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List of Top 5 Most Man of the Series in ODI Winners

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It is true that a series win is not only important but also more joy-giving than a match victory. As such a man of the series award will always be regarded superior to a man of the match award. Not only does winning man of the series prove a player’s consistency but also establishes him as a reliable and important member of the team. The players with the record for most man of the series in ODI Cricket are as follows-

1List of Most Man of the Series in ODI | Winners List

Serial No Players Country Matches Series Man of The Series
1 Sachin Tendulkar India 463 108 15 
2 Sanath Jayasuriya Sri Lanka 445 111 11
3 Virat Kohli India 254 60 9
4 Shaun Pollock South Africa 303 60 9
5 Chris Gayle West Indies 301 71 8

Most Man of the Series in ODI: Sachin Tendulkar

As always, The ‘God Of Cricket‘ sits atop this record as well. He also has the record for the most number of man of the matches in ODI cricket (62). The Indian legend has played 108 ODI Series in his cricketing lifetime which consists of 463 matches.

He has the record for highest man of the eeries in ODI Cricket with 15 man of the series award.

Most Man of the Series in ODI: Sanath Jayasuriya

Image Source: Gretty Images

The Sri Lankan legend will be long remembered by Sri Lankan and cricketing fans all over the world for his explosive batting performances.

He has the second-highest man of the matches and the second-highest man of the series in ODI Cricket. With 48 man of the matches in 445 matches and 11 man of the series in 111 series.

Most Man of the Series in ODI: Virat Kohli

The third name in the list of Most Man of The Series in Odi Cricket is a famous name of the Indian captain and a Modern-Day Great Virat Kohli.

Virat has secured many wins for the Indian team whether we refer to matches or Series and he has done that with astonishing consistency.

Virat had played 254 ODI matches to date which involve 60 ODI series and in a short span of time managed to win 9 man of the series award, coming third in the most man of the series in ODI cricket.

Shaun Pollock

One of the greatest names to come out of South Africa, Pollock was the captain of the side in all three formats. 

He is considered to be a true all-rounder and one of the greatest medium-pacers the world has ever seen.

Playing 303 matches for his country and 60 series, he is ranked fourth in the list with 9 man of the series in his career.

Chris Gayle

The first thing which comes to mind when one hears the name Chris Gayle is huge sixes and a high strike rate.

Christopher Henry Gayle is probably one of the most dangerous Batters to ever exist, a true limited overs legend, he has won 8 man of the series playing 71 series and 301 matches. He ranks fifth for the list.

This was a list for players with most man of the series awards. The man of the series will always be one award that is not only beneficial for an individual but also helps the team have a series victory.

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