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Dominating the Crucial Moments: Unveiling the Players with the Most Do-or-Die Raid Points in PKL

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In kabaddi, a do-or-die raid is a high-stakes situation where a raider must score a point within a single raid attempt to avoid being declared “out” or eliminated from the game. It’s a crucial moment that adds intensity to the match, requiring the raider to exhibit skill, agility, and strategic acumen to successfully breach the opponent’s defense and return to their half of the court untagged. The pressure intensifies as failure to score in a do-or-die raid not only results in a point for the defending team but also leads to the raider’s temporary exit from the game. This element adds a thrilling dynamic to kabaddi, emphasizing the significance of individual performance in critical game situations.

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Players With Most Do-or-Die Raid Points

Player Do-or-Die Raid Points
Deepak Hooda 209
Sachin 198
Pardeep Narwal 186
Rahul Chaudhari 174
Ajay Thakur 163
Maninder Singh 160
Shrikant Jadhav 134

Deepak Hooda

Pro Kabaddi - Deepak Hooda | KreedOn
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Deepak Hooda, a standout figure in kabaddi, showcases remarkable versatility as an all-round player and leader. Renowned for his composed demeanor and motivational skills, Hooda seamlessly transitions between raider and defender roles based on match dynamics.

With a 58.82% success rate, Hooda’s strategic raids have been pivotal in securing crucial victories and narrowing point differentials. His agility, speed, and signature moves, including the dubki, hand touch, and toe touch, coupled with a knack for evading defenders, highlight his mastery of timing and strategy. Hooda’s threat to opposing defenses stems from his ability to score points from any angle, solidifying his impact on the kabaddi arena.

Deepak Hooda, a prominent all-rounder in vivo Pro Kabaddi, holds the record for the highest number of do-or-die raid points among all players. With an impressive tally of 209 do-or-die raid points in 157 matches, he consistently excels in crucial situations, showcasing his reliability when his team faces challenging circumstances. In Season 5, Hooda stood out by scoring 47 do-or-die raid points, leading the charts in this category. Additionally, he ranked among the top three and top five do-or-die raid point scorers in Seasons 4 and 3, respectively.

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Sachin | KreedOn
Image Source: Pro Kabaddi

Sachin, a rising star in kabaddi, has notably left his mark in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Starting with the Gujarat Fortune Giants in seasons 5 and 6, he consistently emerged as the highest raid point scorer for his team. Across 47 matches, Sachin amassed an impressive total of 349 raid points, including 14 super raids and 14 super 10s. Transitioning to Patna Pirates in Season 9 for a substantial 84 lakhs, he became one of the league’s most expensive players, forming a formidable raiding trio. In 22 matches with the Pirates, Sachin accumulated 131 raid points, showcasing his prowess with 4 super raids and 4 super 10s. 

Sachin’s standout quality lies in his exceptional performance under pressure, particularly in do-or-die raids. Sachin, with an outstanding strike rate, boasts the best performance in do-or-die raid situations among the top five players, accumulating 198 points in just 107 games. A composed presence on the mat, he excels in high-pressure moments, earning him the title of a do-or-die raid specialist. Season 9 witnessed Sachin achieving a historic feat, scoring the highest-ever 67 do-or-die raid points in the history of vivo PKL. Sachin’s performances have played a pivotal role in securing crucial victories and narrowing the gap against formidable opponents.

Pardeep Narwal 

Do-or-Die raid | KreedOn
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Pardeep Narwal, also known as the Dubki King, is one of the most successful raiders in the history of Pro Kabaddi League He has a remarkable ability to score points in do-or-die raids, which are the most crucial and challenging situations in the game. He has shown his skill and courage in many matches, where he has turned the tide in his team’s favor with his brilliant raids. Pardeep is the third-highest do-or-die raid points scorer of all time with 186 points from 155 games. He also holds the record for the most points in a single match with 34 points, out of which 8 came from do-or-die raids. He has earned the respect and admiration of fans and opponents alike with his amazing performances.

