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12 batsmen with the most sixes in ODI cricket [Updated]

Modern day cricket is a batsman’s game. Bigger bats, smaller boundaries, D/N matches and flat pitches combine together to make cricket these days (ODI and T20s), a bowler’s nightmare. With the competition rising by the passing day, batsmen are becoming aggressive. And what’s the best way to show your aggressiveness? By hitting sixes of course! There aren’t many who hate to see the ball flying into the stands and a bowler’s head hang in despair. Want to know the players with most sixes in ODI? Here is the list of top 12 batsmen with the most sixes in ODI cricket…

12. Ricky Ponting

ponting most sixes kreedon
Credits: Kookaburra

The former Australian captain was among the top 5 batsmen of his time. Regarded as the best Australian batsman since Bradman, “Punter” as he was lovingly called is renowned for his batting exploits, immaculate technique, superb fielding and astute captaincy. But, when it comes to hitting bowlers out of the park, he is no slouch with 162 sixes in 365 innings. This is quite good when compared to more aggressive counterparts like Virender Sehwag and Brian Lara.

11. Martin Guptill

guptill most sixes odi
Credits: Telegraph

The veteran New Zealand opener has established himself as a very aggressive batsman and stamps his authority every time he gets going. Martin “Two Toes” Guptill is an ace batsman of the shorter formats and with a highest score of 237*, he knows how a thing or two about big hundreds. He is an exceptional fielder and among the best hitters in his side, with 168 sixes to his name in just 176 innings. Unbelievable stuff!

10. Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly KreedOn
Sourav Ganguly was prolific captain in ODI for India (Credits: ABP)

If dominating spinners is an art, Sourav Ganguly is the Picasso of that. How can we forget Ganguly dancing down the track to loft the spinner into the stands? A sight so common for every 90s cricket fan, yet one to behold every time. The ace Indian captain, known for his god-like offside play, brave captaincy and stories of comebacks is among the best-hitters of sixes in ODI cricket. He has smashed 190 maximums in 300 innings for India. Shane Warne and others, we feel for you.

9. Sachin Tendulkar

most sixes sachin kreedona
Credits: Tribune

Well, when Ganguly arrives Sachin Tendulkar cannot be far behind. The “God of Cricket” has so many records and such is his dominance in every aspect of batsmanship, six-hitting would be among the ones of least concern. Yet, he shines in this regard too. His hook off Andrew Caddick or the upper cut against Shoaib Akhtar in the 2003 world cup are as famous as his perfect straight drives against almost every bowler in the world. The Master Blaster has hit 195 sixes in 452 innings and even till a few years back he stood fourth on this list. A champ in every aspect!

8. Brendon McCullum

Most sixes in odi kreedon
Credits: Getty

The former New Zealand wicketkeeper-batsman has to be among the most aggressive batsman the cricketing world has seen. Irrespective of the format, the way McCullum used to dominate bowlers was something unworldly; probably matched only by Virender Sehwag. Blessed with quick feet movement and immense arm-strength, the stocky batsman has multiple records including the fastest test century and has hit 200 sixes in just 228 innings! That requires some muscle!

7. AB De Villiers

AB De Villers Most centuries in ODIs KreedOn

Talk of the most dominant batsmen and AB De Villiers is a name that will surely pop out. Easily the most versatile of all the batsmen in this list, ABD was virtually unstoppable when on song. Rightly called “Mr. 360”, for his ability to hit everywhere, bowlers  options against him.

An in-form De Villiers can be out only due to his own mistake, rather than a bowler’s skill. Counted among the most attacking batsmen of the world, De Villiers has registered 204 sixes in a meagre 218 innings.

6. Eoin Morgan

Credits: Latestly

The current England captain is a deadly batsman when on form and there are a lot of evidences for that. The highest capped English player in ODIs is also the one with most runs and has played the role of finisher for a long time, now shared with Jos Butler ans Ben Stokes.

And, when it comes to hitting sixes, Morgan has proved he is better than the rest when he hit 17 in an innings against Afghanistan recently. In all, the England international has 211 sixes from 217 innings. That is some strike rate!

5. MS Dhoni

Credits: Week

When finishing is the quality talked about, MS Dhoni will be the first name on everyone’s lips. Who can forget the winning six to win India the ICC 2011 World Cup? A memory etched into every cricket fans mind. MS Dhoni is easily among the most destructive batsmen of the modern era and is the best captain for shorter formats. Analysing situation, a steely nerve and the ability to shift gears quickly is what makes him so deadly.

As a stamp of authority on his hitting ability, Dhoni has amassed 229 sixes in 297 innings. Many a times, he had to rescue the team from a precarious situation to set respectable totals. Probably the only reason for a comparatively low ratio for a batsman so dangerous.

4. Rohit Sharma

Credits: Samachar mama

Hitting sixes at will seems to be Rohit Sharma’s cup of tea. The stylish opening batsman has a rare ability to judge the length of the ball early, giving him a few extra milliseconds to decide. He takes his time to settle down and then launches himself. Want proof? 3 ODI double hundreds beside his name are testament enough.

There is no batsman more dangerous after reaching a half-century than Rohit in cricket now. Until recently, he held the record for most sixes in ODI with 16, only to bettered by Eoin Morgan. Overll, Rohit has hit 232 sixes till now in only 211 innings. That’s astonishing.

3. Sanath Jayasurya

most sixes odi kreedon
Credits: Telegraph

The pioneer of attacking bowlers in the Powerplay was always a gifted striker of the ball. Using the fielding restrictions to the greatest extent, the “Matara-Mauler” is Srilankan cricket’s most attacking batsman till date. Maybe, Kusal Perera would have a nod. Jayasurya, apart from being a legendary batsman was an excellent fielder and more-than-useful spinner with 323 wickets. His habit of lofting the fast bowlers in the Powerplay overs led him to hit 270 sixes in 433 innings. Utter dismay, when you come down at speeds of 140+ and get banged for a six above long off!

2. Chris Gayle

Credits: Hindustan Times

This list could not be completed without the “Universal Boss”. The most feared batsman in world cricket in the last decade, this man just muscles any bowler on his heyday. Although, more of a T20 specialist nowadays, Gayle has over 10,000 runs in ODI and is easily the biggest star of the West Indies. Only Lara and Viv Richards have a similar status in the Caribbean. The 6’2″ imposing batsman moving his bat like a toothpick is a bowler’s nightmare. Over the years, he has decimated the most skillful of bowlers and has carted out 331 sixes in 294 innings. All hail the “Calypso King”!

1. Shahid Afridi

Most sixes odi cricket kreedon
Credits: NDTV Sport

A list of so many power-hitters has to be led by someone who is renowned for that, hitting huge sixes. And ,who better than “Boom Boom”? Shahid Afridi, in his long career has come to bat in at different positions from No.3 to No.7. But, nothing has reduced his ability to hit huge sixes. Although, his returns from batting fell down significantly in his final years, they could not stop him from reaching a massive 351 sixes in 369 times he has come to bat. BOOM BOOM leads the way and will hold on to the record of most sixes in ODI for quite a few years to come.


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