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A Complete Guide to Motor Sports | Know What Is Auto Racing

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We all might have heard about car racing and bike racing which are also known as Motorsports. Fancy cars race against each other in an attempt to win the auto racing. But auto racing is not only for cars or bikes, but there are also other forms of automobile racing as well. There’s a lot to talk about Motor Sports, but first, let’s get familiar with the term. 

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What is Motor Sports?

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Motor sports is a profitable event that involves the use of motorized vehicles, whether for racing or leisure. Automobile racing, motor rallying, motorcycle racing, air racing, kart racing, boat racing, hovercraft racing, lawnmower racing, snowmobile racing, and truck racing are examples of motorsports variations.

One might not have imagined the variations which exist in this sport. Now that we know about what motorsports mean, let’s see how did Motor sports begin? 

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Early History of Motor Sports

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Since the sport involves different types of automobiles with motor engines, we have to look back at the origin of gasoline-run automobiles. In the 1880s, shortly after the advent of the petrol-fueled internal-combustion engine, the first automobile racing competition was organized in 1894. It was more of a reliability test that was 80km long from Paris to Rouen that was won with an average speed of 16.4 kilometers per hour (10.2 mph). The first real contest was held in 1895, covering a distance of 1,178 kilometers from Paris to Bordeaux, France, and back. The winning speed was 24.15 kph on average. 

On Thanksgiving Day in 1895, an 87-kilometer race from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois, and back began organized automobile racing in the United States. Newspapers endorsed both initial races for publicity purposes. Town-to-town races in France or from France to other countries became mainstream in Europe until 1903 when authorities halted the Paris-to-Madrid race at Bordeaux due to a high number of accidents.

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The Course de Périgueux, the first closed-circuit road race, was held in 1898, spread over an area of 145 kilometers in one lap. Except for England, Wales, and Scotland, such racing was governed by the Automobile Club de France (founded in 1895). Racers had reached an acceleration of more than 80.46 kph by 1900. Threats to fans in the stands, racers, and cattle on roads not designed for automobiles, let alone racing, eventually led to a decrease in the number of road races. The Mille Miglia, a notable exception, was not halted until 1957. 

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Early race cars in both Europe and the United States were most often prototypes for the succeeding year’s models. Following World War I, racing was too sophisticated for production vehicles to compete in, though slightly elevated traveling cars were occasionally stripped of their bodies and fitted with racing seats, fuel tanks, and tires. Stock car racing began in 1939 with standard cars that had been modified for racing.

Motor Sports Rules 

Some basic and important rules in Motor sport are:

  • The “One Move” Defending Principle: One can block to the inside and be pretty aggressive, however, weaving and other similar maneuvers are not allowed.
  • Drivers Must Qualify Within 107 Percent Of The Pole-Sitter: each car should qualify with a 107% speediest car’s lap record so that extremely slow cars don’t obstruct the rest of the grid. 
  • They get a point for the quickest lap: a controversial one yet gained popularity quickly, this also added a bit of entertainment and challenge for drivers, so that they can grab that extra point. 
  • If an engine part is replaced, they incur a grid drop penalty: a quite unpopular one but it is a law in place to try to limit the engine suppliers’ extravagant spending. If they go over 3 engines per year, they are demoted 10 places.
  • Get a penalty for speeding in the pit lane: speeding in the pit lane is a definite no. 
  • During the race, they must change the compound of their tyres: a driver must change compounds once during the race. As a result, there is a mandatory pit stop. However, there must be a change in compounds.
  • Safety Car Line Overtaking: This rule governs when drivers can overtake each other after a safety car arrives on the scene of an accident. Racers must now wait until they reach the start/finish line.

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  • HANS Devices Must Be Worn: One of the most important safety devices in open-wheel racing is the HANS device. The device has saved lives and prevented serious injury to some drivers. It must also be worn at all times.
  • If the team is overly successful, it is “punished”: It’s essentially a success handicap that limits how much time teams can spend in the wind tunnel developing their cars.
  • Drivers Can’t Get Much Help Over The Radio: The radio communication rules were then radically changed in 2016. 
  • The Driver Must Be in Control: Drivers must be in complete control of their vehicles, which means no more launch control, ABS, traction control, and so on.
  • Don’t Force A Driver Off The Track: When passing a driver, it is possible to go too far, and that is when forcibly pushing someone off the track. 
  • Blue Flags Must Be Obeyed: Blue flag rules vary greatly between series. 
  • Don’t Hold Up Others During Qualifying: If a driver is on an out-lap or an in-lap during qualifying and another driver is on their qualifying run, the driver in front must move out of the way.
  • Won’t be Riding If They Don’t Take part in Saturday Practice: If a driver participates in all of the sessions on Friday but then misses practice three on Saturday morning, they are ineligible to compete in the race.

