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Missing the Flight to Tokyo by a whisker, Sakshi Chaudhary sets eyes on Paris now

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Sakshi Chaudhary was already one of the country’s most promising female boxers. She could not recollect while speaking how many times she has already donned India shirts so far! Starting with the gold medal in the Junior World Championship in 2015, Sakshi won many more laurels including two consecutive gold medals in the Youth World Cup. Sakshi, whose category is 52kg, has been participating in the senior level since 2019 and has also won a bronze medal in the Asian Championship. Recently, Sakshi Chaudhary won the desired gold medal in the senior national women’s championship in Bhopal, guiding Services (Army team) to win the first gold medal in the history of its 88-year participation in the national championship.

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The Journey

Sakshi resides in a village that is 20 kilometers far from Bhiwani, the ‘Mini-Cuba’ of India. She has been aggressive and daring since her childhood. She spoke laughingly,

“Even I always used to beat the wicked boys in our school. My parents were often summoned by the school authority and complaints were made about my behavior. Then my parents decided to get me involved in boxing and I got admitted to the famous BBC, the Bhiwani Boxing Club under the tutelage of Dronacharya coach Jagdish Singh.”

Sakshi did not forget to mention,

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“I could not have achieved whatever I have made if my parents had not supported me. My father Manoj Kumar, a farmer used to do huge hard work for me. He took me to the BBC every day riding his motorbike for 20 kilometers from my home. My mother Shila Devi still does a lot for me, keeping me up so that I can get rest whenever I come home from national camp.”

The Influence of Mary Kom & Vijender Kumar

Sakshi expressed a huge attribute to two decorated Indian boxers, Mary Kom and Vijender Singh. She explained,

“When I started learning the game in 2012 at BBC, Vijender Singh used to practice there under his coach Jagdish Singh’s tutelage. I used to get excited after watching his posters, pasted all around the club’s wall. He won the bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But despite being a true star Vijender Singh used to motivate young boxers like us.”

Sakshi then was able to meet Mary Kom during the national camp when all of them were training under the guidance of Chhote Lal Yadav. Sakshi stated,

“Mary was also superb. She did not have any vanity, talking to the youngsters like us whenever she took a break from training. She often used to give us advice asking not to concentrate on the result but on the performance.”

Besides, Sakshi has another dream boxer. He is the late Mohammad Ali. Sakshi has also pasted Ali’s boxing poster on the wall of her room.

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Tokyo Olympics & Covid-19

Sakshi missed the participation in Tokyo Olympics by a whisker. Only one qualifying competition for the Olympics was left. But the Covid-19 pandemic changed the whole scenario before that competition and Sakshi could not take part. Initially, she became depressed but shrugging off the disappointment indomitable Sakshi started giving more time to training. She said,

“I also suffered from a severe shoulder injury last year and my boxing got seriously affected. I had to take rest and spend time in rehab for most of the last year. Still, I did not give up.”

Sakshi Chaudhary now has set her eyes on the 2024 Paris Olympics, and she has already started preparation for the Asian Games and qualifying tournaments for the Olympics. 

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