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“Mumbai Games season 2 is going to be huge”: This is why…

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Mumbai is a weird place to be in.

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After all, in which city would you find contradictory features like Asia’s biggest slum coexist with the world’s costliest building?

Or the world’s most densely populated land surrounding one of the most visited national parks?

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Or the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle dissolve in the serenity of the calm seas? Makes for quite a contrast, doesn’t it?

And quite like this crazy place, we Mumbaikers are not far away from doing multiple things at the same time; Sometimes even unwittingly like we find ways of playing sports every day, amid our busy schedule.

Remember the time we sprinted our lives out to catch those speeding locals, did long jumping across those iconic potholes of Mumbai, dribbled past those sniffy traffic policemen, put up a marathon run with that ever terrifying stray dog at our back.

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Here’s our personal favourite – the monsoon special:
Mumbai Swimming KreedOn
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It is nothing short of sports that we do every day. Only that the platforms are different.

To salute and facilitate the city’s fascination for an active, sports-filled life, Sportz Village Xp (formerly known as Sportz Consult) brings to you the second edition of Mumbai Games, the world’s first franchise-based, multi-event, multi-age sports extravaganza. The event will take place every weekend starting from 30th November up until 19th January next year.

Eight Franchises from the city- Northern Knights, Thane Thunderbolts, Navi Mumbai Ninjas, Central Challengers, South Mumbai Seahawks, Midtown Mavericks, Flying Falcons, and Western Warriors- will see who’s who compete for the top honours over 18 various indoor and outdoor games in the event.

The first edition of the Mumbai Games was a roaring success, with around 11,000 participants competing in 16 different sports and multiple age categories. This year, it is returning with an even bigger event.

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Mumbai Games: The Olympics of the Masses

Mumbai Games KreedOn
Jubilant participants after winning medals in Happy Run

Mumbai Games has been divided into two categories:  Amateur and Elite.

The Amateur Division is meant for anyone who is a resident of Mumbai, Thane, or Navi Mumbai. There is only one qualifying criterion here: you need to have a passion for sports!

You will automatically be selected for a contingent on the basis of your location. The good news here is that there is no bar on the number of registrations for a particular contingent.

The Elite Division is meant for Maharashtra’s top-seeded players who are nominated by their respective state sports association. These professionals will also compete in a ‘franchisee’ based ecosystem, albeit before the exciting contingent auctions.

Moreover, the events are also divided into age groups from up to 70 years. As long as you fall into these categories and are fit, you are good to go.

This model gives Mumbai Games an Olympic-level feel while still remaining relevant for the masses.

Which Sports Can I Play?

The Amateur Division includes the following sports:

Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Carrom, Chess, Judo, Football, Gymnastics, Tennis, Athletics, Pool, Taekwondo, Shooting, Skating, Squash, Table Tennis, Yoga, and Happiness Run.

The Elite Division includes:

Basketball, Football, Badminton, Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis,  Shooting.

Mumbai Games KreedOnWhy Join?

  • Make your neighbourhood proud: With Mumbai Games, you have a huge chance of making your neighbourhood beam with pride. Every point, every game you win gets added to your contingent’s points tally. Let’s settle, for once, the debate of which part of Mumbai is the best at sports.
  • Perfect Family Bonding time: The Mumbai Games take place on weekends. This provides an ideal opportunity to bond with your loved ones. So at the weekends, no school, no office. Only unlimited fun!
  • Live your sports glory: We are or have been good with at least one sports, then may it be Carrom, Badminton, or Chess. So why let the passion be limited to ourselves? Come out, let the world know about your hidden talent.
  • Change lifestyle: Always wanted to be live a fit lifestyle but couldn’t buy time from the busy schedule? Well, then this may well be the ticket to the fitness glory you always dreamt of. With your family & friends by your side and the favourite sport to conquer, fitness was never this exhilarating!

KreedOn Joins Hands with Mumbai Games

In keeping with the motto of “Sports for the Masses”, KreedOn, the Voice of Indian Sports, has joined hands with Sportz Village Xp.

“Today, it is not only important to follow sports but also to play and make it a part of your lifestyle. When people play sports in a competitive environment, they witness a sense of achievement and what it takes to be a great athlete. In doing so, they become the ambassadors of the sport and help its spread in their communities. This ultimately leads to the creation of an ecosystem where sports can thrive with continuous recognition, inspiration and creation of future talent pool. Sportz Village Xp is trying to achieve this exact thing. We are thrilled to be on board with Mumbai Games,” said Piyush Sharma, the founder of KreedOn.

Talking about the collaboration, he added, “Sportz Village Xp are leaders when it comes to executing multi-sports events on a grand scale. We wanted to bring in our digital expertise to make season two of Mumbai Games an even larger affair.”

Already excited? We are too! For more information, visit the Mumbai Games website.

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