Top Motor Sports Events in The World

  • Formula 1 Grand Prix — a worldwide series of premier single-seat car road racing events.
  • The Daytona 500 is an annual 500-mile (805-kilometer) motor race held at Daytona International Speedway. It is one of the biggest Motorsports tournaments. 
  • Motor sport’s Triple Crown
  • The Indianapolis 500, also known as the Indy 500, is an annual motorcar race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Memorial Day.
  • The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world’s oldest motor car race, held each year in the French town of Le Mans. It is a 24-hour endurance and efficiency test that pushes a car’s mechanical capacity.
  • Monaco Grand Prix — a Formula One (F1) motor race held in Monaco each year.
  • 24 HOURS OF NÜRBURGRING, GERMANY- The race takes place on the Nürburgring‘s Nordschleife track and parts of its Grand Prix circuit. It consists of a challenging and varied track.

Formula 1: Top Companies

1.Mercedes AMG Petronas
3.Red Bull Racing
5.McLaren Group
6.Cosworth LLC
7.Audi performance and racing
9.Alcon Components Ltd

Most Successful F1 Teams by Championships

PositionTeamConstructors’ ChampionshipsDriver Championships
6Red Bull44
10Vanwall, BRM, Matra, Tyrrell, Benetton, Brawn12 (Tyrrell, Benetton), 1 (BRM, Matra, Brawn)

Top Players Around the World of Motor Sports

Auto Racing | KreedOn
Image Source: Fancy Odds Player name Nation 
1.Lewis HamiltonUnited Kingdom 
2.David CoulthardUnited Kingdom 
3.Ayrton SennaBrazil 
4.Sebastian VettelGerman 
5.Fernando AlonsoSpanish 
6.Jimmie JohnsonUSA
7.Jeff GordonUSA
8.Michael SchumacherGerman 
9.Nigel MansellUnited Kingdom 
10. Alain ProstFrance 

Top India Racing DriversAuto Racing drivers in India | KreedOn Player name 
1.Narain Kartikeyan
2.Karun Chandhok
3.Jehan Daruwala
4.Aditya Patel
5.Gaurav Gill
6.Armaan Ebrahim
7.Advait Dheodhar
8.Arjun Maini
9.Tarun Reddy
10. Akhil Rabindra 

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Motor Sports in India

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Just like every other sport that has ever existed or played in India, it is still not considered a career option to go for. Since its outset in 1902, Indian Motor sports has had a very non-linear legacy. It was very incredibly popular then because there were no federations involved and anyone with a car could take part. Everything was done for fun and entertainment. People from all backgrounds of life flocked to experience the craziness that is Motorsports.

The Motor Union of Western India organized the first Indian road race in 1904. The race began in Delhi and ended in Bombay, covering 810 miles (Mumbai). Different class winners received trophies in this race, and a Special Prize was given to the car that arrived in Bombay in the best condition. Each Driver was accompanied by an Observer who kept track of the number of “EnRoute” stops. The winner was the car that made the fewest unauthorized stops. At the time, there was no governing body overseeing the sport. Due to this, there were “No Rules & Regulations.” 

The Madras Motor sports Club, Madras, The MG Car Club, Mumbai, and The Bangalore Motor sports Club were formed after the independence. 

The world is changing nowadays. People are realizing the opportunity to make a good living in this industry. Numerous individuals come for sheer joy, but many come for the profound future career of becoming a successful Motor sport identity in India and promoting Motor sports on a larger scale.

MotoGP, the premier motorcycle race, will be held in India for the first time at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida in 2023.

Indian Grand Prix

Indian Grand Prix- KreedOn
Image Source- Forbes India

The first edition of Indian Grand Prix was a Formula One race, which was held at the Buddh International Circuit in Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh from 2011 until 2013. The inaugural race was won by Germany’s Sebastian Vettel.

Motor racing at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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Motor racing was contested at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Fourteen events were held in conjunction with the 1900 World’s Fair. Car manufacturers were desperate to showcase what they had to offer and participated in the competition.

Car manufacturers that mostly entered were French, including Renault, Peugeot, Delahaye, Serpollet, Panhard-Levassor, and Huru among others.

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Do I require a speedy automobile?

The cars on display range from low-cost Rover 25s to BMWs, Lotus Elises, Caterham 7s, Aston Martins, Porsches, Ferraris, Teslas, and pretty much everything in between. Numerous cars are sporty, what is most important is that they are well kept and that the driver understands the philosophy of a track day.

Isn’t it true that I’m too old for auto racing?

You are not too old if you are physically fit and have a valid driver’s license.

Is auto racing experience required?

Remember, we run true track days, not competition car test days, and professional driver coaches are on hand to offer guidance and assistance.

How should I make my car ready for the race? 

It should be roadworthy, and beyond that, you should ensure you have top-quality tyres with plenty of treads, brakes that are well maintained, nothing soft in the car (drink cans, mobile phones, umbrellas, etc), no liquid leakage, and don’t clog oil, fuel, or water. It is also recommended that any modifications to the car be done professionally. If your car’s interior has been stripped out, make sure there are no sharp edges left. This is often a concern when door cards are removed and left unprotected; they should be coated with a thin gauge of aluminum or similar, not left bare.

Am I safe in the stands if an accident occurs?

Modern tracks are designed in a way that is fairly close to you and not too far from you so that the spectators won’t miss the thrill. Even in the case of an emergency, emergency exits are designed for people’s safety. Moreover, for your convenience, large screens are present. 

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