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Top 10 greatest Indian spinners of all-time | Can you guess who tops the list?

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Since the beginning of the game, India, which is referred among cricket players as the “spin paradise,” has produced a lot of spinners of the highest caliber. About 75% of the cricket pitches in India are spinner-friendly, Indian batsmen are regarded as the best spin bowlers in the world. There is no denying that spinners have contributed significantly to India’s victories, both internationally and particularly in the subcontinent. India has been fortunate to generate top-notch spinners for many years, and they have proven to be a blessing to cricket.

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By breaking barriers and making history, India has earned a reputation as a respected cricketing nation that consistently produces a playing surface that everyone respects. This country has produced cricketing stars and is respectable enough to mention a few people who have used their platforms to perform miracles. India has never faced a problem setting new records where none previously existed, whether they be by bowlers or batsmen.

Top 10 All-Time Greatest Indian Spinners 

Top 10 Indian Spinners
  1. Anil Kumble
2. Bishan Singh Bedi
3. Erapalli Prasanna
4. Shubhash Gupte
5. Bhagwath Chandrasekhar
6. Harbhajan Singh
7. Dilip Doshi
8. Srinivas Venkataraghavan
9. Vinoo Mankad
10. Narendra Hirwani

Top Indian Spinners- Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble- all-time greatest Indian Spinners- KreedOn
Image Source- Times Now

He is possibly among the very greatest bowlers to ever hold a cricket ball in the history of the game. He wasn’t a tremendous ball turner, but his line, precision, and sly variations let him take 956 international wickets. On pitches with bounce, he was quite risky.

Anil Kumble is considered among the best Indian leg spinners. The opposition batsman was guaranteed to have a day full of unsettling encounters if there was even a tiny break in the pitch. Those who had the good fortune to witness him in action could readily attest to how hard he used to work on each delivery.

Kumble became only the second player in the history of the game—behind the legendary Jim Laker—to take all ten wickets in an innings against Pakistan in 1999, a feat no Indian bowler had ever accomplished. Kumble almost certainly would have missed the remainder of the 2002 West Indies tour after breaking his jaw while batting, yet a genuine fighter never gives up. He returned with a broken jaw and a white bandage on it despite the doctor’s advice not to bowl, taking the crucial wicket of Brian Lara. It was the boldest act Sir Vivian Richards had ever witnessed on a cricket pitch. The valiant spirit of Anil Kumble will live on even though the game was a dead rubber.

Best Indian Spinners- Bishan Singh Bedi

Bishan Singh Bedi, best Indian spinners- KreedOn
Image Source-

Ray Lindwall bowling from one end and Bedi bowling from the other, according to Jim Laker, was his image of heaven. Additionally, Bedi was described by Trevor Bailey as “far more than just another outstanding bowler, he was above all artist who brought to his trade a beauty that was ageless.”

As evidence that there can be no win without defeat, Bishan Singh Bedi’s 266 wickets in 67 Tests show that he was a player who was respected even by batters who left the field. The talent and caliber of Bedi are not justified by the astounding stat of 266 wickets in only 67 Test matches. Overall Indian bowlers, finished with 1560 first-class wickets. He possessed the ability to fly, loop, spin, and pace. It’s possible that he would have had a lot more options if he had been born in a different period.

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Indian Spinner- Erapalli Prasanna 

Erapalli Prasanna, best Indian spinners- KreedOn
Image Source- NDTV Sports

He placed a lot of emphasis on flight and was long regarded as the best off-spinner in Indian cricket. His arm ball was completely misleading, and his major weapon was his ability to trick the batsman while he was in flight. One of the fastest spinners in India to take 100 wickets in just 20 matches. The fielders near the wicket claimed they could hear the ball whistling as it moved toward the batsman during a superb yet straightforward run-up. His sinuous performance and developing cricket career were sadly limited to just 49 tests because of his desire to pursue an engineering degree and only play in certain situations.

Indian Spinner- Shubhash Gupte

Image Source- ESPN Cric Info

At a period when India’s catching was regarded as the worst in the world, Subhash Gupta’s record as a leg-spinner of 149 wickets in 36 Tests with 12 five-wicket hauls did not do him much justice. He is the first Indian to ever take all 10 wickets in first-class innings, and along with Vinoo Mankad, he established the first-ever duo of the finest spinners to work together. Before Kapil Dev set the record in 1983, his best stats—9-102 against the West Indies—were the best by an Indian spinner in a long time. If there was any magic in cricket, according to the great Vinoo Mankad, Subhash Gupte was unquestionably the magician.

