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Top 10 Best Kabaddi Academy in India to Turn You into a PKL Star

Ten years ago, who would have thought that a young kid would be looking at the TV screen someday and hoping to become the next Pardeep Narwal and not just the next Dhoni or Kohli? But all hail the Pro Kabaddi League and its success and here we are listing the ten best Kabaddi academy in India:

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Complete list of best kabaddi academy in India

S.N Kabaddi Academy in India Location
1 Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy Adampur Dadhi village in Charkhi Dadri district, Haryana
2 Kathura Kabaddi Academy Sonipat district, Haryana
3 Neer Gulia Kabaddi academy Raipur village in Sonipat district
4 Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy Jind, Haryana
5 Janhit Sports Academy Govindpuram in Utter Pradesh
6 Yuva Ekta Academy Aurangabaad, Bulandsher, UP
7 Sharda Jan Kalyan Kabaddi Gurukul Dharampura, Uttar Pradesh
8 Sports Academy Baramati Baramati, Maharashtra
9 Jagadish Kumble Kabaddi Coaching & Fitness Centre Kasargod, Kerala
10 Bengaluru Bulls Kabaddi Academy Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Banglore

10Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy

Kabaddi academy

Haryana has become the new powerhouse for Kabaddi in India. So there will be several academies from Haryana in this list. First one of them, Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy is set in Adampur Dadhi village in Charkhi Dadri district. Season six’s best defender and the only player to collect 100 tackle points in the single-season, Nitesh Kumar learned the tricks and trades of Kabaddi in this very academy.

The academy is home to ammenities like gym, running track, physiotherapy, and hostel. Although the hostel is only available for boys at ₹4000 per month. Along with Nitesh, Amit Sheoran, Ashish Sangwan, Gurdeep, Surender Gill, and Sumit Sangwan have also graduated from this academy.

9Kathura Kabaddi Academy

Kabaddi academy | Credits Firstpost

Situated at Kathura village, in the Sonipat district, Haryana, Kathura Kabaddi Academy gave PKL one of the best all-rounders in the league, Sandeep Narwal. A part of U Mumba’s squad for the seventh season, Sandeep is one of the very few players to have won 200+ points in both attack and defence.

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Although the academy charges ₹2100 as admission fees and ₹6000 per month for a hostel, their training fees per month is just ₹500. And if look at their facilities, the hostel fess would look reasonable too. The academy provides a gym, running track, physiotherapy and medical assistance to all its players. 2014 Asian Games Gold medal winner and Puneri Paltan defender, PO Surjeet Singh also hails from this academy.

8Neer Gulia Kabaddi academy

Kabaddi academy | Credits India Today

If the head coach of your academy is the assistant coach of one of the best teams in PKL, Gujarat Fortunegiants, what more do you want from the academy? Neer Gulia, the Asian Games Gold medallist, has opened an academy in Raipur village in Sonipat district. The former player intends to create the future of the Indian Kabaddi team with his own hands, and he has done a fantastic job so far. Two of Neer Gulia’s students, Parvesh Bhainswal and Sunil Kumar are a part of Gujarat’s squad.

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Neer’s academy is well equipped with a gym, running track, physiotherapy, medical assistance, and hostel. The hostel charges are ₹4000 per month while the training fee is just 1000 per month.

7Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy

Kabaddi academy | Credits Twitter

“Pardeep Narwal’s Academy” – is the introduction more than enough to sell this academy. Pro Kabaddi League’s best raider, the present and the future of the Indian Kabaddi team, Pardeep Narwal graduated from the Narwal Kabaddi Academy.

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Although this academy is not fully equipped with just running track and medical assistance available, Pardeep has proved that the training is more than brilliant to create the superstars of tomorrow. The admission fee is ₹5000 with ₹2000 per month as training fees. The hostel, which is also situated at the academy is available at ₹5000 per month.

6Janhit Sports Academy

Credits YouTube

Situated at Govindpuram in Utter Pradesh, Janhit Sports Academy is one of the very few academies to provide free coaching for girls. The academy is well equipped with running track, physiotherapy and medical assistance. For boys, the admission fee is ₹6000 and training fee is ₹1000 per month. The hostel charges are ₹4000 per month.

Up Yoddha raider Gulveer Singh and Telugu Titans raider Vikrant have graduated from the Janhit Sports Academy.

5Yuva Ekta Academy

If there is one academy that can call itself the home of PKL players, it has to be Yuva Ekta Academy. Arvind Kumar, Lalit Chaudhary, Bhanu Pratap, Azad Singh, and Harinder Chaudhary have all played in the league after taking Kabaddi lessons at the academy based in Uttar Pradesh.

And just like the Narwal Academy, you don’t always need state of the art academy to create superstars. Yuva Ekta academy has nothing but the gym, running track and the hostel. Joginder Singh is the head coach while Harish Kumar is the assistant coach.

4Sharda Jan Kalyan Kabaddi Gurukul

Set in Dharampura in Uttar Pradesh, Sharda academy is unique in its training methods. The academy provides akhada for meditation and ghan for recovery therapy. It is also otherwise fully equipped with a gym, swimming pool, running track and hostel available for players.

The training fees is just ₹1000 per month, and hostel charges are ₹3500 per month. Players are trained by head coach Shri Bijender Singh and his team, Sh. Ravi Pal Singh (Ved Ji), Sh. Manoj Kumar, Sh. Arvind Kumar.

3Sports Academy Baramati

Credits YouTube

Set in Baramati, Maharashtra, the academy is just 100kms from Pune. Just like Sharda Gurukul, this academy also boasts of a gym, swimming pool, running track and physiotherapy. Hostel charges are ₹3000 per month and training fees is just ₹1000 per month.

Dadaso Awad, former Pro Kabaddi League player, is the head coach of the academy. National Kabaddi coaches Mohan Kachre, and Bajrang Pardesi are assistant coaches.

2Jagadish Kumble Kabaddi Coaching & Fitness Centre

Credits PKL

Kerala is not the most famous state when it comes to Kabaddi. But the academy at Kasargod, Kerala is starting a new trend in the southern state. Jagdish Kumble, the Asian Games Gold medallist, former PKL player and the former coach of Bengal Warriors runs this academy.

The training fees per month is just ₹500 at the academy. Sagar B. Krishna, the Puneri Paltan all-rounder, is the most notable alumni of this academy.

1Bengaluru Bulls Kabaddi Academy

Credits DNA

The defending champions, Bengaluru Bulls, like most other teams, have taken the initiative to spread the game of Kabaddi. After all, it is the academy of the champions. Along with running tracks, physiotherapy and medical assistance, the academy also provides mats to practice on, with an eye on the future. The training fee is ₹2500 per month.

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