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Jyotsna Seth still visualizes the horrible avalanche rampaging toward them

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The terrifying moment

It was the afternoon of 28th April 2015. A seven-member team, the youngest 25-year-old- girl was heading towards the base camp of Mount Everest from Lobuche. The distance was not too far from Lobuche, around two kilometers. The team looked confident of reaching the base camp that was 17, 500 feet from sea level. The girl, Jyotsna Seth, the youngest from Bengal in the expedition history of Everest was also dreaming of the achievement she had nurtured over the years. But none of them could imagine that dreadful afternoon when the whole region was attacked by a terrible earthquake. Jyostna has not forgotten a single moment of that afternoon even after seven years.

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She described,

“We were witnessing avalanches that looked monstrous and rampaging towards us. We just could have drifted away within seconds. Still, after it stopped I reached the base camp. The Sherpa who was guiding us forbade me. But I did not listen to him and reached the base camp. Then again I had to face the after-shock of the earthquake. That was incredible. My bag consisting of all the equipment costing nearly Rs 3 lakh went down in the avalanche within seconds. Sherpa immediately pushed me behind a solid rock for protection. Otherwise, I also would have flown away with the snowstorm. While returning I found three dead bodies on the same route I went to the base camp. Even another Sherpa who was with me when I reached the base camp just vanished after taking my one picture. He just clicked on the camera and vanished within seconds into the snowstorm.”

Jyotsna’s dream was to reach Mount Everest. But following that terrific earthquake, the Nepal government banned the expedition that year. Even after that horrific earthquake, Jyostna could not be traced for three days, keeping her family members in terrible anxiety.

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The Journey 

Jyotsna Seth

After Chanda Gayen was missing while making her third expedition to Kanchenjhangha it was Jyotsna Seth who tried to establish a mark in the expeditions to Mount Everest from Bengal. Jyostna also had a passion for off-beat games since her childhood. She traveled to several places in the Himalayas like Kedarnath, and Gangotri.

She described,

“I had seen the local people there who struggled a lot for survival. So, later whenever we traveled to hilly regions, even to Sandakhphu, we distributed medicines, dresses, and dry food among them, and in this way, mountaineering became my passion. I completed a 30-day mountaineering course from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in 2010 and completed its advanced course the next year from the same place. By that time I had made a couple of expeditions to some mountains that were more than six thousand feet like Mount Patal Shu, Mount Vigo, and Mount Kamet.”

Jyotsna Seth: The Financial Distress and Support

Jyotsna at the same time did not take moments to state that she would not have been a successful mountaineer if her elder sister’s husband Pijush Sinha and the sister would have given outright support.

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Jyotsna said,

“Whatever success or achievement I have acquired is due to Pijush Sinha, his wife who is my elder sister, and my parents. We had to struggle a lot since my childhood as my father worked in a small potato shop. My mother also used to earn by cooking in other’s houses. Still, the dire financial distress could not stop me from practicing trekking. “

The Latent Desire of Jyotsna Seth

After seven years, Jyotsna is again trying to awaken her latent desire. That is to try to make an expedition again to Everest. But to materialize her will she needs to reach the peak of those mountains that are more than six-thousand fits. But the main crisis will be gathering money for the Everest expedition. Jyotsna said,

“You need huge money to make the Everest expedition. You have to deposit Rs 10 lakh to the Nepal government to get permission first. Besides, I needed nearly Rs 8 to 10 lakhs to reach the base camp of Everest. Last time, West Bengal government gave us Rs 5 lakh each. But to get that amount we had to run from pillar to post. My sister and her husband Pijush Sinha had to bear all the hazards. They also gave me whatever they could. So, if I again dream of a similar venture it can be very tough to accumulate the money. Still, I have desire to make an expedition to Everest. If I get opportunity and obtain support then I can surely think of.” 

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