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For the First Time Ever, IOA Submits Interest to Bid for 2032 Olympics

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Months after when India expressed its interest on hosting the 32nd edition of the Olympic Games to visiting International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has submitted a formal expression of interest to bid for the 2032 Summer Games. Bach has welcomed India’s move.

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“Dead serious” about bringing the Olympics to India in 2032, IOA is now all set to approach the government for the support.

IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta conducted a meeting with the three-member bid committee of the IOC, headed by Jacqueline Barrett, Associate Director Olympic Games/Olympic Candidatures.

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New Delhi and Mumbai are the top two venues in the minds of the IOA, but other cities are also being taken into consideration.

Mehta said, “We are dead serious about this bid for the 2032 Olympics. So, we have already submitted to the IOC the letter expressing our interest in hosting the 2032 Olympic Games. I had a meeting with the Bid Committee of the IOC. They welcomed the move and said that India should have hosted an Olympic Games much earlier.”

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“At the first stage, a country expresses its interest to bid for the Olympics and at a later stage, the proposed host city or cities is mentioned in the bid. India has not bid or expressed interest to host Olympic Games earlier,” he added.

The IOA has already started planning for the bidding process and the upcoming General Body Meeting on December 22 is expected to pass a resolution to formally approach the government to back its plan.

“We are going to approach the government to back the bid after our GBM passes a resolution to that effect. The bidding process will start in 2022 but before that, we have to get the nod from the central government that it will back the bid,” Mehta said.

“We have to get the letter of backing from the central government, from the state government where the proposed venue is located and even from the Leader of the Opposition Party.”

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“We also have to get a lot of guarantees from various government agencies. But all these will start only if the government says it will back such a bid,” said Mehta.

What India’s Sports Minister has to say

Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore said that India would do better to get more Olympic medals or spend the money on sporting infrastructure than host the spectacle in the country.

“We have made this (intention to bid for 2032 Olympic Games) known to the government but the Sports Ministry has been muted in its response so far. On the part of IOA, we are all prepared to start working for the bid process. We will do what we can do and the rest it is up to the government (to back IOA or not),” he said.

Sports Minister also added, “China has hosted Summer Olympics and is going to host Winter Olympics in 2022. If South Korea is hosting Olympics, why can’t India? We are a big country, an emerging economic superpower.”

The bid process for the 2032 Olympics will be starting in 2022 and a host city will be announced in 2025. This definitely comes as a fresh wave for India which will be immensely boosting the Indian sports scenario in the country.

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