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NFT Gaming Statistics of India & Worldwide | Know global trends of P2E games

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NFT gaming in India 

Surprisingly, India ranks 1st among 26 countries to have adopted NFT gaming, with an average of 33.8% of the people saying they have played NFT games. However, the ratio of female and male gamers varies. P2E and NFT gaming remain an alienated concept to many people and some getting to know about it recently are seeking to play in the current year.

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According to a report, 48% of people haven’t played P2E games while 8% know how to play at the same time, Around 34% of people have already played P2E games in India whereas the remaining 11% of the people plan to play in the current year. With the rising growth of different video games and the adoption of NFT gaming, the figure of people who have played and are willing to play P2E games is expected to rise by 1.3 times by the end of 2022. The percentage is expected to reach 44.7% with the rapid adoption of NFT gaming in India.

Adoption of NFT games in India by men and women

According to a survey, play-to-earn Crypto games have already been played by 38% of men. In addition, 29% of women said the same but the ratio still differs for both genders. 

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However, this existing gap is soon expected to be enclosed by the end of the year, as 50% of men plan to play this year in comparison to 40% of women. This will ultimately result in men likely to have played 1.2 times more by the end of 2022.

Adoption of NFT gaming in India by age 

People in the age group 18-34 are more likely to play P2E games as compared to 35+ aged people. 

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% planning to play 10.5%11.5% 11%
% played 41.7%29.1%26.9%
Forecast played by EOY52.2%40.6%37.9%
Unaware of P2E games40.5%50.3%56.2%

Global trends of NFT gaming 

It is fascinating to discover that NFT gaming is popular worldwide with 34% of participants from India who have likely played P2E games. Next in line is Hong Kong with an average of 29% of P2E gamers and the UAE with 27%. However, Sweden is allocated with the least number of gamers that accounting for 4%. The initial percentage of gamers in France is expected to rise by the end of 2022 by 2.6 times the current percentage. Moreover, there will be a gradual surge in gamers globally, especially in Peru and Spain.

Country Estimated Percentage of P2E gamers 
The United States of America9.4%
United Kingdom7.6%
South Africa10.2%

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Statistics of current and future P2E gamers across the globe 

Statistics of global domination of P2E games by men & women

It was surveyed that men were more likely to have played P2E games in comparison to women across the world. Approximately 17% of men have played NFT games and 12% of women globally. However, this gap will subside with the growing awareness and adoption of the games. 

Country % of men % of women
India 38.1%29.2%
Hong Kong30.5%27.3%
The UAE30%20.2%
The US13.3%5.6%
South Africa11.5%9%

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