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Koustav Chatterjee aims at taking his ELO Rating to more than 2600

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Koustav Chatterjee is one of the popular chess players from Bengal. Recently, he has acquired the precious achievement of being the 10th Grand Master from West Bengal. He has been the 78th Grand Master of the country, clinching the title following a draw against Mitrava Guha in the endgame in the 59th Senior National Chess Championship, held in New Delhi. The 19-year-old Grand Master has now taken his ELO rating to 2520.

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Strength of Memory

Kaustav Chatterjee who appeared for the final examination in 12th standard from South Point School used to play memory games almost regularly in his childhood. He informed me,

“My memory was very sharp. So, my father who passed away in 2021 persuaded me to play memory games and finally chess.”

The Journey

Kaustav started playing chess seriously in 2010, the year Viswanathan Anand became World Champion. Kaustav revealed,

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“I was seven or eight years old. I can recall I watched Anand’s match against Topalov while sitting with my father. There was a nearby club named City Chess Forum. A couple of coaches were there who taught me the basics of the game. Then I practiced under the observation of Niladri Shekhar Bhattacharya and Shankar Roy. After Shankar Roy passed away, I went to another coach Sarbajit Adhikari who helped me to progress from a 1900 to 2100 ELO Rating. But after that, I have no coach as such.”

Inconsistently ‘Consistent’

Commenting on the rise of his ELO Rating Koustav explained,

“Talking about game-to-game I am quite inconsistent. It happened that I made upset by defeating a much better player who was holding a 2600 rating. On the contrary, even after beating a better player, I lost a game against a player whose ELO rating is lower than mine. But considering my overall performance in a championship I have been able to become consistent since 2020.”

Lesson from the Mates

Koustav Chatterjee also learns from contemporary players. Commenting on his experience and the continuous process of learning Koustav described

“Every quality player has his style and quality. I have played against the country’s several top-quality players, even against Pragganandhaa. Pragganandhaa is exceptional. He has vast experience playing against top international players and his knowledge of the game is unique. But I have learned a lot from Arjun Erigaisi. He is one player who has the tremendous mental strength to make a comeback in the game. I have seen his many games where he made a comeback and won at a time when everybody was sure that he will have to concede defeat.”

Magnus Carlsen & Anand

Koustav divulged his passion and seriousness for chess began under the influence of Viswanathan Anand. He stated,

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“Yes, I started playing the game seriously after watching Anand. He could play fast. His opening game was excellent, and he was the man who had a major contribution to Indian chess.”

But Koustav’s most favorite player is Magnus Carlsen. Koustav said,

“As a chess player he is a genius. He is the player who has brought a major change in style. After watching his game nowadays most of the players in the world try to adopt a universal style. But I like him for his out-of-the chess activities.”

Financial Assistance

Koustav Chatterjee is not a product of Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy. But Koustav is indebted to the first Grand Master of West Bengal as due to Barua Academy’s financial assistance Koustav has been able to play abroad twice so far, in Serbia and Czech Republic. Koustav has also participated in a chess league in Bangladesh.

The Target

Koustav is likely to go to the USA to advance his study (either in economics or finance). He asserted,

“I will have to concentrate on the study to build up my career. But at the same time, I will be taking part in different international competitions online from there and my sole aim will be to take my ELO rating to more than 2600 in near future.” 

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