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Top 5 Players with Most Raid Points in PKL History

Raiders wield significant influence in Kabaddi, capable of altering game dynamics with just one raid. However, in the Pro Kabaddi League, these raiders have transcended mere impact. Several Indian luminaries have displayed sheer brilliance over the past six seasons, elevating the league to unprecedented heights. Their stellar performances have garnered thunderous chants of their names within stadiums and inspired aspiring youngsters to emulate their paths. Their consistent, exceptional displays across six seasons have been instrumental. As the seventh season approaches, it’s fitting to acknowledge five such standout raiders who have left an indelible mark. Here are the top 5 players boasting the highest raid points in PKL History.

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Top 5 Players with Most Raid Points in PKL History

No. Name Position Matches Played Total Points
1 Pardeep Narwal Raider 153 1568
2 Maninder Singh Raider 122 1231
3 Rahul Choudhari Raider 150 1039
4 Deepak Hooda All-Rounder 157 1020
5 Pawan Sehrawat Raider 105 987

Pawan Sehrawat | 987 Raid Points

Image Source- Sportstar

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, an Indian Kabaddi athlete, showcases his skills with Telugu Titans in the Pro Kabaddi League. Renowned for his exceptional talent, Pawan holds the distinction of being the highest-priced player in PKL history. Initially picked by Tamil Thalaivas for ₹2.26 crores in the ninth season, his value soared when Telugu Titans acquired him for ₹2.60 crores for the tenth season, reinstating his status as the league’s most expensive player.

Pawan initiated his PKL journey with Bengaluru Bulls in the third season, making an immediate impact by emerging as the leading raid-point scorer for his team with 45 points in 13 games. Across 105 matches, his raid points total an impressive 987, showcasing his consistent prowess on the Kabaddi mat.

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Deepak Niwas Hooda | 1020 Points

Deepak Niwas Hooda Biography
Credits prokabaddi.com

He stands as an Indian professional Kabaddi athlete and has previously led the India national Kabaddi team. His pivotal role contributed to India clinching the gold medal at the 2016 South Asian Games. A constant presence across all seasons of the Pro Kabaddi League, Deepak has solidified his status as one of the league’s most exceptional all-rounders in its history.

During the inaugural Pro Kabaddi League season auction in 2014, Hooda commanded attention, securing the second-highest bid of ₹12.6 lakh from the Telugu Titans. After two seasons with the Titans, he transitioned to the Puneri Paltan and Jaipur Pink Panthers. He also played for Jaipur Pink Panthers in later season. He scored 1020 raid points in total of 157 PKL matches.

pv sindhu

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Rahul Chaudhari | 1039 Raid Points

Rahul Chaudhari Super 10 KreedOn

Rahul Chaudhari, known as the Raid Machine and the leading point scorer in Pro Kabaddi League history, currently ranks third in the list of top raiders. Initially, he remained loyal to Telugu Titans for the league’s initial six seasons before transitioning to Tamil Thalaivas and then Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Throughout his PKL journey, Rahul has exhibited unwavering consistency, amassing over 1300 raid points. In the league’s debut season, he secured the position of the second-best raider, accumulating 151 raid points. Following this, Chaudhari continued with impressive tallies of 98 and 87 points in the subsequent seasons.

Remaining a lone warrior in the Telugu Titans’ squad for the subsequent two seasons, Rahul continued his stellar form, accumulating 184 and 159 points in the fifth and sixth seasons, respectively. Regrettably, despite his outstanding contributions, insufficient support from teammates hindered their progress to the playoffs.

Maninder Singh | 1231 Raid Points

Image Source- India TV

Maninder Singh stands as a stalwart in the realm of Indian Kabaddi, showcasing his prowess as a professional athlete both on the national stage with the Indian Kabaddi Team and within the dynamic arena of the Pro Kabaddi League. As the esteemed captain and primary raider for Bengal Warriors in the PKL, Singh embodies excellence and leadership. His skillful raids and strategic acumen have earned him the rightful acclaim as one of the league’s premier raiders, admired for his agility and tactical astuteness.

Singh’s legacy extends beyond personal prowess, extending to the broader success of his team. Under his leadership, Bengal Warriors achieved an extraordinary milestone in 2019, clinching their inaugural PKL trophy. Singh’s instrumental role in leading his team to this historic victory underscored not just his individual brilliance but also his ability to inspire and guide his teammates toward collective triumphs, cementing his status as a revered figure both within Bengal Warriors and the Pro Kabaddi League fraternity. In 122 matches played in PKL history, Maninder has 1231 Raid Points.

Pardeep Narwal | 1568 Raid Points

Why are Pardeep Narwal, Maninder Singh and other PKL stars not selected for Asian Kabaddi Championships?

The most outstanding raider in the history of the Pro Kabaddi League isn’t a seasoned veteran with 15 years of Kabaddi experience. Surprisingly, it’s the 26-year-old Pardeep Narwal, who rose to prominence starting from the third season. With a staggering 1568 raid points across just 153 games, he has etched his name into the league’s annals as the ‘Dubky King’. Narwal commenced his journey in the league during the second season, representing Bengaluru Bulls. However, it was when he joined Patna Pirates in the third season that something extraordinary began. He amassed a league-leading 116 raid points, propelling the Pirates to their inaugural championship. This marked the inception of his extraordinary run, as his tally of 131 raid points in the fourth season secured Patna’s consecutive title.

Unsurprisingly, Narwal continued his exceptional performance in the sixth season, amassing 233 raid points, placing him second in the league. Despite his heroics, Patna couldn’t secure a playoff spot. He reached the milestone of 900 points in the 2019 PKL season against Haryana Steelers. In the 2022 PKL season, Narwal gathered an impressive total of 188 raid points across 24 matches.

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