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What makes the game of Test cricket superior? 3 Reasons – Must Know

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There is a popular saying – “test cricket is the best cricket”, and that stands true even today. A Test match is the true measure of both the players as well as the audiences, with diehard fans sticking around for the days-long match and its entertaining twists and turns. While a lot of other formats of the game have gained popularity across the globe, we believe that test cricket still stands superior. Let’s look at some of the reasons that prove that what makes this format of cricket, the best cricket!

3 Reasons Why Test Cricket is Superior

Test cricket: A real test of character and endurance

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Test match is the one true way of putting a cricket team under the ultimate test of character and endurance. When thrown into the center of an epic match with four-innings, the players must learn to keep not only their physical strength about them but also their mental endurance.

“Test cricket is bloody hard work, especially when you’ve got Sachin Tendulkar batting with what looks like a three-meter wide bat.”

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This is how the Australian player Michael Hussey had described a test match. And there are countless cricket players that have maintained that surviving in a test match has proven to be a great challenge for them. Test match definitely requires a player to be at their peak performance!

True Cricket, Nothing Else

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Whether it is the ODIs or the T20s, cricket is slowly becoming more about entertainment than about the sport at the heart of it. Events such as the IPL are more about all the brand value that cricketers have, as well as the number of endorsements that they will pull in than it is about their performance or mettle. This commercialization of cricket has certainly meant that while the test match has taken a backseat, it is still the only true way of enjoying the actual game. Both cricketers, as well as fans, prefer to enjoy the true essence of cricket when watching test matches. While the test match doesn’t attract all the additional fantasy sports players or online betting enthusiasts, it does still reel in the true fans of the sport.

A Tactical Battle

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Test cricket can also be called a tactical battle, lasts five days, requiring the players to build strategies to survive and win the battle. Test matches focus on sessions, which cuts the match down to sizeable bits, allowing players to focus on winning sessions. While a team may have lost a few sessions, it is never easy to predict whether that team would truly lose the match. That’s because the team could quite easily win the next few sessions and even the playing field. This is why test matches keep the intrigue up for viewers for much longer, since it is much like a long-drawn battle, with an outcome that may not always be easy to predict! But that’s exactly what makes test cricket easily the best form of the sport!

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