Indian Spinner- Bhagwath Chandrasekhar

Bhagwath Chandrasekhar, Indian spinners- KreedOn
Image Source- News18

With 12 wickets in the game, he was instrumental in India’s first series victory in England in 1971 as well as their first victory in Australia. He received the 1972 Wisden Cricketer of the Year award and is among the best Indian spinners of all time. In 58 Test matches for India, the legendary leg spinner recorded 242 wickets at an average of 29.74.

Having had polio as a child, he developed a paralyzed hand that caused him to act in an unconventional way, which ultimately contributed to his success both at home and abroad. The opposition batter would constantly have difficulties with a long run-up and a rapid arm, back of the hand release movement. He has almost 1000 first-class wickets despite not having played county cricket, and he still retains the Indian record for the most wickets in a series with 35 against England at home.

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Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh- KreedOn
Image Source- Pune Mirror

The first Indian spinner and bowler to claim a hat trick, Harbhajan Singh also holds the record for most wickets against Australia in a three-Test series with 32. Harbhajan, a modern off-spinner who plays at home and excels in all three formats of the game, bowls the “doosra” and later developed the habit of taking wickets in the other half of the format. With this new development, he is essentially at ease.

Even Muralitharan refers to him as his successor because of his identical wicket-taking average. The bounce and speed changes are key components of Harbhajan. No one is unaware of his aggressiveness. With 417 wickets in 103 matches, he is India’s fourth-highest wicket-taker in Test cricket.

Dilip Doshi

Dilip Doshi- Indian spinners- KreedOn
Image Source- ESPNcricinfo

Dilip Doshi is one of just two bowlers to have 100 Test wickets after making his debut in his 30s, the other being Clarrie Grimmett. The younger players in international cricket were constrained since Bedi was the only one vying for a spot. Even though Doshi only made a few international appearances, he was a top talent who belonged on any other squad.

Doshi had to outbid Bishan Singh Bedi for the position of the left-arm spinner. Doshi would have played more than 100 test matches if he had been born at a different age, but due to his unsavory relationships with Gavaskar and a bowler like Bedi in the ranks, he only had the chance to play when he was 32 and took 100 wickets in just 28 matches. It is thought that in 1982, his career was destroyed by his acrimonious relationships with Gavaskar. Nayan Dilip Doshi, son of Dilip Doshi, playing for the Indian side Saurashtra in the Ranji Trophy.

Srinivas Venkataraghavan

Srinivas Venkataraghavan- KreedOn
Image Source-

The off-spinner was one of the well-known spin quartet, which also included Bedi, Chandrasekhar, Prasanna, and himself. He had a reputation for having excellent red ball control and precision. For the position of the off-spinner on the side, he had to contend with E. Prasanna throughout his career.

He had a terrible reputation among his peers even though his test record of 156 wickets in 57 Test matches does not reflect the quality he possessed. He retired with an astounding 1390 wickets in 341 first-class games, and then he took up umpiring for the love of the game, becoming the most successful Indian umpire in history.

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Vinoo Mankad

Vinoo Mankad- KreedOn
Image Source- Republic World

Before Bedi superseded him in the same front, Vinoo Mankad held the record for the most wickets in India’s history (162 in his age). India became the first ever successful front throughout history to defeat England by statistics of 8 for 55 and 4 for 53.

Mankad was well known for his round-arm technique and his unfathomable control. He is regarded as one of the best Indian spinners and one of his teammates noted that his strength on the field was flight.

He was a slow, traditional orthodox left-hand bowler who frequently alternated his natural slow left arm with a faster one that arrived with his arm and helped him take many wickets. He excelled at hitting the ball with both hands and spent the majority of his cricket career as an opener. He was the one who came up with the chinaman when he was a child, but his coach, Bert Wensley, convinced him to give it up. He was unquestionably the best bowler of his kind in the world for a while.

Narendra Hirwani

Narendra Hirwani- KreedOn
Image Source- ESPNcricInfo

He was a wizard on turning surfaces, but his inability to get wickets abroad was the cause of his demise, and with Kumble waiting in the ranks, he was no longer favored. But he persisted in wowing in the home circuit for a while, finishing with 732 wickets in 167 games. He has the best test statistics of (16-136) for India and is regarded as one of the best Indian spinners of all time.

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