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List of 30+ Best Pubg Players in India: Meet the Masters of Gaming

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There were games in the past which we all used to play in our childhood, then may it be Mario, Sonic or Contra… But there is something special with PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), especially the mobile version which has spread in India in the same way a wildfire engulfs the forests. Maybe, having a presence on smartphones made it a big star overnight. Trends have changed. A few years back friends’ circle would gather to play gully cricket or football or some sort of outdoor sports. But today, a squad of four crouches to their comfort, then get into a plane and land on a virtual island to fight for a ‘Chicken Dinner’!. Here’s a complete list of best pubg players in India.

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“Let’s drop on Pochinki or let’s drop on Georgopol or maybe some other location.” Jeez! The amount of discussion in the flight path is incredible. What made the game more interesting is the context it and the opportunities it presented to the seekers. Two major aspects rolled out as the days progressed. The entertainment aspect and the professional aspect.

With the inception of many tournaments and the entry of Esports in India, many professional gamers experienced exponential career growth.

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There is one critical thing which PUBG mobile revolutionised in India. The live stream of gameplays by certain gamers. People became increasingly addicted to the live streams and the trend still continues with a couple of Indian streamers crossing liver viewership over 1 lakh. In this particular script, let us familiarize with India’s biggest YouTubers when it comes to PUBG and how they have helped in deep penetration of this game in the society.

List of top 30 best Pubg players in India

S.N Top Pubg Players In India Real Name
1 SoulMortal Naman Mathur
2 8bit_ThugLife Animesh Agarwal
3 SoulViper Yash Paresh Soni
4 SoulReagaltos Parv Singh
6 8bitRaV3n Paridhi Khullar
7 InsJokerFTW Gourav Joshi
8 InsCartoonZftw Aradhya Gupta
9 Meow16K Saloni Pawar
10 Sc0ut Tanmay Singh
11 Owais Mohammed Owais Lakhani
12 Ronak Harpreet Singh Janjuha
13 CLUTCH GOD Vivek Aabhas
14 Mavi Harmandeep Mavi Singh
15 Ted Manmeet Singh
16 Smokie Shekhar Patil
17 GiLL Arshpreet Singh
18 Ghatak Gaming Abhijeet Andhare
19 Experiment Angad Singh Cahal
20 Nova King Rahul Dhankhar
21 Vexe Arth Trivedi
22 Seervi Naresh  Kumar
23 ZGOD Abhishek  Choudhary
24 MDisCrazY Mohammed Fahim
25 Cosmic YT Inderpal Singh
26 Alpha Clasher Pratik Jogiya
27 Gareebooo Kunal Saraf
28 Gtx Preet Inder Preet.
29 The RawKnee Games Ronodeep Dasgupta
30 Kronten Gaming Chetan Chandgude
31 RON Gaming Ronak Makhodia


Naman Mathur KreedOn
PUBG Players: Mortal | Credits Instagram

One of the most scintillating gamers in India and also the most-loved streamer/player. With a subscriber base of 3.32+ million, Naman Mathur aka Mortal serves to be an inspiration for many. Playing for the Soul Clan, Mortal and his squad-mates Viper, Ronak and Owais (all of the names mentioned here are in-game names).

Mortal started his YouTube journey by uploading gameplays of the then-popular game Mini Militia. He became an instant YouTube sensation with respect to PUBG audience when one of his epic final circle battles went viral. Here is the video:

He gradually entered into the competitive fray. One of his biggest achievements is the opportunity to represent India at the PMCO global at Berlin, Germany earlier this year. Team Soul came first in the PMCO India region and hence, earned a direct ticket to Berlin. His call was also the winner of PMIS 2019. He is out there again with his Soul clan for the PMCO South Asia finals lined up on 6th and 7th of November this year.

Here is one video out of many which show his PUBG skills.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming KreedOn
PUBG Players: Dynamo Gaming | Credits Youtube

Probably one of the foremost faces in the PUBG community of India. Aaditya Sawant, his In-Game-Name (IGN) being HYDRA | Dynamo, runs the channel Dynamo Gaming which has the highest subscriber base for any PUBG gamer in India. As of today, the Mumbai based streamer, Dynamo’s channel has a whopping 5.52+ million subscribers.

