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International Yoga Day 2022: 10 Best Tweets from World of Sports

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The 8th edition of International Yoga Day was organized in India and across the globe on Tuesday morning. This year, the theme of IYD was ‘Yoga for Humanity’, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Earlier, the United Nations General Assembly had announced June 21 as the International Day of Yoga in 2014 by the initiative of India. The longest day of the year or the summer solstice was chosen as International Yoga Day.

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit, which means to join or to unite. Today, Yoga is gaining popularity around the globe and it is practiced in various forms. 

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The practice of Yoga is something that has the power to heal your entire body from mind to soul. The strengthening and stretching poses along with deep breathing techniques help to relax your mind and body. The best medicine so far to treat diseases. Yoga helps to keep our body and mind fit with zero side effects. 

Yoga in sports

Yoga is the best tool in the world of sport. It has many mental and physical benefits for any sport and athlete. It can enhance every athlete’s performance.

Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga increases body flexibility and improves mental balance for high level competitions. It helps to build flexibility, balance, coordination, and concentration in sportspeople and eventually impacts their performance.

Let’s dwell on some of the best yoga tweets from the sports fraternity around the world on the occasion of the International Yoga Day.

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