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Most Famous PKL Team in the Pro Kabaddi League

Which is the most famous PKL team in your opinion?

In this modern age of digitalisation, there are multiple new aspects added to everyone’s life. Access to personalised data and information has never been easier. People spend a considerable portion of their 24-hour day on their phones, majorly being on social media platforms. In fact, some people tend to maintain and glorify their social media life more than their real lives. Not just people, brands also work on their social media presence and reach to get ahead in the race of branding and marketability. 

Sports Entities are no different in the regard as they work on engaging with their fan base and reaching more extensive potentials using Social Media Platforms. Being among the most-watched leagues in the world, Pro Kabaddi League also has its digital brand along with its social media accounts on various platforms. Each Pro Kabaddi franchise works on its brand value and engages fans through their Social Media accounts. Teams try to reach a bigger fan following and better engagement to increase their brand value and marketability. This helps them get better sponsorship deals, bigger sales of team merchandise and open multiple revenue streams. 

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With all this being said, you must be wondering which is the most famous PKL team which has the largest Social Media following. It turns out the team is also the most successful in the history of the league. In fact, it is the only team to achieve a hattrick of PKL Titles. Yes, it is none other than the Patna Pirates. Though Patna Pirates is home to most densely populated and poverty-ridden region of India, Patna (Bihar), the success achieved by franchise has helped them gain a massive fan following which is evident on all the social media platforms. The Patna Pirates has a combined following of about 1.5M (1,447,889 and growing) on three major social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The Pirates are followed closely by U Mumba (1,308,588) and defending champs Bengaluru Bulls (1,297,250).

Patna Pirates

Famous PKL team KreedOn
Famous PKL team

Following: 590K+ on Twitter | 178K+ on Instagram | 680K+ on Facebook

Led by Pardeep Narwal, Patna Pirates is the most successful team in the PKL history. The team is owned by Rajesh V. Shah and plays home games at the Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna. Also, because of its popularity and fan following in the Jharkhand region. Pirates also hosted some home games at Harivansh Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium situated at Ranchi.

With three consecutive titles, Patna Pirates is, without a doubt the most dominant team in the Pro Kabaddi League. If you are an IPL fan, then think of Pirates as more dominant than the teams like Chennai Super Kings or Mumbai Indians because of the hattrick of the championship season. In fact, not a single other teams in the league has managed to win more than one championship, let alone three. 

After failing to proceed to the playoffs for the first time in PKL last season, Pirates will look to get back on the winning track. The Pirates have the best raider in the league’s history in their ranks, Pardeep Narwal. With their success and popularity of Pardeep Narwal, Patna Pirates has grown the largest fan base among all PKL teams on the social media. Patna Pirates has a huge 590K followers on Twitter, 178K followers on Instagram and 679K followers on Facebook. Pirates got the boost from Twitter. Following Patna Pirates at number 2, the Bengaluru Bulls has only 158K in comparison to Pirates’ 590K followers on Twitter. 

U Mumba

Famous PKL team KreedOn
Famous PKL team

Following: 130K+ on Twitter | 155K+ on Instagram |1.03M+ on Facebook

It is simply impossible to separate sports and Mumbai. Cricket has been just as important to the city as local trains. However, the new addition to the city is Kabaddi – a sport that is gaining popularity amongst masses. And without a doubt, the credit for that lies with U Mumba themselves.

With their popularity and glamour, they are also working on getting more people involved in the sport. U Mumba ranks topmost in the following on Facebook with 1.02M on board. But the franchise currently lags the Pirates on Instagram and Twitter. 

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Bengaluru Bulls

Famous PKL team KreedOn
Famous PKL team

Following: 158K+ on Twitter | 164K+ on Instagram | 976K+ on Facebook

Bengaluru Bulls are the defending champions and one of the eight founding members of the Pro Kabaddi League. Bengaluru’s logo is the face of an angry bull, representing the intensity and fierce attitude of the team during the game. The Bulls has been performing at the topmost level since 2014. Finishing 4th in the inaugural season followed by a Finals upset in the following season. Off-court, Bulls are famous for their cracking their moves and deals. The Bulls ranks 2nd in followers among the PKL teams on all the three platforms.  

Raghav Heda
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