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KreedOn Announces its Latest Chatbot Feature to Take Care of Your Subscriptions

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Technology has really changed our world. It has created amazing resources and tools, helping put useful information at the tip of the finger. In keeping with this spirit, KreedOn, the voice of Indian sports, is bringing out a brand new feature to help the sports fans.

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The new feature called the ‘KreedOn Messenger Bot’ is a unique Artificial Intelligence-powered Facebook Messenger based assistant that will feed curated content to you. The Chatbot is designed in such a way that the users can easily register their preferences and receive relevant content on the go.

How to get in touch with the Chatbot?

It’s very easy. Just search ‘KreedOn’ on your messenger application. Click on the search result titled ‘KreedOn Business’. Alternatively, you can also click on this link to directly open the Chatbot. It is important to note that a Facebook account is mandatory for enjoying this service.

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  • Once you have reached the KreedOn Chatbot, you will see a menu similar to this.
  • Click on ‘Get Started’ to enter the world of sports. This will take you to the AI-based chat assistant.

  • Once inside chat, you will see a small introduction along with the three features: ‘Subscribe’, ‘No, thanks’ and ‘I have other queries’.

  • We will start with the last option here. You can click the ‘I have other queries’ option if you want to specifically contact KreedOn for a particular query. You can either drop a mail through a link provided there or contact from another link displayed.
  • If you want to subscribe on a later date, click on ‘No, Thanks’. You can always come back to subscribe.
  • Clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button will open the world of sports, as you want it, as you like it. 

You will see four categories: Trending Indian Sports News, Athlete Stories, Sports Blog, and Business of Sports.

  1. Trending Indian Sports News

As the name suggests, subscribing to this category will keep you updated with the country’s latest headlines from the world of sports.

  1. Athlete Stories

If you are a fan of glory stories of athletes’ struggles and how they overcame it, this is the category for you. You will get to know all about the emerging players and their achievements that have made the entire country proud.

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  1. Sports Blogs

If you love to read about timeless content in your leisure time, this is the category for you. You will receive a variety of blogs to choose from, including match predictions, sports listicles and variety of Indian sports content presented in an interesting format.

  1. Business of Sports

This category includes particularly tailored content from the business side of sports. This includes everything from investment prospect in the sporting industry or the upcoming trends in the industry. If you are an athlete, a businessman or have even a passing interest in the commerce side of the game, this is the category for you.

If you want to first check out the content before committing, you can always do that by choosing the ‘Read’ option present in each category. You can subscribe once you are satisfied.

Accidentally chose a wrong subscription?

No problem. Select the ‘Manage Subscription’ at the bottom of the chat. You can then choose the unsubscribe option on those categories that you wish to unfollow.

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Want to receive updates only at a specific time in the day?

No worries! Select the ‘Manage Subscription’ option and choose the ‘Setup Daily Digest’ option. Clicking there, you can then choose the timing when you wish to receive the daily feed. Moreover, there is also an option to disable the Daily Digest, if you wish to.


KreedOn has always been striving to employ technology to the benefit of the users and the Chatbot is a firm step in that direction. It aims at providing only the curated sports content of the day to you, according to your needs.

In case you have any additional queries, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We would be more than delighted to assist you.

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