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Fastest 2000 Runs In ODI: Who Reached 2k First?

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In the world of cricket, runs are an important source of measuring a player’s success. The quicker a batsman is to a certain milestone, the better will be his average and hence, the more consistent he will be. Here is the complete list of players with the fastest 2000 runs in ODI Cricket.

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List of fastest 2000 runs in ODI

S.No Player Innings taken
1 Hashim Amla 40
2 Zaheer Abbas 45
3 Kevin Pietersen 45
4 Babar Azam 45
5 Imam-Ul-Haq 46
6 Jonathan Trott 47
7 Shai Hope 47
8 Vivian Richards 48
9 Shikhar Dhawan 48
10 CG Greenidge 49

Fastest 2000 Runs In ODI: Hashim Amla (South Africa)

Image Source: GettyImages

The South African opener Hashim Amla has been famous for his consistency in international cricket. Amla has many records to his name and an average of around 50 in ODI cricket. 


Amla is the fastest to 2000 ODI runs. He is also the fastest to 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 ODI runs. In addition to these records, he is also the fastest to 10 ODI centuries.

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Hashim Amla stands at the top of the list with 2000 runs in only 40 innings.

Fastest 2000 Runs In ODI: Zaheer Abbas (Pakistan)

Image Source: Cricket Country

Zaheer Abbas was a batsman who was often compared to the Australian legend, Donald Bradman. 

Abbas had made the record for three consecutive centuries in 1982/83. Abbas also had the record for 100 first-class hundreds.

He completed 2000 ODI runs in only 45 innings and is number two for the list of the fastest to 2000 ODI runs.

Fastest 2000 Runs In ODI: Kevin Pietersen (England)

Image Source: GettyImages

Kevin Pietersen has been probably one of the greatest modern-day batsmen produced by England. His influence in modern-day cricket is unquestionable. 

Petersen is a player who was once regarded as “the greatest modern-day batsman” by Times Magazine. 

He is the third-fastest to 2000 ODI runs. He completed 2000 ODI runs in 45 innings, the same as Zaheer Abbas.

Fastest 2000 Runs In ODI: Babar Azam (Pakistan)

Image Source: Times Now

Babar Azam is probably one of the most consistent and one of the best batsmen today. Not only has he achieved the No. 1 ICC ranking in both ODI and T20 but his consistency has also helped several other young Pakistani players express themselves on the field.

The current Pakistani captain has been compared to many of the greats of the game. He completed 2000 ODI runs in only 45 innings. He ranks fourth in the fastest to 2000 ODI runs.

Imam-Ul-Haq (Pakistan)

Image Source: The Week

Just below Babar Azam comes another Pakistani batsman, Imam-Ul-Haq. Ever since a stunning century in his ODI debut, Imam-Ul-Haq has constantly been appreciated and lauded by cricket experts and critics.

He is not only the second fastest to 1000 ODI runs but also the fifth-fastest player to achieve this feat. He achieved the milestone in only 46 innings.

Jonathan Trott (England)

Image Source: Sky Sports

Jonathan Trott was always lauded as one of the most talented modern-day English batsmen. Ever since his debut in first-class cricket, he had constantly proved himself as a player worth watching out for.

He is number six on the list. Taking only 47 innings to achieve the milestone.

Shai Hope (West Indies)

In an era where West Indies seems to have become a shadow of its former self in ODI, Shai Hope has emerged as a talented youth who is probably one of the best batsmen in the modern-day West Indies.

The Right-handed batsman has an average of above 50 in ODI cricket. He equaled Jonathan Trott’s 47 innings to cross 2000 runs. He is the seventh in the list.

Vivian Richards (West Indies)

Image Source: Britannica

The West Indian legend was famous for his flamboyant style and consistent batting performance. Sir Vivian Richards, as he was respectfully called, could face any bowling lineup in the world and come out strong.

He is still regarded as one of the greatest of all time and probably the greatest ODI batsman to ever exist. Vivian completed his two thousand ODI runs in 48 innings. He is the eighth-fastest to do so.

Shikhar Dhawan (India)

Image Source: GettyImages

Coming on at number nine is the ‘Gabbar’ of Indian Cricket himself. Popular for his reckless attitude and his aggressive batting, Shikhar Dhawan has often been compared to Virender Sehwag

Shikhar did not have a particularly great time in the beginning as he was given few chances and his performance had ranged from average to below average in those matches. However, ever since the 2013 champions trophy, he has emerged as one of India’s best openers to ever exist. He completed 2000 ODI runs in only 48 innings. Shikhar Dhawan is also the fastest Indian to 2000 ODI runs.

CG Greenidge (West Indies)

Image Source: Cricket World

Often regarded as one of the greatest opening batsmen to ever exist. He played for the West Indies in the 1970s and ’80s.

Greenidge was inducted into the ICC hall of fame long after his career ended, in 2009. He is the tenth fastest in the list. He completed 2000 runs in 49 innings.

All these players mentioned have been incredible in their performance with the bat. Some of them even converted their amazing starts into amazing careers.

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