Our Team

Prateek Goyal

Co-Founder | Director

Prateek's entrepreneurial mind and curiosity to find solutions to complex problems led him to team up with Piyush and build a solution for Indian sports. A keen technologist, a number lover and an operational expert with years of experience in optimizing processes, he makes everything at KreedOn run smoothly. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, loves to talk about new ideas, spirituality and hear EDM in his free time.

Rahul Vyas

Creative Producer

Rahul is a creative mind and the first hire of KreedOn. His passion lies in the depth of colors, fonts and moving graphics. He wants to solve sports problems of the country and jazz up the world of sports content. Every piece he delivers is about engaging the viewer. Loves his own space and memes cracks him up. A big fan of Pixar and Marvel.

Amrita Pandey

Content Marketer

Amrita is a content writer/editor and social media manager at KreedOn. Amrita looks after the content creation and marketing of the website. Her love for sports made her join this organization where her intention is to help every athlete get the recognition they deserve through her profession. Amrita started writing when only sketching cartoons at the back of her notebook seemed a little too vague for a school pass out.

Monish Gadiya

Head of Content

Monish Gadiya is an editor at KreedOn. He is a thorough tech-enthusiast and believes that innovation is the answer to all the problems prevalent in the society. Monish graduated from University of Pune with a degree in civil engineering before pursuing a post-graduate diploma course in intellectual property rights. A die-hard football fan, he has represented his college at various football competitions.

Satyaraj Nanaware

Digital Marketer

Satyaraj is a digital marketer and social media manager at KreedOn. He has always been a curious mind when it comes to social media trends. He loves to try out new ideas and see how the algorithm works. A risk-taker by nature, Satyaraj is always looking out for viral trends and how it can be incorporated with sports. He believes in continuously improvising marketing strategies through analysis. In his free time, you will find him watching youtube or spending time with his cats

Supriya Jadhav

Web Developer

Supriya's love for coding drives her through. She passionately believes in problem solving and strives hard to crack any of those through her technology skills. She is a seeker and an avid learner who loves to make people laugh when not chasing her codes and algorithms, Supriya has worked on several projects over the years. Her experience has shown her what it really takes to not just survive but to keep growing in the tech industry.

Daivik Joshi

Business Development Manager

Sports has been an integral part of his life especially football made him travel to different stadiums while studying different aspects of football. In the process of gaining maximum knowledge in terms of the business of sports in India. Believes in the concept of sports and chill rather than the most commonly known!! He wants to watch the FIFA & Champions League final live at least once.

Navaneeth Muraleedharan

Associate Creative Producer

Navaneeth is an Associate Creative Producer at KreedOn. He did his Bachelor's in Sports Management from IISM, Mumbai. He is passionate about producing exciting content that engages the audience and Football. He's a Manchester United and Kerala Blasters Fan. Loves to binge-watch a lot of TV series in his free time and geeks out on geeks out on Game of Thrones.



Warad is passionate about brands, football, films and food. He enjoys reading about latest gadgets and technologies and spends his time either watching movies or cooking something new. Warad is a spiritual person who believes that to change the world you must change yourself from within.


A passionate foodie, a versatile writer, and now a sports enthusiast, Mamta is always open to exploring new avenues. She has a vast experience in Web Content Writing, Editing, and Social Media Management. A self-confessed coffee and dark chocolate addict, she believes in following her heart and giving her 100% into everything she does.


Raghav is a sports enthusiast and a content writer at Kreedon. Being a former state-level cricketer and Captain of the Basketball team at IIT Patna, he understands the problems faced by a student-athlete in India. He is also a die-hard NBA fan and has been following the league and American Sports Media for long. Comparing the Indian sports economy to American Sports' was something that motivated him to work for the development of Indian Sports.


I might be a Mechanical Engineer on the paper, but I was a Sports enthusiast since childhood, screaming at the TV watching cricket at the age of 4. Not much excites me other than sports unless it's free pizza. I can watch literally anything remotely related to sports; Cricket, Football, Tennis, F1, Hockey, Athletics, Chess, you name it! And I love to write too, so at the time I'm not watching sports, I'm writing about it. Or eating pizzas, of course.


Gaurav Kadam is a young sportswriter and journalist who is a huge cricket enthusiast. He is a bibliophile and a movie and American TV series buff, who is completely addicted to Netflix. Gaurav is liberal in thoughts and agnostic in deeds.


I’m an enthusiastic member of the larger conspiracy to evolve the emerging discipline of data science. Simply: I make beautiful things with data. Like most people that get into sports analytics, I was drawn into the field because it was a way for the analytically-minded to better understand the games they were already watching.


Vardhan is an author who loves creativity. He enjoys experimenting in various fields. After completing his graduation, he was sure about one thing! His love for sports. He is now living his dream of being creative with words in the field of sports. He has since then always brought the latest news and updates for all the sports fans.


Sports journalist working towards bringing unsung heroes of Indian sports into the limelight and helping them grab the attention and respect they deserve. A foodie and a sports fanatic since childhood, Shivansh would prefer watching an old match (from any sport) over a hit movie or series. Shivansh has spent his formative years in Tanzania before shifting to Pune for college


Saad Kaazi is very persistent when it comes to providing quality content to his viewers. He has spent time working and polishing his skills on how to deliver value the way his audience would like. His interest in sports was right from the beginning of his school days. Writing and gathering information about sports is just a bonus for him as his job.


Vivek is a Web Developer at Kreedon. A coding geek, Vivek is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and startups. In fact, he also runs one in the Amity University Jaipur Campus. Vivek's philosophy is simple "solve the problem or find an alternative, but never give up". When he is not playing with 1's and 0's, Vivek can be found Travelling or enjoying a cup of hot coffee, obviously.


Reading, Writing and indulging in sports activities have been Neel's passion since he was a child. He grew up playing various sports and knew that it was something he wanted to stay in touch with. After completing his graduation, he narrowed his focus on writing. In his leisure time, he likes to read books and chill with his dog.


Thoroughly believe in the motto 'A life without sports is a life wasted' which was coined a long time ago by my father. If not for writing on sport, I'd be on a couch watching a sports channel and dissecting it to needless levels. Thus, the high number of ranting posts. The only other thing I'm good at is unsuccessful bottle flips.


Shubham always wanted to do something in the field of sports. For which he did a course called B.P.Ed Sports Teaching. He realized that not only cricket but other sports should also be brought forward. And so he decided to go for Journalism. Two years later, he got to know about KreedOn, an organization working on similar principles to that of Shubham's. He now aims to work for the respect and recognition, athletes deserve in this country.