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Indoor Cycling or Outdoor Cycling: What’s Right for You?

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There is always an argument about the pros and cons of indoor cycling versus outdoor cycling. Therefore, to come up with the best decision for what fits well into one’s preferences and fitness goals, it’s important to consider these trade-offs.

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Indoor Cycling: Controlled Environment

For beginners or individuals who prefer more predictable workouts, indoor cycling presents a controlled environment. These are some of the benefits of indoor cycling:

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Benefits of Indoor Cycling | KreedOn
Image Source: trainingpeaks.com

Weather Independence: Regardless of what it feels outside, one can embark on cycling hence people in harsh places can do well with it.

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Safety and Convenience: This activity offers a safe and convenient way to keep fit away from road traffic accidents, potholes among other things while doing outdoor cycling.

Structured Workouts: Indoor cycling allows you to track your progress within a controlled setting through resistance level structured workouts.

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