Malavath Poorna- Biography of the youngest girl to scale Mt. Everest

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Malavath Poorna is the youngest girl to scale Mount Everest. She showcased exemplary bravery climbing the tallest peak in the world.

Story of Malavath Poorna

At the age of 13 when most kids were busy with studies, playing games and watching cartoon, one girl was determined to make a difference for her family. Malavath Poorna’s story is an inspiration for every girl born in the Indian society.

While most people dream of making it to the top of the world, Poorna did it when she was just 13 years old. She showcased exemplary bravery climbing the tallest peak in the world and there are not many who know about her. The potential of this inspiration was realized by Rahul Bose who made a biopic on her life titled “Poorna”.

The role of Malavath Poorna in the movie is played by the Aditi Inamdar. The movie motivates anyone to fight against all odds and scale great heights.

Some of our fellow Indians are scaling mountains some some are doing wonders on the field . One such lad is Indian Football Team’s captain Sunil Chetri .

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