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Top 10 Nations with Most Medals in Asian Games | Who Tops the List?

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The 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, China, from September 23 to October 8, 2023. The 2023 Asian Games will showcase an impressive 61 disciplines encompassing a wide variety of 40 sports, promising to be a magnificent spectacle. The Asian Games represent a celebration of the diverse cultures and athletic talents of the Asian continent, with a history that dates back to the early 20th century. In this blog, we will look at the top 10 nations with the most medals in the Asian Games history.

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These rankings reflect each nation’s historical performance in the Asian Games, with China’s dominance underpinned by its substantial delegation, robust sports infrastructure, and proficiency in a wide range of sports. However, it’s essential to remember that these standings are not set in stone and are subject to change in upcoming editions as countries continue to invest in their sports programs and nurture their athletes. 

Top 10 Nations with Most Medals in Asian Games

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China 1473 994 720 3187
2. Japan  1032 1037 985 3054
3. South Korea 745 663 827 2235
4. Iran 179 181 197 557
5. India 155 201 316 672
6. Kazakhstan  155 158 244 557
7. Thailand 132 175 279 586
8. North Korea 110 144 179 433
9. Chinese Taipei 99 144 276 519
10. Indonesia 91 120 235 446 


China Dominates Asian Games | Kreedon
Image Source- The New York Times

With unwavering dedication and meticulous preparation, China has consistently dominated the competition, setting extraordinary benchmarks for excellence. So far, China has clinched 3187 medals in Asian Games including 1473 gold, 994 silver, and 720 bronze.

China typically leads the medal tally with an impressive number of gold, silver, and bronze medals. Their impressive medal tally frequently leaves other nations trailing far behind, showcasing their remarkable medal-winning capabilities.  China typically sends one of the largest delegations to the Asian Games. With a large number of athletes participating across various sports, from gymnastics and swimming to table tennis, badminton, diving and weightlifting. By fielding numerous athletes in diverse sports, they increase their chances to secure medals. 

It’s important to note that China’s supremacy in the Asian Games goes beyond mere medal counts, it frequently includes record-breaking achievements, particularly in terms of securing the highest number of gold medals within a single Games. This remarkable feat underscores their unwavering commitment to both sports and the development of their athletes.

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Image Source- CGTN

Japan consistently maintains a prominent position in the Asian Games, emerging as a formidable contender across a diverse array of sports. Renowned for its excellence in a wide range of sports, including judo, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, wrestling, and various martial arts disciplines. Japan’s athletes exhibit remarkable consistency, contributing significantly to the nation’s impressive medal count. The country is one of the top contenders in the Asian Games, often in intense competition with China for supremacy at the pinnacle of the medal standings. Japan’s success in the Asian Games mirrors its dominance on the global stage, solidifying its position as an enduring powerhouse in the domain of Asian sports. So far, Japan has secured 3054 medals in Asian Games including 1032 gold, 1037 silver, and 985 bronze.

South Korea

Image Source- Gulf News

South Korea has a strong presence and competitive history in the Asian Games. It is consistently among the top nations in the Asian Games, often ranking in the top three in the overall medal standings. South Korean athletes excel in a wide range of sports, including archery, taekwondo, judo, badminton, and shooting. They are known for their skill, discipline, and dedication to excellence, making South Korea a brilliant contender in Asian sports. So far, South Korea has secured 2235 medals in Asian Games including 745 gold, 663 silver, and 827 bronze.


Image Source- InsideTheGames

Iran consistently participates in the Asian Games and has achieved respectable results over the years, often securing a place in the top 10 in the overall medal standings. Known for their strength in disciplines like wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and taekwondo, Iranian athletes have earned numerous medals in these disciplines. The Iranian government invests in sports infrastructure and athlete development programs, contributing to the country’s performance in the Asian Games. So far, Iran has claimed 557 medals in Asian Games including 179 gold, 181 silver, and 197 bronze.

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Asian Games 2018: India's fight for gold - Media India Group
Image Source- Media India Group

India typically ranks among the top nations in the Asian Games, often securing a place in the top 10 overall medal standings. The country has a rich history of participating in the Asian Games and has consistently performed well in various sports. India’s strongholds include sports such as field hockey, shooting, wrestling, boxing, and athletics. The country’s investment in sports infrastructure and athlete development programs has contributed to its competitive performance in the Asian Games, solidifying its position as a notable participant in this regional sporting event. So far, India has secured 672 medals in Asian Games including 155 gold, 201 silver, and 316 bronze.


In conclusion, the top 10 nations in the Asian Games represent a diverse array of sporting excellence across the Asian continent. China’s enduring dominance, Japan’s unwavering competitiveness, and South Korea‘s strong presence highlight the regional athletic prowess. Meanwhile, nations like Iran, India, and Indonesia showcase their growing potential on the continental stage. These rankings illustrate the dedication and investment in sports across these nations. However, it’s important to acknowledge that these rankings are not fixed, they evolve with each edition of the Asian Games as Nations adapt, grow, and invest in their sports programs. The Asian games continue to be a compelling showcase of athletic excellence and regional unity, offering athletes and nations a platform to strive for greatness and celebrate diversity. 

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