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Top 20 Best Marathon Shoes in India to Buy Online – 2024 Edition

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Marathons have always held a special place in athletics and nowadays, more and more people are taking up the sport. And why not? It helps lose weight, boosts the immune system, and improves heart efficiency. The only equipment one needs for long-distance running is a pair of good marathon shoes. Professionals invest in the best marathon shoes to enhance their performances.

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Marathon shoes provide cushioning, stability, traction on difficult trails. But how to choose the best marathon shoes? There are a few things such as speed, stamina, energy return, the strain on legs, etc., that we need to consider before buying a pair. So with further ado, let’s get to know the best marathon shoes in India…

How to Buy a Running Shoe

  1. Always carry socks for testing.
  2. Try walking in the shoes first; this will give you a feel of the shoes. Comfort should be the first priority. If shoes do not seem right initially at the store, they will worsen over time.
  3. Shoes should not be too stiff or tight, even racing flats.
  4. Don’t go in with a fixed size. Sizes differ from brand to brand. Adidas, for example, generally makes shoes a size smaller as compared to other brands of the same size number. If you are ordering online, going through user experiences in the FAQ section or review section might help you to find the right fit.
  5. Last but the most important part – try a small spring with the shoes, preferably not on a treadmill. Try to check the pair’s support, stiffness, and cushioning and whether it fits for the purpose you are buying it for.  

The main questions that you should as are “Where will I use it?” or “What kind of running will I do?”

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What are Types of Running Shoes?

Before buying a pair of shoes, it is important to know the type of running shoes, since each of them serves a specific purpose. The shoes can be divided based on

  1. Intensity of running
  2. Kind of surface ( indoors, gym, Trail, track, road)
  3. User’s biomechanics ( weight, foot width etc.)

Based on these there are 5 major kinds of marathon/running shoes :

    1. Regular trainers

      These are the most common types of training shoes that you are going to use. These are for everyday use, for short and long runs, recovery and rehab running. They are more durable than other types of trainers and are also heavier but more cushioned too. This durability factor makes them suitable for rigorous daily use.

    2. Lightweight trainers

      As the name suggests, they are lighter than their regular counterparts and are used in speed training mostly before races. They are less cushioned but stiffer than trainers. They are relatively durable and are flexible to use, unlike racing flats. Shifting from regular to light trainers need some time of transition for the foot to adjust to less cushioning and should be developed over a period of few weeks. Some athletes even like to race in these shoes.

    3. Trail Shoes

      These shoes are for different kinds of off-road terrains like mud, sand, rock and these shoes provide absolute best in comfort, protection and support. They are made of stickier rubbers and have an enhanced tread pattern, provide superior grip on slippery surfaces and also more protection on the ankles, midsole and tongue to protect the toes from roots and rocks.

    4. Stability/Motion Control Shoes

      These shoes are for particular runners who have excess pronation. Pronation is the inward rolling movement of the foot as result of impact due to contact with the ground. Now, this is a normal human movement but an excess of that can be painful. Motion-control shoes provide more stability and support and are more rigid than a regular shoe. They also have a wider sole and are ideal for heavier people.

    5. Racing flats

      These are the ideal racing day shoes. They are very light compared to other shoes and are stiffer than trainers of any kind. But they are not as flexible as trainers and don’t build foot strength and come with minimal to really good cushioning based on the distance of the race. They are not durable to survive for everyday rigorous use.

Best Marathon Shoes in India

S.No Marathon Shoes
1 ASICS Gel-Contend
2 FURO by Red Chief Men Sports Running Shoes R1014
3 Adidas UltraBoost 22
4 Adidas Galaxy 4
5 Reebok Mens Paradise Runner Lp Running Shoe
6 Reebok Mens Tread Lite Lux Lp Running Shoes
7 Nike Revolution Shoes
8 Puma NRGY Comet
9 new balance Beacon Running Shoes
10 Adidas Mens Sl20.3 Running Shoes
11 Puma Mens Emergence Running Shoe
12 Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Pegasus Turbo
13 Skechers GoRun Razor 3
14 UNPAR by SG Men’s Racer Running Shoes
15 Asics Patriot 13
16 Action RUNNER-112 Comfort
17 Asics GT 2000- 12
18 Fila Mens Gollar Sneaker
19 Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes
20 Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Best Marathon Shoes: ASICS Gel-Contend

ASICS Men Gel-Contend 4B+ Running Shoes for Marathon - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes Asics: One of the better shoes at this affordable price from Asics, this is a solid performer on the roads. It comes in various width options and has a large toebox which is well appreciated.

A removable ortholite insole gives real comfort and upper mesh provides good breathability. An ideal shoe for beginners and intermediates. Extremely comfortable for a trainer shoe. The shoes get Asics’s standard Gel-cushioning system which helps a lot in shock absorption.

It is a road marathon shoe and is ideal for short to medium-distance runs.


  • Inexpensive but top-notch quality
  • A noticeable amount of comfort.
  • Suitable for most athletes
  • Good amount of cushioning


  • Incorrect sizing, slightly large
  • Less of arch support

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Best Marathon Shoes: FURO by Red Chief Running Shoes

FURO BY REDCHIEF Mens Running Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes in India: This pair by FURO is extremely value for money. It does not have extremely advanced technology but does a really good job with its comfort and grippy sole. It is light in weight and is also ideal for beginners.

Although FURO is not a big name in professional athletics, this shoe is ideal for practicing around going for 5k and 10k runs. This is also ideal as a stepping stone to better-advanced shoes.