He began his channel way back even PUBG Mobile wasn’t in the picture. Streamed games like PUBG PC, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. But the subscriber base rocketed with the entry of PUBG mobile. PUBG mobile became available on the emulators as well for those who didn’t have the mobile which had the required specifications for the game. Although he has shifted to mobile now, Dynamo was predominantly an emulator player. He is the leader of one of the most popular clans HYDRA.

His popularity amongst fans is amongst the biggest evidence of his success.


MDisCrazY KreedOn
PUBG Players: MDisCrazY | Credits Instagram

Happens to be one of the first generation players of PUBG mobile (emulator). His stream consists of quality gameplay and also has high popularity amongst other streamers. MDisCrazY has a subscriber base of 621,000+. MDisCrazY and Cosmic YT have played many games together, and the duo’s gameplay is a fan-favourite.

Cosmic YT

He is amongst those people to whom you throw any game; they will teach you how to play it. Inderpal Singh aka Cosmic YT is regarded as one of the best PUBG mobile (emulator) players with incredible gun sprays. Lately, he has shifted to the trending game of GTA 5 RP. Cosmic has a subscriber base of 705,000+.

Alpha Clasher

Alpha Clasher KreedOn
PUBG Players: Alpha Clasher | Credits Instagram

Pratik Jogiya aka HYDRA | Alpha is another popular member of the Hydra clan and a long-standing clan mate of Dynamo. The Mumbai based streamer is popular for his quality gameplay in a union with hilariously entertaining streams. He predominantly plays the game on an emulator and always keeps the entertainment of the audience as his priority. In the last few months, Alpha’s hard work has been getting him results as his channel has grown to a subscriber count of 1.04+ million.


Gareebooo KreedOn
PUBG Players: Gareebooo | Credits Instagram

You wouldn’t find a funny streamer with a quirky voice (Uses a voice changer application). Kunal Saraf, aka Gareebooo, was a popular roaster before trying his luck in the gaming side. An emulator player who has a substantial reach amongst all clans and is always wanted by the audience when things get boring. His acute sense of humour and his age-old in-game dress with an angry bear mask is something which people will never forget. Gareebooo has a subscriber base of 1.05+ million.

Best pubg players in India: Gtx Preet

The guy from Punjab, Gtx Preet has unique tuples defining his rise in YouTube. From raw entertainment to good gameplay and above all, incredible singing skills which he often displays while streaming makes him a favourite of many people. He has a subscriber base of around 1.12+ million. Gtx Preet is an emulator player.

Best pubg players in India: The RawKnee Games

PUBG Players: RawKnee | KreedOn
PUBG Players: RawKnee | Credits Instagram

He is amongst the most popular casters of official tournaments. Ronodeep Dasgupta, aka RawKnee, is a very popular video commentator and a PUBG mobile (emulator) player. His streams are more on the funny side with a considerable amount of quality gameplay. RawkNee has an alternate channel for his main content of commentary called The RawKnee Show with a subscriber base of 1.07+ million. The RawKnee games has a whopping 1.36+ million subscriber count. If you ever feel down in the day, either of the channels is an excellent place to stop by to cheer up.

Best pubg players: Kronten Gaming

PUBG Players KreedOn
PUBG Players: RON Gaming | Credits Instagram

Another popular streamer and a player with a huge fan base. Chetan Chandgude, a Pune based streamer, popularly known by his IGN – Kronten, is the leader of Gold clan. Once upon a time, he was very popular for his rush gameplays on emulator. But Kronten shifted to mobile gameplay and now is actively a part of many competitive tournaments and scrims. His channel has a huge subscriber base of 1.66+ million.

Best pubg players: RON Gaming

He happens to be one of the veteran streamers of PUBG mobile. If you happen to just sit on a recliner and gaze upon different streamers, you would probably find RON’s voice the sweetest around. A particularly audience-engaging streamer would describe Ron the best. RON also happens to be an emulator player. Ron has a subscriber base of 2.4+ million.

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