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MS Dhoni Diet & Workout Plan: Discover the Fitness Secrets of MS Dhoni

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MS Dhoni is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. The famous wicketkeeper is known for his significant contribution to Indian Cricket. With his calm demeanor, sharp cricketing skills, and inspirational leadership, Dhoni has won the hearts of millions. But behind his success is a story of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that has inspired generations of cricket fans. As much as he is known for his helicopter shots, MSD is also popular for his fitness. Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni is known for his disciplined approach to diet and fitness, which has helped him maintain his top-level performance in cricket. He follows a strict diet plan that includes high-protein foods, vegetables, and healthy fats. MS Dhoni has been known to work out regularly in the gym, often focusing on cardio exercises, strength training, and agility drills. Age is a number, they say, and MSD is a living rendition of the same. In this blog, we will look at MS Dhoni’s diet & workout plan and know various tips that MS Dhoni follows.

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Cricketer MS Dhoni Diet

Image Source- India Today

What is it exactly that makes Dhoni one of the most healthy cricketers in the Modern era?

MS Dhoni, the cricketing icon, knows the importance of starting his day right. He fuels up with a bowl of wholesome porridge, fruits, nuts, and a full glass of milk. For lunch, Dhoni indulges in the simplicity of home-cooked dal and chawal. For dinner, he prefers chapatis, veggies, and a refreshing salad.

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MS Dhoni Super Drinks 

Image Source- ESPN

During training, Dhoni relies on his two super drinks – protein shakes and fresh fruit juice – to keep him going strong.

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MS Dhoni Workout Routine

Image Source- StarsUnfolded

Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni is known for his rigorous workout routine, which includes weightlifting, cardio, and yoga. He believes in maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility training. Dhoni also incorporates unconventional training methods like boxing and kickboxing to improve his agility and reflexes. He is a fitness enthusiast who inspires others to stay in shape. MS Dhoni dedicates 1-2 hours to Gym. Let’s look at his gym workouts:-

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Dumbbell Chest Press

Dhoni KreedOn
Credits BCCI

Lateral Pulldown

 Dhoni KreedOn
Credits BCCI

Prone Dumbbell Rowing

Dhoni KreedOn
Credits BCCI

Alternate Dumbbell Curl

 Dhoni KreedOn
Credits BCCI

Walking Lunges with Dumbbell

Dhoni KreedOn
Credits BCCI

MS Dhoni Cycling

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How MS Dhoni Stays Fit – 7 Fitness Tips

Play Regularly

Dhoni KreedOn
Credits Twitter

This is obvious, isn’t it? “MSD regularly plays cricket, which is why he is so fit,” one may think. However, that may not be the case, since wicket-keeping hardly requires significant cardiovascular movements. While batting as well, he comes at that point of the game when the team needs more boundaries than singles. All these facts mean that playing merely cricket is not enough to keep a check on your health.

That is exactly the reason why MSD plays badminton and football apart from cricket. Besides the good cardiovascular movement that is involved in both sports, Dhoni thinks that playing football and badminton helps enhance his eyesight, concentration, and footwork.

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Have Plentiful of Protein Drinks

Protein KreedOn

MS Dhoni has a habit of drinking an ample amount of protein drinks during his workout and practice sessions. In fact, he believes that one should develop a taste for protein shakes to stay fit.

You don’t have to break the bank to buy those hefty-priced protein powders available in the market. One can prepare by using household food items like Soya beans, lentils, fruits, etc. It is recommended that the protein shake contains a certain amount of carbohydrates for energy. One can blend the shake with a carb-rich snack such as a banana.

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Avoid Products with Fat

Dhoni KreedOn
Credits Twitter

Fats can have a negative impact on the body’s overall athleticism and may affect one’s agility. Dhoni believes in burning the excessive amounts of fat in the body and makes sure that the fat content in his food is limited to the human body’s average needs per day.

Always be Hydrated

Dhoni KreedOn
Credits Twitter

Dehydration can have very negative effects on your body, especially if you working out. MSD prefers to have fresh juice instead of soda or soft drinks. Although Soda helps in hydration, it has high sugar content which again is bad for the health. Juices are a great source of vitamins and minerals apart from being great hydrants as well.

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Change Your Food Habits

“You cannot do the same things and expect different results,” Cricketer MS Dhoni once said famously. In an interview last year, he revealed how he evolved his eating habits over the years. When he started his career, Dhoni’s meal plan mostly included milkshakes, butter chickens, naan, chocolates, and soft drinks.

But once he hit 28, the chocolates and milkshakes were off the menu. For a few years, soft drinks were off as well.

Milk Products

Milk KreedOn

At the beginning of his international cricket career, there was speculation that Dhoni consumed 4 liters of milk daily. However, he clarified that the rumor was untrue and that he only drinks one liter of milk per day. The addition of milk to the daily diet is beneficial in keeping the body’s calcium levels and also keeping your bones strong.

Have a Proper Workout Routine

The most important thing along with the above points is to have a regular workout.

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What is MS Dhoni’s diet plan?

Indian cricketer MS Dhoni adheres to a rigorous diet regimen that features a variety of high-protein foods, healthy fats, and vegetables. To kick-start his day, he typically eats a bowl of porridge, nuts, fruits, and drinks a full glass of milk. He prefers to have homemade dal and chawal for lunch and enjoys chapatis with veggies and a fresh salad for dinner.

How does MS Dhoni maintain his fitness level?

By integrating discipline, workouts in gym, and diet, MS Dhoni sustains his fitness level. He emphasizes the importance of balancing strength and flexibility training and is diligent in adhering to his workout regimen. In addition, Dhoni places a strong focus on his diet, and makes sure to include nutritious foods in his daily meals.

Does MS Dhoni take supplements or protein shakes?

Indeed, MS Dhoni includes protein shakes in his diet to support muscle growth and assist in post-workout recovery. Nonetheless, he exercises caution when selecting supplements and solely relies on those approved and advised by his nutritionist and trainer.

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