Rahul Chaudhari

Rahul Choudhari | KreedOn
Image Source: Pro Kabaddi

The charismatic Rahul Chaudhari, renowned as a showman, has impressively secured 174 do-or-die raid points across 151 games. Fearlessly stepping up for his team in crucial moments, he dominated Season 4 with a remarkable 38 do-or-die raid points from 16 games, the highest in the fourth edition of vivo PKL. In Season 6, he continued his prowess, topping the do-or-die raid points charts with 43 points in 21 matches. Notably, Rahul stands as the sole player to lead in do-or-die raid points in two vivo PKL seasons. He also secured the seventh position on the leaderboard in Season 7 with 26 such points.

Rahul Chaudhary, nicknamed as the ‘Raid Machine,’ achieved national acclaim by guiding the Indian team to a gold medal at the 2014 Asian Beach Games and securing a Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championships gold for Uttar Pradesh in 2015. Rahul further showcased his prowess on the global stage, representing India in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup and contributing to the Indian National Kabaddi team’s success at the 2016 South Asian Games, where they clinched gold medals in both events.

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Ajay Thakur 

Ajay Thakur - Do-or-Die raid | KreedOn
Image Source: Pro Kabaddi

Ajay Thakur, a renowned kabaddi player, currently plays for Dabang Delhi K.C. in PKL 10. He has previously represented various teams in the Pro Kabaddi League. As a former captain of the Indian National Kabaddi Team, he has earned numerous medals and awards for his country.

One of Thakur’s notable strengths is the do-or-die raid, where he must score a point to avoid being eliminated. Throughout his PKL career, he has amassed 163 do-or-die raid points, ranking third among all raiders. Thakur is also recognized for his 21 super raids in PKL, placing him fifth among raiders.

Maninder Singh

Maninder Singh | KreedOn
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Maninder Singh, a renowned kabaddi player, has notably contributed to teams like Bengal Warriors, Gujarat Giants, and currently, Haryana Steelers in PKL 10. Serving as a former captain of the Indian National Kabaddi Team, he boasts numerous medals and accolades.

As one of PKL’s most reliable raiders, Maninder holds the record for the highest average raid points per game. Over his PKL career, he has accumulated an impressive 1241 raid points in 122 matches. Notably, he became the second player in PKL history to surpass 1000 raid points, following Pardeep Narwal. In a standout performance during season 8 with Bengal Warriors, Maninder achieved 39 do-or-die raid points. He ranked fourth in the season’s list, trailing Mohit Chhillar, Arjun Deshwal, and Pardeep Narwal.    

He has scored a total of 160 do-or-die raid points in 123 matches.  His expertise extends to super raids, with 21 to his credit, securing him the fifth position among raiders.

Shrikant Jadhav

Shrikant Jadhav - DO-or-Die raid | KreedOn
Image Source: Pro Kabaddi

Shrikant Jadhav is a professional kabaddi player who plays for the U.P. Yoddha team in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). He is a raider who specializes in do-or-die situations, where he has to score a point or get eliminated. Shrikant has scored the most do-or-die raid points in PKL Season 6 and Season 8, with 43 and 42 points respectively. He also has a total of 129 raid points. He has scored a total of 134 do-or-die raid points in 121 matches. 


The landscape of Pro Kabaddi League has been enriched by the remarkable performances of seasoned raiders such as Deepak Hooda, Sachin, Pradeep Narwal, Rahul Chaudhari, Ajay Thakur, Maninder Singh, and Shrikant Jadhav. These athletes have consistently showcased their prowess in do-or-die raid situations, contributing significantly to their teams’ success. Deepak Hooda’s versatility and strategic raids, Sachin’s exceptional performance under pressure, Pradeep Narwal’s Dubki King legacy, Rahul Chaudhari’s showmanship, Ajay Thakur’s leadership and do-or-die raid strength, Maninder Singh’s reliability and record-breaking achievements, and Shrikant Jadhav’s proficiency in crucial moments collectively highlight the diverse and impactful contributions of these kabaddi stalwarts to the ever-thrilling spectacle of the Pro Kabaddi League.

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