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Indian school sports education – KinderSports Revolution

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What if kids in Indian school were taught that fitness is all about fun?

Well, a few years ago this statement might have sounded vague, but now it’s not. You must be wondering, how is it even possible? Especially when the kids are getting profoundly fascinated with the online world of gaming and social media. The trend looks to go only upwards from here.

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Just to put things in perspective, according to a study, India has the second highest number of obese children in the world.

Indian school sports equiments - Kinder Sports

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And for schools, it has remained a most significant challenge to find out ways to engage them for fitness activities. Parents are getting more conscious about their child’s health. In fact, many schools today in the urban cities compete to woo parents with their sports infrastructure.

If at an early age, a child could be moulded to be fit by using training and sports equipment that attracts them according to their age, this problem could be tackled. But how to make them attractive? In comes, KinderSports, a well-known name in the school sports education in India which is committed to infusing the passion for sports among sports children. They have devised a formula to use a variety of bright coloured, lightweight and well-designed equipment to make an association with the children at an early age. This association helps to attract them towards sports and fitness.

Colour psychology is an important research subject which impacts a child’s learning abilities and behaviour. Here is a vast subject matter. Have a glance at the types of equipment below and tell us if they aren’t catchy to your eyes 🙂

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Indian school sports equiments - Kinder Sports

Equipment designed for Indian school children 

The science behind making these equipment takes a lot of consideration towards their durability and tough resistance for wear & tear as well. This was done to make them affordable for maximum schools as opposed to only privileged ones. No school wants to keep on buying new equipment since the budgets are limited.

The basic concept of the equipment design is to make them fun while developing the necessary fitness traits and skills among the kids. This will not only enlighten them about fitness but build the base for their future sporting dreams by being sports specific. Let’s talk about a list of equipment along with their usage below.

  • Parachute: It is designed for muscular development which is extremely important for all sports. Resistance training is a widely known phenomenon around the world using it

Indian school sports equiments - Kinder Sports

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  • Agility Ladder: The ladder is developed to provide agility, upper and lower body coordination while improving speed and reaction time. These skills are persistent among runners and people who play ball sports
  • Agility Hurdles: Again, quite handy for running and ball sports training. These hurdles help to improve movements and upper body coordination while giving explosive power and coordination to lower body.
  • Bean Bags: For sports like Gymnastics and ball games, we know how important it is to have the ability to balance and catch respectively. Bean bags could be great enablers for that.
  • Frisbee: You take any sport, and one thing which will be common across all will be your reaction time, hand-eye coordination and quick movements. Frisbee provides just that apart from improving the catching abilities
  • Flexi poles: You might have noticed how important are fundamental movements and swiftness for Ball Sports. These poles help in developing these skills
  • Paddle Bats:  It’s not rocket science that hand-eye coordination and reflexes play a significant role in preparing children for specific sports, especially ball sports. Paddle bats could prove to be quite helpful
  • Skipping Rope: From building your core to get accustomed to jumping and developing quick movements in the body, skipping ropes are significant for all sports and widely used all over the world by people of all ages
  • Spot Markers: To have a sense of space around you and how to make optimum use of it is a crucial factor in every sport. Spot markers could go a long way in achieving it

Indian school sports equiments - Kinder Sports

  • Fluff Balls: You may remember your first ball catch when you were a child. Now imagine how vital movement it was to develop hand-eye coordination and body reflexes. In fact, this is a must for all ball sports. Fluff balls could fulfil this requirement

How many equipments are enough? A major headache for all school trainers

Every fitness class in schools has a challenge that how to engage all students during a class keeping in mind the age and strength of children in the class. KinderSports takes special care of it since it will be a significant loss if each of the kids in the class is not engaged during the limited period of the class. It also improves the effectiveness with which the training is imparted and also restores the confidence of children who get bored fast if not engaged.

Also, over a period of time, if the child talks about “how he/she did this and that in the class,” parents get more confident about the selection of the school for their children. For ex – an agility ladder can engage 6-7 students at a time, the time the first kid reaches halfway through, the second kid can start and so forth for next kids.

Training is excellent but what about competition?

What good is a training if it’s not put to use. With a mission to give a holistic view of fitness and sports to the children at an early age, the equipments are designed to open up a plethora of events possibilities. With these possibilities, the children could not only compete and display their acquired skills like coordination, strength and agility but also achieve a sense of accomplishment out of the training they have done for weeks. Most importantly, it brings children together to work as a team which also prepares them to tackle the challenges of the real world and not just sports.

Regular events using the equipments also engage the parents to have a chance to witness the skills their children have just learnt. It helps them identify the talent inside the kid and also increases the inclination towards pushing their kids into sports.

As they say, “CATCH THEM EARLY” which means catching their talent early to have a prosperous career in sports.

Is your child getting the right sports education in school? If not, ask the child’s school.

Is your school is engaging children for fitness? If not, send an enquiry to KinderSports. Join the revolution 🙂

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