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Top 10 Motivational Milkha Singh Quotes | Legendary Inspiration

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Milkha Singh, also known as “The Flying Sikh”, was an Indian track and field sprinter who was introduced to the sport while serving in the Indian Army. He is considered one of the greatest athletes in Indian history and is known for his incredible speed and determination. Singh was born in Gobindpura, Punjab, British India, to a Sikh family. He was orphaned during the Partition of India in 1947, when he witnessed the massacre of his parents and other family members. Singh escaped to India and was eventually taken in by his sister. Milkha Singh inspired millions of people with his remarkable achievements and indomitable spirit. In this blog, we will look at Milkha Singh motivational and inspirational quotes.

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Milkha Singh Career

Top 10 Motivational Milkha Singh Quotes | Legendary Inspiration - KreedOn
Image Source- Britannica

After the Partition, Singh joined the Indian Army, where he began his athletic career. He quickly became one of the best sprinters in the army and was selected to represent India at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. At the Olympics, Singh finished fourth in the 400 meters final, just 0.1 seconds behind the bronze medalist. Singh’s performance at the Olympics made him a national hero in India. He continued to compete at the highest level for many years, winning gold medals at the 1958 and 1962 Asian Games. He also set several national records in the 200 meters and 400 meters events.

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Singh retired from competitive athletics in the early 1970s. He later worked as a coach and administrator for the Indian athletics team. He was also a successful businessman and philanthropist.

Singh was a true inspiration to millions of Indians. His story of overcoming adversity and achieving success against all odds is a testament to the power of the human spirit. He was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, in 1959. Singh died on 18 June 2021 at the age of 91. 

Records and Honors


Medal Event Category
Gold 1958 Asian Games 200 m
Gold 1958 Asian Games 400 m
Gold 1958 Commonwealth Games 440 yards
Gold 1962 Asian Games 400 m
Gold 1962 Asian Games 4X400 m relay
Gold 1958 Cuttack National Games 200 m
Gold 1958 Cuttack National Games 400 m
Silver 1964 Calcutta National Games 400 m


Honour Year
Padma Sri 1959
Bharat Gaurav Award 2016

Motivational Quotes of Milkha Singh

Top 10 Motivational Milkha Singh Quotes | Legendary Inspiration - KreedOn
Image Source- ET Times

” You can achieve anything in life. It just depends on how desperate you are to achieve it.”

I want people to be passionate about their fitness. Everyone must take ten minutes of physical exercise daily at home or outside.

“As long as you remain true to yourself and continue training with sincerity, nobody can stop you from achieving excellence”

” Discipline, hard work, will power….My experience made me so hard that I wasn’t even scared of death.”

“Yes, I started by running barefoot. My feet used to slip in canvas shoes. So we put them aside and ran barefoot”

” I would not stop till I had filled up a bucket with my sweat. I would push myself so much that in the end I would collapse and I would have to be admitted to hospital, I would pray to God to save me, promise that I would be more careful in future. And then I would do it all over again.”

“If you want a name, you have to fight death”

“You have to be disciplined if you want to be world class”

” Talent must be nurtured from a very young age for it to grow and flourish. “

“Life is not decided by lines on a palm but by the power of the will, hard work and discipline”

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