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J&K wins first medal at Khelo India School Games in Rhythmic Gymnastics

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In winning the silver medal behind Delhi’s Mehakpreet Kaur in the rhythmic gymnastics All-Around final, Bavleen Kaur (KC Public School, Jammu) became the first athlete from India’s northernmost State to win a medal. She will surely be the toast of Jammu and Kashmir for having ended the wait for a medal.

Rhythmic Gymnastics kreedon
Delhi’s Mehakpreet Kaur in action during her gold medal effort in the Rhythmic Gymnastics All-Around competition during the first Khelo Indian School Games.

Maharashtra and Delhi stamped their presence in the Gymnastics Hall at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, each winning two of the six gold medals on offer today in the gymnastics competition at the inaugural Khelo India School Games but would willingly cede the limelight to Bavleen Kaur who claimed Jammu and Kashmir’s first medal across 16 disciplines.

Shayan Sharma, who studies at the Guru Har Kishan Public School near India Gate, boosted Delhi’s gold medal tally by dominating the floor exercise with a solid routine. The All-Around Champion Mohammed Anas lost out, choosing a more difficult routine but not executing it well but his brother Mohammed Rafey picked up silver.

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Maharashtra’s twin gold came through Mahesh Sanjay Gadhave on the pommel horse and Purva Vinay Kirve on the uneven bars. Maharashtra, in fact, completed up a 1-2 on uneven bar when Aurangabad’s Siddhi Pravin Hattekar picked up silver.  Sandip Pal (Uttarakhand) and Protishta Samanta (West Bengal) won the other gold medals in Roman rings and vault today.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Results:

Rhythmic Gymnastics kreedon
Bavleen Kaur, Mehakpreet Kaur and Priyanka Acharya in the medal creremony of the Rhythmic Gymnastics All-Around competetion during the first Khelo Indian School Games.


Floor exercise: 1. Shayan Sharma (Delhi) 12.35; 2. Mohammed Rafey (Uttar Pradesh) 12.05; 3. Tushar Kalyan (Delhi) 11.90.

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Pommel Horse: 1. Mabesh Sanjay Gadhave (Maharashtra) 11.00; 2. Akshat Savita (Uttar Pradesh) 10.85; 3. Mohammed Anas (Uttar Pradesh) 10.60.

Roman Rings: 1. Sandip Pal (Uttarakhand) 11.55; 2. Vaibhav Chaurasia (Uttar Pradesh) 11.15; 3. Aditya Kishore Phadnis (Maharashtra) 10.70.


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Vault: 1. Protishta Samanta (West Bengal) 12.950; Shrishti (Delhi) 12.375; Aishwarya Jalindar Beldar (Maharashtra) 11.700.

Uneven bars: 1. Purva Vinay Kirve (Maharashtra) 8.70; 2. Siddhi Pravin Hattekar (Maharashtra) 8.40; 3. Bidisha Gayen (West Bengal) 8.40.

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Rhythmic gymnastics All-Around: 1. Mehakpreet Kaur (Delhi) 41.10 (Hoop – 10.15; Ball – 9.95; Clubs – 11.35; Ribbon – 9.65); 2. Bavleen Kaur (Jammu and Kashmir) 39.75; 3. Priyanka Acharya (Maharashtra) 39.25.

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