adult inhabitants suffer from obesity. The numbers have tripled over the timeframe from 1975 to 2016 and studies suggest that around 1 billion people will be obese by 2030. According to a global survey, around 38.2 million children below the age of 5 were recorded to be overweight or obese in 2019. The constantly increasing rate of obese people has raised awareness about fitness and healthy food, which has contributed to the growth of the sports nutrition market. 

Factors of growth of the sports nutrition market

A vast range of natural ingredients are used to produce sports nutrients and they are commonly obtained from vegetable starch, fibre, milk, egg protein, vitamins and minerals, sugars, and herbs. The enriched food and beverages are produced for the consumption of not only athletes and bodybuilders but also youngsters and millennials. They help them to fulfill their body needs and improve performance and recovery rates by nourishing them with essential vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The increasing popularity of protein and nutritional bars, organic food and beverages, ascending expenditure, evolving lifestyle, and rising globalization are the major factors fostering market growth. 

It is also important to undertake proficiency in research and development, especially in developing countries that promote sports nutrition and sports in general. The consistent rise in the number of youth choosing sports as their career is also a crucial factor for the growth of the market. The growing awareness of illnesses, increased risk of injuries, consuming high-fibre nutritious food, and growth of e-commerce platforms also affect the market growth of sports nutrition. 

Moreover, sports nutrition products were recorded for an immense share of 42.3% in 2022. The availability of sports supplements in the market and an increase in the number of gyms and fitness centres are also influential factors contributing to the expansion of the market. In addition, several new products are being launched under ongoing research on new ingredients that are likely to stimulate industry growth in the coming years. 

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Important Insights


Sports supplements range in a large variety and one of the most popular is powder supplements. In the sports nutrition market, powder formulations were estimated to have the largest share of over 40.0% in 2022. Powdered supplements are more favoured due to their stable constituents, longer shelf-life, and easy consumption formula. Protein powder helps to maintain and grow muscles and can be consumed by adults and millennials. They are commonly consumed by athletes, bodybuilders, sportspeople, and gym trainers. With the innovation and evolution of sports nutrition, several new supplements are being launched like gummies that are nutritious and available in amazing flavours. These gummies are being readily used by adolescents, impelling market growth due to their convenience, ease of chewing, apposite nutrient source, etc. 


In 2022, the largest share of the adult segment was recorded to be 65.0% in which the age group ranged from 18-64 years. The growth of the market is fueled the most by this segment as they are ardently involved in fitness. Also, the increasing number of working women is also surging the demand for nutrition sports to fulfill their daily health and nutrition needs. The adult segment is growing rapidly and invests eagerly in purchasing health supplements. These supplements are available in vegan and sugar-free formulas, which also drove the growth of this particular segment. 

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