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10 Lowest Team Scores in T20I Cricket of All Time | The Breathtaking Lows!

Lowest Scores in T20I: It is quite a paradox that Cricket, one of the oldest sports in the World, is now gaining worldwide popularity through the shorter formats rather than its older Test format. The T20 cricket has become more global than anyone would have imagined during its birth in the early 2000s. National and club teams throughout the world are amassing huge totals and chasing targets which were previously believed untouchable. In this era of explosive hitting and short-sighted batting style, sometimes it so happens that the teams end up with scores far low than they were targeting. Here are 10 lowest scores in T20 International Cricket of all time that will blow your mind. 

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10 Lowest Totals: Lowest T20I Team Scores

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date
Isle of Man 10 8.4 1.15 1 v Spain Cartagena 26 Feb 2023
Turkey 21 8.3 2.47 2 v Czech Rep. Ilfov County 30 Aug 2019
China 23 11.2 2.02 1 v Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 26 Jul 2023
Lesotho 26 12.4 2.05 1 v Uganda Kigali 19 Oct 2021
China 26 10.5 2.4 1 v Thailand Kuala Lumpur 27 Jul 2023
Turkey 28 11.3 2.43 1 v Luxembourg Ilfov County 29 Aug 2019
Thailand 30 13.1 2.27 1 v Malaysia Bangi 4 Jul 2022
Mali 30 12.3 2.4 1 v Rwanda Kigali 24 Nov 2022
Mali 30 10.4 2.81 1 v Kenya Kigali 20 Nov 2022
Turkey 32 8.5 3.62 1 v Austria Ilfov County 31 Aug 2019

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Top 5 Lowest Team Score in T20I Cricket

China (26)

Image Source: FanCode

During a T20 International match in July 2023 at Kuala Lumpur, China faced difficulties as they could only manage a meager total of 26 runs in 10.5 overs against Thailand. In an impressive display, Thailand achieved victory by reaching 27 runs in just 4.1 overs with the loss of one wicket.

Lesotho (26)

Image Source: ICC Cricket

During a T20I encounter in 2021 between Lesotho and Uganda in Kigali, Lesotho struggled to achieve a meager total of 26 runs in 12.4 overs. Uganda secured a comfortable triumph by reaching a score of 27 runs in just 3.4 overs.

China (23)

10 Lowest Team Scores in T20 Cricket of All Time - KreedOn
Image Source: Malaysia Cricket Twitter

In a recent T20 International match held in July, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur between China and Malaysia, China struggled to put up a modest total of only 23 runs in 11.2 overs. Malaysia achieved a comfortable victory, reaching 24 runs in just 4.5 overs.

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Turkey (21)

10 Lowest Team Scores in T20 Cricket of All Time - KreedOn
Image Source: Critiquing Cricket

On August 30, 2019, an international T20 match took place in Ilfov County, Romania, featuring Czech Republic and Turkey. This match was part of the Continental Cricket Cup, which also involved Romania, Austria, and Luxembourg. During the game, Czech Republic batted impressively, scoring 278/4 in their allotted 20 overs, thanks to Sudesh Wickramasekara’s century and Sumit Pokriyal’s half-century.

Turkey, on the other hand, faced a disastrous start in their chase, losing their first seven wickets with just 5 runs on the board. Eventually, they were all out for a mere 21 runs. Although Mehmat Sert put up some resistance with the bat, it wasn’t enough to prevent his team from suffering a crushing 257-run defeat.

Isle of Man (10)

10 Lowest Team Scores in T20 Cricket of All Time - KreedOn
Image Source: Amarujala

In a 2023 T20I match, Spain’s cricket team secured victory over Isle of Man. Isle of Man struggled immensely, managing to score only 10 runs, setting the record for the lowest total in men’s T20s against Spain. Kamran was the star bowler for Spain, taking four wickets for just six runs, while Joseph top-scored for Isle of Man with four runs. In response to the meager target, Spain’s batsmen performed brilliantly, and Awais remained not out at 12 runs. Spain achieved a remarkable ten-wicket win, reaching the target in just two balls and with a whopping 118 balls to spare. It was a dominant and almost flawless display by the Spanish team.

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What is the lowest T20I cricket team scores of all time?

The lowest T20I cricket team scores of all time is 10 runs by Isle of Man against Spain.

Which 5 teams have recorded the lowest T20I scores?

Isle of Man, Turkey, China, Lesotho and Thailand have recorded the lowest T20I scores.

When was the lowest scoring T20I match played?

The lowest scoring T20I match was played on 26 Feb 2023 between Isle of Man and Spain.

Which country has scored the second lowest T20 score?

Turkey, with 21 runs, has registered the second lowest T20 scores.

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