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Top 10 Most Expensive Players in Dota 2 | Million-Dollar Mavens

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Dota 2 game stands as one of the undisputed giants in the world of esports, captivating audiences worldwide with its intricate gameplay, strategic depth, and adrenaline-pumping competitions. The allure of Dota 2 lies not only in its thrilling gameplay but also in the lucrative nature of the discipline, promising substantial monetary gains to those who dedicate themselves to mastering this digital arena. Professional players from all corners of the globe compete at the highest level, vying for prestige, glory, and, of course, substantial financial rewards. Below, we unveil the most expensive players in Dota 2 of all time.

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Most Expensive Players in Dota 2

S.No DOTA 2 Expensive Players
1 Johan Sundstein
2 Jesse Vainikka
3 Anathan Pham
4 Sebastien Debs
5 Topias Taavitsainen
6 Kuro Takhasomi
7 Miposhka
8 Yatoro Mulyarchuk
9 Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov
10 Myroslav “Mira” Kolpakov

Johan Sundstein

Johan Sundstein - Top 10 Most Expensive Players in Dota 2 | KreedOn
Image Source- Wikipedia

The cyber athlete from Denmark is known as N0tail. He is considered the richest player in Dota 2. The player began by playing Heroes of Newerth and eventually peaked in his eSports career in Dota 2. In total, N0tail has received over $ 7 million, thanks to Dota 2. There’s an online video showing N0tail taking people on a tour of his million-dollar mansion, and he’s also seen playing video clips of himself playing Dota 2 in the lobby of the net.

Jesse Vainikka

Top 10 Most Expensive Players in Dota 2 | KreedOn

JerAx (Jesse Vainikka) is an eSports player from Finland who excelled in Team Liquid and finished second in the Shanghai majors. The player leaped to the top flight after joining Team OG. Vainikka was able to earn 2 major titles and 2 International titles, which earned him over $6 million. JerAx even met with the Finnish President due to his tremendous success in eSports.

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Anathan Pham

Image Source- One Esports

Ana is an Australian player who is regarded as the youngest ever rich eSports player. At the best moments of his OG career, the cyber sportsman was considered a ‘Dota 2 God’. Anathan earned 4 major titles and 2 International titles with OG. This earned him over $6 million in Dota 2.

Sebastien Debs

Sébastien 'Ceb' Debs | Top 10 Most Expensive Players in Dota 2 | KreedOn
Image Source- RedBull

Sébastien (aka Ceb) is a French eSports player who struggled in the early stages of his competitive career. He struggled to find his footing because most of his career had been spent playing for weak teams. Ceb was on the verge of quitting his eSports career but was contacted by the OG one day. Debs gave the team a new chance and earned nearly $6 million during his time with the team. He is an inspiration to other players who have made sure they never quit.

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Topias Taavitsainen

Topson DOTA 2 | Top 10 Most Expensive Players in Dota 2 | KreedOn
Image Source- ONE Esports

The cyber athlete from Finland burst onto the professional scene out of nowhere, causing a real explosion in the gaming community. Those placing bets on Dota 2 would have been surprised by Topson’s unexpected success. Before joining OG, the cyber-sportsman had never participated in a LAN competition. His total income from cybersports at the time was around $3,000. However, when Topson played in International matches and won, his earnings exceeded $5.5 million.

Kuro Takhasomi

Kuro KuroKy | Dota 2
Image Source- Telecom Asia

The German cyber athlete made his mark on the professional scene in 2011. He is the captain that led Team Liquid to victory at the international level. The German esportsman is respected by nearly every Dota 2 player because of his tenacious approach and dedication to his goals. His efforts have earned him more than $5 million. He is currently playing for Nigma Galaxy.


Image Source- Ecorenews

Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov, the lively leader of Team Spirit, holds the seventh spot on this ranking. Before his tenure with the accomplished Team Spirit, he contributed to several renowned CIS teams, most notably Team Empire. During his time with Empire, Miposhka achieved a top 8 finish at The International 2017, securing a noteworthy prize of $617,000 for the team. Notably, Miposhka’s tournament earnings slightly surpass those of his current Spirit teammates due to his involvement in a greater number of tournaments in the past.

Yatoro, Collapse, and Mira

Top 10 Most Expensive Players in Dota 2 | KreedOn
Yatoro, Image Source- ONE Sports

Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov, and Myroslav “Mira” Kolpakov are budding players who made their first appearance at The International in 2021, clinching a stylish victory. Since their impressive debut, these individuals have consistently performed well in various tournaments, significantly boosting their tournament earnings. Their recent triumph at Riyadh Masters, securing a prize of $5 million, propelled them into the top 10 of the earnings list.

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