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India’s viral, somersaulting kids gets helping hand from SAI

India's somersaulting Kids KreedOn
Credits Telegraph India

India’s viral, somersaulting “Sports kids”, Jashika Khan and Mohammad Azajuddin, may have found the right address for their talent as Sports Authority of India recruited the two as full-time trainees. The duo had become social media sensations after Olympian Nadia Comaneci shared the video of them somersaulting and cartwheeling enroute to school.

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“This is awesome,” was all the five-time Olympic gold winner said while sharing the video.


And on Wednesday, less than a week later, the star duo were asked to appear for trials by the regional director of SAI Eastern Centre, Manmeet Singh Goindi.

“They are natural gymnasts. SAI wants kids like them who have keen interest and not just brought in forcefully. We are very happy to see their interest,” Goindi told.

“They will stay in the hostel. They will be provided all facilities like others. They will be trained by qualified gymnastic coaches. We are just sowing seeds. And we are hopeful of our success.”

Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju took note of Comaneci”s tweet as well. He tweeted: “I”m happy that Nadia Comaneci tweeted it! As first gymnast who scored perfect 10.0 at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and then received six more perfect 10s to win three gold medals, it becomes very special. I’ve urged to introduce these kids to me.”

The children question are the students of Sanghamitra Vidyalaya. Jashika, an 11-year-old Class VII student, lives with her parents and 2 siblings in a one-room house near the Garden Reach slum. Her father is a driver whereas her mother works in a tailoring shop.

Azajuddin, on the other hand, is 12-year-olds and studies in Class VIII.

While the duo have little experience in gymnastics, they were only trying out the skill moves before Shekhar Rao, their dance trainer. Rao trains the children for free in B-boying and hip hop at the Eternities Dance Academy.

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