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National Air Sports Policy 2022? Complete Details – KreedOn Explained

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The Ministry of civil aviation announced India’s first national air sports policy on June 7, 2022. The aim is to promote sporting activities and make India a hub for air sports in the world by 2030.

Sports activities that are classified as air sports

The National Air Sport Policy (NASP), 2022, includes 11 games under this category. These consist of aerobatics, aero modeling and rocketry, ballooning, amateur-built and experimental aircraft, drones, gliding and power gliding, hand gliding and power hand gliding, parachuting, paragliding and paramotoring, powered aircraft, and rotor aircraft.

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The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland is the governing body for air sports, globally. It has over 100 members and sets standards, and organizes events.

  • It will have a four-tier governance system with the Air Sports Federation of India as an apex governing body.

What is the purpose National Air Sport Policy?

The NASP, 2022, aims to create a sports culture that further encourages the country’s air sports sector, by making it safe, affordable, accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable. It will make India as one of the top air sports nations by 2030.

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This industry can potentially generate 1 lakh jobs and revenue of Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 crore annually.

  • It contains safety mandates and penalties for its violations.

What it could impact?

According to the union government, India’s demographic dividend with a large population of youth, and favorable climatic conditions collectively support the process of making India a top destination for air sports.

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The Civil Aviation Minister said “Tourism, the development of support infrastructure, and the eventual manufacturing of sporting goods used in air sports can lead to “economic multiplier” effects,”.

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