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Exploring the Essential Judo Katas: A Definitive List for Training

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Judo, a martial art that originates from Japan, provides a mind-blowing variety of katas that epitomises a system of technique basics and principles. It ranges from self-defence to grappling and throwing techniques, and katas of Judo extend a comprehensive picture of its art. The formal seven katas tackle the wide variety of skills which mainly include throwing, grappling, striking, and even weapon use. Undoubtedly, the hand techniques of Nage no kata and Katame no kata demonstrate the technical basis of throwing and grappling, which should be the fundamental part of the practice of any judoka.

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Through the execution of these katas, students not only elevate their technical skills but also gain an important means to develop themselves and grow as martial artists. Thus, no matter whether you’re a novice or seasoned enthusiast, delving into Judo Katas is an exciting adventure that will take you into the customs and techniques of this well-recognized art.

List of Seven Officially Recognized Judo Katas

Sr. No Names of Judo Katas (Judo Ka Ta)
1 Nage no Kata
2 Katame no Kata
3 Kime no Kata
4 Ju no Kata
5 Kodokan Goshin-jutsu
6 Itsutsu no Kata
7 Koshiki no Kata

Nage no Kata (Forms of Throwing)

Nage No Kata (Forms of Throwing) | KreedOn
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Description: Nage no Kata demonstrates throwing techniques in Judo, emphasising balance, timing, and control in executing throws.

Purpose: This kata illustrates the fundamental principles of throwing an opponent with precision and efficiency.

Key Techniques: Te Waza (hand techniques), Koshi Waza (hip techniques), and Ashi Waza (foot/leg techniques) are essential components of Nage no Kata.

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