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Proudly Desi, Uniquely Sporty: How Indian Brand Redefines Sportswear Trends

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The power to make a positive impact on the world lies within a clear vision and the determination to transform that vision into reality. This notion finds validation in the endeavors of businesses catering to the Indian sports community. They serve as a testament to the fact that, with a well-thought-out approach, even Indian companies operating in sectors dominated by global giants can dare to dream big and achieve significant milestones. Indian sportswear market is experiencing a dynamic revolution like never before. As the nation’s passion for sports grows leaps and bounds, so does the demand for trendy, comfortable, and high-performance athletic apparel.

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The Booming Indian Sportswear Market

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If there happens to be a golden era for Indian sports manufacturing in India, it is NOW! As the awareness about sports is growing, even those who are not sportspersons are actively getting involved in the fitness factor. With a central focus on sports as an activity (example includes the nation-wide Khelo India campaign), this is truly a sign of the times we are living in.

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International brands have had a dominating presence in the sportswear market in India. However, there are local players who are slowly gaining ground by catering to the increasing base of middle and upper-middle class fitness enthusiasts and are changing the face of sportswear in India. One such Indian Brand or Desi Brand that comes into a strong picture is, Shiv-Naresh.

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Indian Sportswear Brand- Shiv Naresh

Proudly Desi, Uniquely Sporty: How Desi Brand Redefines Indian Sportswear Trends | - Shiv Naresh
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Indian sportswear company, Shiv-Naresh was originated in 1980s out of the needs of its founder Mr RK Singh, who was also an athlete himself. Mr Singh has seen some of those struggling days of his life, where he found it hard to get a quality sportswear for himself in Delhi.

This need resulted in working in Delhi Cloth Mill, learning to tailor and finally bumping into the idea of manufacturing and supplying fellow athletes with quality and cost-effective sportswear. This comes along with the supply of sports shoes, sports equipment and sports kits at a Pan-India level, which enables athletes to excel in their fields.

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Shiv-Naresh under one roof is providing a 360° solution to all the equipment, apparel and accessories requirements, like no other brand, can even think of in India.

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This multi-crore apparel brand today is growing leaps and bounds with even having an international presence. The brand that started from a household factory has today changed the scenario of sportswear business in India – with a state-of-art production unit, thousands of skilled personnel and a humongous potential of producing garment units, every single day.

Shiv-Naresh has made quite a strong name into sports fraternity in India. They have also endorsed the Rio Olympic and Gold Coast Commonwealth players, Boxing Federation of India, Hockey India team, Pro Kabaddi, East Bengal Football, Mohan Bagan, to name a few.

Working on the Philosophy of Athletes First

RK Singh, the director and founder of Shiv-Naresh had said,

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I started Shiv-Naresh to provide the young sportsmen of my time with good quality athletic wear at affordable prices. Something, I struggled to find when I used to play. My wife supported my endeavour and helped me make my vision a reality. Today we provide sportswear for various (national and international) teams, (sports) federations, PSUs and even the mass market for the daily fitness and sports’ needs of a common man. “Athlete first has been our philosophy”.

Shiv-Naresh has brought in a revolution by addressing the customized needs of an athlete or a team.

Global Quality at Indian Price

Shiv-Naresh has an unflinching and a non-compromising attitude towards the quality of the apparels it manufactures and supplies and this is what sets them apart. Shiv-Naresh is a brand at the right time, right place. As a brand, it appeals to the young emerging citizens of India who are price sensitive yet seek stylish sportswear.

As quoted by one of the salespersons at the Bajaj & Company in Economic Times,

Shiv-Naresh products are always in demand. They are giving tough competition to more established brands like Nike, Reebok and Adidas. Since their quality is top-notch, are locally made and less expensive, we find it easier to sell their products.”

What is slowly making Shiv-Naresh the first choice for Indian sportspersons, are their eye for detailing and their commitment to timely delivery. No other Indian entity can match the 40,000 plus clothing units it manufactures and delivers in the 24×7 production facility.

“At Shiv-Naresh, we have always strived to provide the best quality sports garments to our patrons. It has been an honour to dress the champions of India at major national and international events. We conduct extensive R&D to optimize our quality and heavily rely on our players’ feedback to ensure optimum comfort during the performance,” says Founder and Managing Director Shiv P Singh.

Interestingly, Shiv-Naresh has been associated with all the major sporting teams for the past 36 years and has built a good rapport with all those players.

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Sporting Success with Bollywood

Proudly Desi, Uniquely Sporty: How Desi Brand Redefines Indian Sportswear Trends | Shiv Naresh
Shiv-Naresh was the brand partner for Soorma. Image Source: Inside Sport

Shiv-Naresh, in its journey, has collaborated with some of the hit blockbusters from Bollywood which included Mary Kom, Azhar, Soorma and Budhia Singh. Being the co-brand partners/sponsors, for these movies has given a good mileage to Shiv-Naresh in past years.

Beyond the Indian Borders

Shiv-Naresh has been successful in making global impressions with its international product range of OOK and Trendz. OOK, as a premium brand was first launched in Europe and gained a wide acceptance for its quality and design. Austria Hockey Federation and the T10 Premier League Dubai are among OOK’s global partners.


In conclusion, the growth of the Indian sportswear market stands as a testament to the nation’s unwavering dedication to sports and fitness. From humble beginnings to a thriving industry, Indian sportswear has evolved into a force to be reckoned with, drawing inspiration from its rich cultural heritage while embracing cutting-edge technologies. The relentless pursuit of excellence by both domestic and international brands has ignited a sense of pride among athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country. As India’s sporting landscape continues to expand, the demand for stylish, functional, and sustainable sportswear is bound to soar even higher.

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