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How Neeraj Chopra Broke His National Record: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

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A shift from ‘old favorite’ to a new javelin helped Neeraj Chopra set a new national record. It was Neeraj’s 5th throw in the Indian Grand Prix 3. The tournament was organized at the National Institute of Sports, Patiala, on Friday. Neeraj has returned to competition after a year due to pandemic.

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Neeraj improved the national mark by a centimeter. The new national record is now 88.07 meters. Although, he didn’t show any emotion after his record throw.

Sadly, due to technical difficulties, the flight of the javelin couldn’t be telecasted. The tournament was live streaming on the Athletics Federation of India’s YouTube channel. The official confirmation of a new national record came on the electronic display board. Later it was announced officially.

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The Nordic Javelin

Nordic javelin is a hallmark among competitive sport. The famous Swedish javelins were 1st manufactured from thin-walled steel tubing by Seefab, Sandviken, more than 50 years ago, and since then earned worldwide fame.

Achieving such distance with Nordic Sport javelin, despite the strong winds surprised Neeraj too. It was Chopra’s experiment with the latest version of the Nordic Sport carbon javelins which gave the record result. Earlier, Chopra has been using the Nemeth javelin.

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The new Javelin has an added advantage, it is vibration free. It can get greater distance if the throwing technique and release is good.

“There was a heavy wind today. Previously, I threw with my favorite javelin. It gains a good height. But recently Nordic Sport has brought out a new javelin. It is helpful in windy conditions. That’s why I decided to experiment my fifth attempt with the new javelin. I didn’t even realize I had thrown it with so much power. I am sure I can throw even better with experience” Chopra said after the event.

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Coach’s View

Foreign coach Uwe Hohn, the only thrower to cross one-hundred meters mark. He is a strong believer that athletes need to adapt during a competition. He pointed out the reasons how throwers can benefit when using the right javelin according to conditions.

“Javelins are designed for different capabilities of athletes and wind conditions. Javelins have different shape, material, and therefore give different results in different conditions. Some are better for headwind like Nordic and others are good with tailwind like Nemeth. Choosing the right javelin will help athletes improve,” Hohn said.

“The latest Nordic, for example, Valhalla, the version Chopra used is a carbon javelin. It is very stiff but has less vibration. Nemeth is softer.”

The coach said that if Chopra uses the right javelin, he will be able to throw 92 meters. “The national record by Neeraj would probably be 92 meters if he is able to let the javelin fly properly,” Hohn said.

Eye On Olympic Podium

Chopra and Shivpal Singh both have already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Though Chopra improved the national record by a centimeter, it was a great throw because he and Shivpal (81.63 on Friday) have not competed in any tournament since January 2020.

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With this terrific return of the champion, the entire nation hopes for a medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Team #KreedOn wishes all the very best to Neeraj Chopra and all the other athletes competing.

May the Indian flag fly high at Olympics. #JaiHind

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