  • Comfort
  • Well-cushioned
  • 4 colours
  • Good looking
  • Spacious and good built


  • Not the best in this price range
  • Bigger brands offer better alternatives
  • No heel support
  • Soft toe box

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Best Marathon Shoes: Adidas UltraBoost 22

adidas Mens Ultraboost 22Running Shoe - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes Adidas: One of the most trusted names in sports equipment is Adidas. Their flagship series of running shoes, the UltraBoost is out with its newest iteration, UltraBoost 22.

As usual, these shoes are the epitome of comfort and offer great styling cues too. Loaded with more Boost foam, the midsole has been updated and now is more responsive.

The heel area is soft and made of elastane and provides a locked-in feel, keeping your heel secure. This soft cushioning and a deceptively responsive midsole is what makes these head-turners, worth a buy, despite their slightly high price.


  • Solid fit
  • Locked-in-feel
  • Responsive midsole for lots of energy return
  • Comfortable
  • Clean and stylish looks


  • Could have been a bit more lightweight
  • Could have done with more grip

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Best Marathon Shoes: Adidas Galaxy 4

adidas Galaxy 4 Shoe - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes Adidas: You can always trust a product if it has the Adidas “3 stripes” logo. Anything from this top sportswear brand is high quality, goes without saying.

The Galaxy 4 shoes give a lightweight and comfortable feel as you walk or run in them. The upper unit is a breathable, fabric that is light and will keep your feet dry. It additionally gets a midfoot cage for stability and has a fit that suits a majority of people. Along with that, the midsole is Adidas’s CLOUDFOAM which is very plush and cushioned. The lightweight and low profile of these shoes is what makes them easy to wear long runs.

Above everything, it has an extremely affordable price tag.


  • Breathable, lightweight upper
  • Fit suits a majority of people 
  • Large midfoot cage
  • Cloudfoam cushioning is great.
  • Value for money.


  • Lacks waterproofing
  • Better support on heel and toe expected.
  • Upper wears down quickly

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Best Marathon Shoes: Reebok Men’s Paradise Runner Lp Running Shoe

Reebok Mens Paradise Runner Lp Running Shoe for Marathon - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes in India: If trust in a brand’s quality is a factor in buying sports equipment, Reebok ranks really high. Their shoes have always been among the best in the market, especially given their price points.

They are a very functional pair of shoes, with its simple yet solid synthetic mesh which is very comfortable and offers nice grip from the EVA outsole. This is a good pair for beginners and intermediates to step up to better shoes.


  • Stylish Upper
  • Lightweight
  • Good for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • EVA cushioning


  • Colour options are less
  • Unsuitable for long distances

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Reebok Mens Tread Lite Lux Lp Running Shoes

Reebok Mens Tread Lite Lux Lp Running Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes in India: These are a basic range of running shoes from Reebok. They are affordable but do not compromise on quality. These are good for training beginners; ideal for short and medium-distance runs and are good in terms of durability.

The insole is slightly hard and thus is not very comfortable to run long distances. But, its proper fit, synthetic mesh upper and EVA outsole make up for that. A decent entry-level shoe with clean looks, it also passes on as a good option for casual purposes.


  • Clean, streamlined styling
  • Affordable
  • Proper fit
  • Premium look


  • Lack of any advanced features
  • Unsuitable for people with flat feet
  • Minimally cushioned

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Best Marathon Shoes: Nike Revolution Men’s Shoes

Nike Mens Revolution 6 Nn | KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes Nike:  These Nike shoes boast a construction featuring mesh material . It has a flat heel design and sole crafted from rubber. This is one of the best nike shoes for running.


  • Excellent looks
  • Grippy sole
  • Lightweight
  • Good levels of energy return


  • Not for ultra marathons
  • Expensive

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Best Running Shoes for Men: Puma NRGY Comet

Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes Puma: Looks like the NRGY series is a big bang for your buck option. The Comet is a proper road running shoe, unlike the Neko. It is a sleek, lightweight and functional shoe that can handle any paved terrain with confidence. The Comet gets a full-contact EVA midsole and EVA outsole, which improves cushioning and overall ride quality. The shoes, as told by most users are really comfortable and have a nice, snug fit.

A breathable upper unit, which keeps your feet cool and dry compliments the high cushioned TPU-based NRGY midsole. On the other hand, the soft and lightweight EVA in the outsole is supported by toe and heel bumpers which provide better grip and durability. So, if you are on a tight budget and want a decent, light trainer from a renowned brand, the Comet won’t disappoint.


  • Soft EVA midsole and outsole for cushioning and responsive ride
  • Toe and heel bumpers for increased grip
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Fast and light


  • Nothing really stands out as a con here!

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New balance Beacon Running Shoes

new balance Women Beacon Blue Running Shoes - KreedOn
Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes in India: By far the most balanced shoes in this list, the Beacon is lightweight, fast, and yet is soft. The lightweight is ensured by the minimal use of rubber, only in places that are subjected to high wear. The rest of the outsole is just New Balance’s supremely durable, Fresh Foam’s Ground Contact compound.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Very versatile
  • New, breathable, engineered mesh upper


  • Not suited for quick timings
  • Fast enough but not for speedwork

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Adidas SL20.3 Best Running shoes

Image Source- Amazon

Best running shoes Adidas: Now this is an excellent marathon shoe! By every means, a great lightweight shoe for speedwork and uptempos, the SL20.3 delivers on the front its needs to, speed. Weighing in at just above 220 grams, featuring the lightweight, firm TPU-based Lightstrike foam and a breathable upper makes this a great shoe for short and medium runs in hot summer days.


  • Excellent for speed runs, especially during summer
  • Fit is decent and comfortable
  • Grip of outsole is excellent
  • Upper unit is very thin and light


  • The upper is really rough and scratchy

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