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Kabaddi rules: Learn the basics of Kabaddi and how it’s played

Kabaddi is a highly energetic and interesting sport invented in India. One can say it is the perfect game for adrenaline junkies. The game known as Hadudu in Bangladesh, Baibalaa in Maldives and Hututu in Maharashtra, is one of the rare sport that can be played without any equipment. Like the sport, Kabaddi rules are very simple as well. 

Basic Kabaddi Rules :

Playing area

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  • The playing surface measures 13 * 10 metres.
  • The playing area is divided into two halves.
  • One team occupies each half. Also, there are wide ranges of surfaces from a clay court to spare ground.
  • There are two teams which contest a match.
  • Every team has a total of seven players and both teams lodge opposite halves of the field.

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  • Each side gets alternate turn to send any one player to the opponent’s side. This player is known as the raider whereas each player on the opposing team is called a defender.
  • Winner of the match is the team which manages to score most points.

Objectives for Raiders

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  • This is the first and the foremost rule. The raiders should take a breath and entone ‘kabaddi kabaddi’ without any break.
  • The raider should tag a member of the opposite team and return back to his half.
  • He/she is ‘out’ when player breaks the breath or fails in tagging the opponent team member.
  • 30 seconds are available for each raid.  
  • If the raider fails to reach his half within time, he is out and opposite team gets one point.
  • If the  raider crosses the check line with one foot with the other one in the air, when the defending team has 6 or 7 defenders, he or she gets a bonus point.

Objectives for Defenders

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  • The role of a tagged player is to catch the raider and preventing him/her from reaching its half of the field.
  • One point is awarded when defender tackles the defender and prevents raider from going back.
  • Defenders must be cautious enough not to cross the centre line of the field known as ‘the lobby’ while trying to catch the defender as doing this can lead to a foul.
  • Defenders should not grab or held raiders by his clothes, hair or any part of his body other than his limbs and torso.

Officials and Duration

  • The duration of game is 20 minutes. It has 5 minute break in the middle. Teams change sides after the halftime.
  • The officials involved in kabaddi consists of a referee, two umpires, a scorer and two assistant scorers.

Referee: The referee holds the power to warn, declare point against or disqualify a player from the match. He has the right to overrule the decision of the umpire.

Umpire: The decision of the umpire is final.

Scorer: The scorer fills the score sheet and notes the timings and time-outs.

Assistant Scorers: They keep record of those who are out. 

Bonus points

  • Six players must be present on the court.
  • Raider gets one point when he crosses the bonus line.
  • Defending team gets one point when they tackle the raider.
  • There is no revival for bonus point.

Kabaddi is really an exceptional game. There is no requirement of particular means, clothing and accessories. It is one of the few games in the world which can be played indoors and outdoors. Now, as we have given the kabaddi rules book of this sport, what are you waiting for? Get up, and get started with ‘ Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi’!

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