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IOA Ad-Hoc Panel Reschedules WFI Elections Following Disaffiliated State Bodies’ Appeals

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The IOA ad-hoc panel has decided to reschedule the WFI elections, now slated for July 11. This decision came after disaffiliated state bodies from Maharashtra, Haryana, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh presented their cases during a hearing seeking voting rights for the upcoming polls.

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The disaffiliated state bodies, feeling their dismissal was unjust, approached the ad-hoc panel to voice their concerns. Consequently, the panel called for a hearing, providing an opportunity for these units to state their grievances. The respected retired High Court judge Mahesh Mittal Kumar, who holds the position of Returning Officer for the elections, conducted the hearing.

Initially, the ad-hoc panel had announced July 6 as the date for the WFI elections. However, owing to the compelling appeals made by the affected state bodies, a rescheduling was deemed necessary. Over time, the WFI had made the decision to disband these state bodies. The dismissals of Haryana and Maharashtra took place during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June 2022. Notably, R K Hooda represented the disbanded Haryana unit, accompanied by legal representation, while President Rohtash Singh led the affiliated unit.

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In Maharashtra, the rival faction led by Balasaheb Landge and his son Lalit Landge presented their case, whereas the current secretary Yogesh Dodke represented the affiliated body. It is worth mentioning that the NCP chief Sharad Pawar-led Maharashtra body had previously approached the High Court, securing a favorable judgement against their dismissal.

Meanwhile, in Rajasthan, the rival faction led by 86-year-old IK Dutta argued to be the original governing body, citing recognition granted by the state’s Sports Council. Umaid Singh, the current President, presented the case on behalf of the elected body.

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