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7 players with most sixes in T20 internationals | Updated 2020

One of the biggest reasons behind T20 Cricket becoming a massive success in a short amount of time is the ease with which batsmen clear the ropes. Sixes have become a requirement for batsmen to keep up with the fast-paced format. At the same time, Sixes add entertainment value to the sport. Of course, heavier bats and smaller grounds also help the cause. But six-hitting is an art and nowhere as easy as it looks on our TV screens. Although there are a few players, who are simply too good at it and have hit more sixes than anyone else in the game. Here are top seven players with most sixes in T20:

Aaron Finch | 90 Sixes

Aaron Finch KreedOn
Credits Cricket Australia

Brendon McCullum | 91 Sixes

Brendon McCullum fastest 50
Credits Getty Images

Eoin Morgan | 96 Sixes

Chris Gayle | 105 Sixes

Kreedon highest individual score in ODI: Chris Gayle 215 vs Zimbabwe in 2015 ICC World Cup
Most Sixes in T20 | Credits Getty Images

Colin Munro | 107 Sixes

Credits DNA India

Martin Guptill | 119 Sixes

Longest six in cricket kreedon: Guptill 113m six vs Australia
Most Sixes in T20 | Getty Images

Rohit Sharma | 127 Sixes

Rohit shram records kreedon
Most Sixes in T20 | Credits BCCI
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