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Know everything about Durand cup & its glorious past

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Whenever we hear the term Durand cup, the 1st thing which comes to our mind is – Durand cup is associated with which sport? Today, we will wipe out all the dust of doubts and queries associated with Durand cup in your mind.

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Dispite being India’s oldest and world’s 3rd oldest football tournament, very few know about this tournament and its glorious past. So, let’s have a look at the timeline of Durand cup.

All about Durand Cup

Durand Cup is a popular football tournament played in India. India has a great history when it comes to football, sadly very few know about it. Durand Cup is part of the glorious football history of India. This tournament still has the same importance as it had in the past. Durand Cup is really a testament to India’s love affair with football. This is the oldest football tournament in Asia.

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In this blog you will know everything about Durand cup, like Durand cup history, format, trophy, winners, successful teams, and future.

Durand Cup history

Durand Cup? | KreedOn
Image Source: Times of India

The Durand Cup is hosted by the Durand Football Tournament Society (DFTS) and the All India Football Federation (AIFF). Formally it is known as Durand Football Tournament.

This is the 3rd oldest football competition in the world which took place for the first time way back in 1888 in Shimla. The fascinating fact about it is that the tournament kicked off more than 50 years before independence. That’s awesome! Yes, quite obviously, British personnel Henry Mortimer started this league. For 52 years, the competition took place in Shimla. Later in 1940, the location was changed to Delhi and since 1940, Delhi is the location of conduct of this historical football tournament.

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The Durand tournament was initially a military affair, however, over the years, it allowed the participation of professional teams along with the Army teams. Army Green is the last Durand Cup winning Army team. The moment took place in 2016.

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Durand Cup Format

The tournament started in 1888 and obviously, there are no documents stating the competition format during the early years. So there hasn’t been correct information regarding the competition’s format. But as per the history books, the Durand Cup was played in two phases; round-robin and knockouts. The modern era follows the same format.

Teams first go through group stages. At the end of the group stages, the top team from each group qualifies for the knockouts.

Durand Cup Trophy

Why 3 trophies are given to Durand Cup Winners?

The reward of winning a football season or a competition, or in general any sports competition is that the winning team gets a trophy. Well, the Durand Cup is an exception. The winners get a total of three trophies and each one of three has had significance.

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Following are the trophies the Durand Cup-winning team receives-

Durand cup trophies - KreedOn
Image Source: Zenger News
  • Durand Cup: the original tournament trophy, which became a rolling trophy since 1965.
  • President’s Cup: first presented by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.
  • Shimla Trophy: first presented by citizens of Shimla in 1903 and, since 1965 became a rolling trophy.

On a lighter note, a player can argue that they have won three trophies!

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Durand Cup Winners List – 1888 to 2022

The 2022 Durand Cup will be the 131st edition of the tournament. Following is the list of 131 winners of the previous editions. Due to World War I, World War II, India’s partition, and recently due to Covid-19 outbreak, the Durand Cup was not conducted.

Year Winners
1888 Royal Scots Fusiliers
1889 Highland Light Infantry
1889 Black Watch
1890 Highland Light Infantry
1891 King’s Own Scottish Borderers
1892 King’s Own Scottish Borderers
1893 Highland Light Infantry
1894 Highland Light Infantry
1895 Highland Light Infantry
1896 Somerset Light Infantry
1897 Black Watch
1898 Black Watch
1900 South Wales Borderers
1901 South Wales Borderers
1902 Hampshire Regiment
1903 Royal Irish Rifles
1904 North Staffordshire Regiment
1905 Royal Dragoons
1906 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
1907 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
1908 Lancashire Fusiliers
1909 Lancashire Fusiliers
1910 Royal Scots
1911 Black Watch
1912 Royal Scots
1913 Lancashire Fusiliers
1920 Black Watch
1921 Worcestershire Regiment
1922 Lancashire Fusiliers
1923 Cheshire Regiment
1924 Worcestershire Regiment
1925 Sherwood Foresters
1926 Durham Light Infantry
1927 York & Lancaster Regiment
1928 Sherwood Foresters
1929 York & Lancaster Regiment
1930 York & Lancaster Regiment
1931 Devonshire Regiment
1932 King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
1933 King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
1934 Royal Signals
1935 Border Regiment
1936 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
1937 Border Regiment
1938 South Wales Borderers
1940 Mohammedan SC (Kolkata)
1950 Hyderabad City Police
1951 Kingfisher East Bengal
1952 Kingfisher East Bengal
1953 Mohun Bagan AC
1954 Hyderabad City Police
1955 Madras Regimental Centre
1956 Kingfisher East Bengal
1957 Hyderabad City Police
1958 Madras Regimental Centre
1959 Mohun Bagan AC
1960 Kingfisher East Bengal
1960 Mohun Bagan AC and East Bengal Club (Joint Winners)
1961 Andhra Pradesh Police
1963 Mohun Bagan AC
1964 Mohun Bagan AC
1965 Mohun Bagan AC
1966 Gorkha Brigade
1967 Kingfisher East Bengal
1968 Border Security Force SC
1969 Gorkha Brigade
1970 Kingfisher East Bengal
1971 Border Security Force SC
1972 Kingfisher East Bengal
1973 Border Security Force SC
1974 Mohun Bagan AC
1975 Border Security Force SC
1976 Border Security Force and Jagatjit Cotton & Textile Mills FC (Joint Winners)
1976 Border Security Force SC
1977 Mohun Bagan AC
1978 Kingfisher East Bengal
1979 Mohun Bagan AC
1980 Mohun Bagan AC
1981 Border Security Force SC
1982 Kingfisher East Bengal
1982 Mohun Bagan AC and East Bengal Club ( Joint Winners)
1983 Jagatjit Cotton & Textile Mills FC
1984 Mohun Bagan AC
1985 Mohun Bagan AC
1986 Mohun Bagan AC
1987 Jagatjit Cotton & Textile Mills FC
1988 Border Security Force SC
1989 Kingfisher East Bengal
1990 Kingfisher East Bengal
1991 Kingfisher East Bengal
1992 Jagatjit Cotton & Textile Mills FC
1993 Kingfisher East Bengal
1994 Mohun Bagan AC
1995 Kingfisher East Bengal
1996 Jagatjit Cotton & Textile Mills FC
1997 FC Kochin
1998 Mahindra & Mahindra Allied Sports Club
1999 Salgaocar FC
2000 Mohun Bagan AC
2002 Mahindra United FC
2003 Kingfisher East Bengal
2004 Kingfisher East Bengal
2004 Salgaocar FC
2005 Army XI
2006 Dempo SC
2007 Churchill Brothers FC
2008 Mahindra United FC
2009 Churchill Brothers FC
2010 Chirag United SC
2011 Churchill Brothers FC
2012 Air India FC
2013 Mohammedan SC (Kolkata)
2014 Salgaocar FC
2016 Army Green
2019 Gokulam Kerala FC
2021 FC Goa

