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5 Players with Highest Number of Super Raids in PKL History

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Kabaddi is a game that always keeps you on your toes; both as a player and as a viewer. With the introduction of the Pro Kabaddi League, the sport has developed a huge fan base not only in India but also all across the globe. Today, even people abroad are aware of the fact that a game called Kabaddi was created in India and is played at a grand scale like the Pro Kabaddi League. PKL introduced a lot of new rules to the game, that weren’t linked to the traditional game before. However, some have remained intact with the game since its beginning. One such rule is the ‘Super Raid’. Let us have a closer look at what a super raid is and also find out top 5 players with most super raids in PKL history.

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Super Raid Rule

Super Raid Kreedon
credits: PKL

We are aware of the fact that in Kabaddi, a player enters into the opponent’s half and this process of the player coming into the opponent’s arena is called a raid and the player entering is called the raider. The raider gets the point if he touches one of the opponents and returns backs to his half successfully. One-touch ensures one point added to the raider’s team. However, if he/she decides not to touch any of the defenders and return safely, no point is shared, and this ends up being called an empty raid.

Duty of a Raider

But a play where a raider is successfully able to snatch 3 or more points successfully, it is known as a super raid. These need not be points only through touches. It can be combined with touches, bonus point, and if the defender of the opponent commits a mistake by going outside the court. Getting a super raid lifts the overall confidence of the team as your team member is successfully able to deceit 3 or more players with his skills, and it adds a lot of pressure on the opponent teams. Many matches have just changed their behaviour because of one super raid. A super raid as such is not a rule, but a term. To keep it in simple terms, it’s equivalent of getting a 4-wicket haul in T20 cricket.

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Top 5 Raiders with Most Super Raids in PKL

Rank  Player  Matches Played Super Raids in PKL
1 Pardeep Narwal 153 73
2 Maninder Singh 122 42
3 Pawan Sehrawat 105 29
4 Rahul Chaudhari 150 25
5 Rishank Devadiga 122 25

Rishank Devadiga (25)

Rishank Kreedon
(credits DNA India)

Bengal Warriors’ Rishank Devadiga is number 5 on this list with 25 super raids to his name. His signature move ‘Running Hand Touch’ has earned him most of his success as a raider. Participating in national-level tournaments secured him a position at Bharath Petroleum in 2014, leading to his signing with U Mumba for Rs 5.25 lakhs in the Pro Kabaddi League. He is currently playing for Bengal Warriors in PKL season 10.

Rahul Chaudhari (25)

Rahul Chaudhari Super Raid Kreedon
(credits PKL)

The raider with the 4th most Super Raids in PKL is Jaipur Pink Panthers’ Rahul Chaudhari. Rahul has 25 super raids to his name in his 150 appearances. He was the leading raider in season 4 with 146 points in his account. Rahul was the first player to cross 400 points in Pro Kabaddi League history. In terms of successful raids, Rahul has been the third most successful raider with 854 points.

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Pawan Sehrawat (29)

5 Players with Highest Number of Super Raid in PKL History - KreedOn
Image Source- Sportstar

Pawan Sehrawat is a standout raider in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), renowned for his electrifying and dynamic gameplay. Known as the “Hi-Flyer,” Sehrawat has established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the kabaddi mat. He is playing for Telugu Titans in PKL 2023. In his PKL career spanning 105 matches, Pawan has secured an impressive total of 29 super raids.

Maninder Singh (42)

5 Players with Highest Number of Super Raid in PKL History - KreedOn

Maninder Singh, a formidable raider in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), is celebrated for his strategic acumen and exceptional agility on the court. As a vital member of the Bengal Warriors, Singh consistently demonstrates his skill in outsmarting defenders and securing vital points for his team. Across 122 matches, he has amassed an impressive tally of 42 super raids, showcasing his consistent impact and contribution to his team’s success.

Pardeep Narwal (73)

5 Players with Highest Number of Super Raid in PKL History - KreedOn

As a member of the UP Yoddhas, Pardeep Narwal’s raiding technique blends speed, agility, and intelligence, allowing him to effortlessly breach defenses and accrue points, establishing himself as a formidable presence on the kabaddi court. Pardeep Narwal has scored massive 73 super raids in total of 153 matches played.

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