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Sports Extravaganza: The Ultimate Calendar of Major Events in India 2024

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The upcoming year, 2024, holds immense excitement for Indian sports enthusiasts. From badminton to hockey, table tennis to cricket, India is gearing up to host a plethora of sporting events in the 2024 Calendar.

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The race to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics is also intensifying in different sports. The Paris 2024 hockey qualifying tournament, commenced on January 13 in Ranchi, marked the kickoff of major sports events in India for the year. This tournament offers a crucial opportunity for the Indian women’s hockey team to pack its space in the Paris Olympics.

Having clinched the gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, the Indian men’s hockey team has already secured its berth in Paris 2024.

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In February, the Indian men’s and women’s hockey teams will engage in 2024 FIH Hockey Pro League matches in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela. June will witness the World Junior Chess Championships 2024, gathering the world’s most talented young chess players in New Delhi.

As the year progresses, badminton tournaments will take center stage, with Lucknow hosting the Syed Modi India International tournament in November, followed by two India Super 100 meets. Leading up to June, various sports federations in India will organize selection trials to finalize the country’s squad for the Paris Olympics.

Additionally, Indian cricket will witness several bilateral series throughout the year. The men’s cricket team is slated to play against England, New Zealand, and Bangladesh at home, while the women’s team will welcome the West Indies.

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Here in this article, we have all the things that you must know about Indian sports calendar of 2024.

Most Anticipated Sports Events in 2024

Bangladesh Tour of India

India vs Bangladesh - Indian Sports Events 2024 | KreedOn
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As per the International Cricket Council’s Future Tours Program for 2023–27, Bangladesh is scheduled to tour India in September–October 2024. During this tour, Bangladesh will play two Test matches and three T20 series against India. This tour holds significance for both teams. The fans are also eagerly anticipating this clash, which is one of the major parts of Indian sports calendars.

New Zealand tour of India

New Zealand tour of India | KreedOn
Image Source: Sportskeeda

In October–November 2024, New Zealand will visit India for a cricket tour. Hosted by India, the New Zealand cricket team will participate in a three-test series. 

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England tour of India

England vs India | KreedOn
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In 2024, cricket fans can look forward to the England cricket team embarking on a tour to India. This means that England will be traveling to India to compete against the Indian cricket team. During this tour, there will be a series of matches played between the two teams, offering fans exciting moments and thrilling cricket action. It’s a significant event in the cricket calendar, drawing attention from fans worldwide. These matches not only showcase the talents of the players but also foster camaraderie and friendly competition between the two cricketing nations. Overall, the England tour of India in 2024 promises to be a highlight for cricket enthusiasts, with memorable moments and exciting matches expected to unfold on the field.

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FIH Hockey Women’s Pro League matches in 2024

Women's hockey - Indian Sports Events 2024 | KreedOn
Image Source: Rediff

In 2024, the FIH Hockey Women’s Pro League matches are set to take place. It will be offering a platform for top women’s hockey teams to compete against each other. This league serves as a prestigious competition in the field of women’s hockey, showcasing the skills and talents of players on a global stage. This edition 2023-24 Women’s FIH Pro League is the fifth edition of the Women’s FIH Pro Leagues. The tournament began on December 6, 2023, and finished on June 29, 2024. Overall, the FIH Hockey Women’s Pro League matches in 2024 are anticipated to captivate audiences and further elevate the profile of women’s hockey worldwide.

Syed Modi India International 2024

Syed Modi India International | KreedOn
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The Syed Modi India International Tournament in 2024 is a significant badminton event that will attract players from around the world to compete in India. This tournament serves as a platform for both established and new badminton players. This allows them to showcase their skills and compete for glory. Named after the legendary Indian badminton player Syed Modi, this event holds special importance in the badminton calendar. Overall, the Syed Modi India International tournament in 2024 promises to be a celebration of talent, sportsmanship, and the spirit of badminton.

SAFF Senior Athletics Championships 2024

Senior Athletics Championships | KreedOn
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The SAFF Senior Athletics Championships 2024 are a regional track and field event organized by the South Asian Athletics Federation. It brings together athletes from South Asian countries to compete in various athletic disciplines, including sprints, jumps, throws, and relays. Participants from nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and the Maldives vie for medals and honors, showcasing their talents and representing their countries on the regional stage. The championships promote athletic excellence, cultural exchange, and international cooperation, contributing to the development of athletics.

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Events  Sports  Dates
FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers Hockey Jan 13-19
Indian Open  Badminton  Jan 16 – 21
Khelo India Youth Games  Multisport  Jan 19 – 31
WTT Star Contender  Table Tennis  Jan 23 – 28
England tour India  Cricket Jan 25 – March 11
FIH Hockey Women’s Pro League match Hockey Feb 3 – 9
FIH Hockey Men Pro League Matches  Hockey  Feb 10 – 16
FIH Hockey Women Pro League matches  Hockey  Feb 12 – 18
FIH Hockey Men Pro League Matches  Hockey Feb 19 – 25
SAFF Junior Athletics Championships Athletics  April 12 – 14
World Junior U20 Champions Chess June 1 – 14
Indian Grand Prix MotoGP  Sep 20 – 22
Bangladesh tour of India  Cricket September TBD
SAFF Senior Athletics Championship Athletics  October 4 – 6 
New Zealand tour of India  Cricket  October TBD
Syed Modi India International  Badminton  Nov 26 – Dec 1
Indian Super 100 I Badminton  Dec 3 – 8 
Indian Super 100 II Badminton  December 10 – 15 
West Indies Women tour of India  Cricket  Dec TBD


In summary, India’s hosting of major sports events in 2024 promises an action-packed year for sports fans. From cricket to hockey, badminton to athletics, these events showcase India’s prowess on the international stage while fostering national pride and unity. As athletes from around the world gather to compete, India reaffirms its dedication to sporting excellence and the values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

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