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WATCH: Naveen-ul-Haq reacts to Kohli Chants during LSG vs MI

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In the IPL match of LSG vs MI, Naveen-ul-Haq reacted to the crowd chanting Virat Kohli‘s name. Instead of feeling demoralized, Naveen expressed that such chants only fuel his passion to perform well on the field.

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Naveen said,

“I enjoy it. I like everyone in the ground chanting his (Virat Kohli) name or any other player’s name. It gives me passion to play well for my team.”

Fans are teasing Naveen for his on-field spat with Kohli and his subsequent celebrations, and sly digs on social media.

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However, Naveen said that he remains unfazed by the teasing. The pacer states that neither the crowd’s chants nor the comments from others affect his game or his process. He is determined to maintain his focus and continue improving as a player.

He said,

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“Well I don’t concentrate on the outside or the noise from outside or anything else. I just focus on my own cricket and my own process. Crowd chanting or anyone saying something doesn’t affect me. As professional sportsmen you have to take this in your stride. One do when you don’t good for your team, fans are going to give it to you. And when you do good for your team, same people are going to chant your name. Basically this is part and parcel of the game.”

Meanwhile, Mumbai won the match by 81 runs and the season has ended for the LSG cricketer. Naveen, yet again, signed off with another interesting post with picture on Wednesday.

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