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Most Successful teams in Durand Cup

Mohun Bagan AC and East Bengal Club have had a nice rivalry, especially after the independence as English teams were banished from the tournament.

Following is the list of most successful teams in the Durand Cup :- 

Team Champion Runners-up
Mohun Bagan AC 16 12
East Bengal Club 16 10
Border Security Force 7 2
JCT FC 5 7
United Kingdom Black Watch 5 2
United Kingdom Highland Light Infantry 5 1
Hyderabad City Police 4 3
United Kingdom Lancashire Fusiliers 4 2
Mahindra United FC 3 3
Churchill Brothers FC Goa 3 2
United Kingdom York & Lancaster Regiment 3 1
Salgaocar FC 3 0
United Kingdom South Wales Borderers 3 0
Mohammedan SC 2 4
Gorkha Brigade 2 1
United Kingdom Border Regiment 2 1
United Kingdom Sherwood Foresters 2 1
United Kingdom Worcestershire Regiment 2 1
United Kingdom Royal Scots 2 1
United Kingdom Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 2 1
Madras Regimental Centre 2 0
United Kingdom King’s Shropshire Light Infantry 2 0
United Kingdom King’s Own Scottish Borderers 2 0
United Kingdom Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1 3
United SC 1 1
Army XI 1 1
United Kingdom Devonshire Regiment 1 1
United Kingdom North Staffordshire Regiment 1 1
United Kingdom Royal Irish Rifles 1 1
United Kingdom Somerset Light Infantry 1 1
United Kingdom Royal Scots Fusiliers 1 1
FC Goa 1 0
Gokulam Kerala FC 1 0
Army Green 1 0
Air India FC 1 0
Dempo SC 1 0
FC Kochin 1 0
United Kingdom Royal Signals 1 0
United Kingdom Durham Light Infantry 1 0
United Kingdom Cheshire Regiment 1 0
United Kingdom Royal Dragoons 1 0
United Kingdom Hampshire Regiment 1 0

How is the Durand Cup faring?

The Durand Cup surely has lost significance in recent years. During the 2005-2010 period, the Osian Art Fund conducted the Durand Cup on a 5-year deal with DFTS. In 2015, 2017, and 2018 the tournament was not conducted without any significant reason. The emergence of ISL as India’s top-flight football tournament has definitely shrunk the importance of the Durand Cup and the Pandemic did affect it adversely.

The money-minded nature of ISL clubs and the glamor involved in it has really taken down the Durand Cup from the position of supremacy. Despite all the obstacles, the 131st Durand Cup will commence on 17th August 2022. Out of 20 participating teams, 11 are ISL teams, 5 are I-League teams and the last 4 are Indian Armed Force teams namely Army Green, Army Red, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy.


This cricket-dominated nation does have a long and proud football history and it’s the responsibility of all Indian football lovers to show love and support for this tournament. Well, this support will encourage the players to play well and will ultimately lift the performance standards of Indian football. So let’s celebrate and take forward the magnificent history of the Durand Cup.

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