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Indian Shooters Continue Fine Form in Junior World Cup ’19


  • The trio of Adarsh Singh, Raj Kanwar Singh Sandhu, and Vijayveer Sidhu bagged the team gold in the sports pistol.
  • However, Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu missed an individual medal.
  • India still top the points table with 7 gold, 7 silver, and 2 bronze.

Indian shooters clinched the team gold in the junior men’s sports pistol event at the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany. However, the Indian shooting contingent missed an opportunity to win medals in the individual category.

The trio of Adarsh Singh, Raj Kanwar Singh Sandhu, and Vijayveer Sidhu bagged the team gold in the sports pistol by registering a total of 1738 which was 10 points ahead of China.

In terms of individual performances, Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu was at the forefront with 582. However, that was not enough as he finished one point behind Germany’s Florian Peter in the fourth position.

Elsewhere Hriday Hazarika, Paath Makhija, and Yash Vardhan missed the team gold by a minute margin of 0.4 point to China. The score equalled the junior’s World record of 1877.8.

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in the junior men’s air rifle, Hriday, a junior World champion, too was relegated to the fourth spot by shooters from Russia and China. 

However, that didn’t stop India’s march in the competition, as the country continued to top the medals table with 7 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze medals. The nearest competitors, China, have clinched 5 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals.

Final Results

Junior men:

10m air rifle: 1. Grigorii Shamakov (Rus) 250.0 (625.0); 2. Zhang Changhong (Chn) 249.1 (625.2); 3. Xu Yunnan (Chn) 228.6 (628.7); 4. Hriday Hazarika 207.3 (627.9); 7. Yash Vardhan 142.9 (628.4); 9. Aishwarya Pratap Singh Tomar 624.7; 24. Paarth Makhija 621.1.

Team: 1. China 1877.8 WRJ; 2. India 1877.4; 3. Hungary 1887.1.

25m sports pistol: 1. Xia Qi (Chn) 584; 2. Yuriy Kolesnyk (Ukr) 584; 3. Florian Peter (Ger) 583; 4. Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu 582; 6. Dilshaan Kelley 581; 8. Adarsh Singh 578; 10. Vijayveer Sidhu 578; 30. Harshvardhan Yadav 567; 37. Agneya Kaushik 562.

Team: 1. India 1738; 2. China 1728; 3. Czech Republic 1726; 5. India-A 1710.

Junior women

25m sports pistol: 1. Miroslava Mincheva (Bul) 30 (578); 2. Camille Jędrzejewski (Fra) 28 (580); 3. Zhu Siying (Chn) 25 (580); 21. Abhidnya Patil 569; 23. Priya Raghav 568; 32. Arunima Gaur 566; 34. Devanshi Rana 565; 41. Esha Singh 560; 51. Sneha Bhardwaj 552.

Team: 1. China 1734 EWRJ; 2. France 1729; 3. Thailand 1718; 8. India-A 1694; 9. India 1686

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