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Indian Premier League 2020 OR Indian Portly League – To be Honest  

MS Dhoni furious during CSK vs RR match
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Indian Premier League 2020 OR Indian Portly League

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Cricket viewers would have noticed that most cricketers, specially Indian cricketers cannot have a conversation without using the phrase ‘to be honest’. It has become a trend now, and very few English interviews are without the phrase ‘to be honest’. Rahul Dravid used to express most of his thoughts with ‘to be honest’in almost every sentence. Nowadays the Indian lads use it once for sure in an interview. Pay attention next time.

The ongoing Indian Premier League 2020 is a welcome oasis of ‘cricketainment’ T20 style. And the fact that it is happening, is a miracle in itself. One can only marvel at the organisers for having got it under way in these not so normal times. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. Besides the logistics of all the Covid secure bubbles, there is that other aspect of managing television crews of no less than 75 personnel per crew. This is nothing short of mind boggling.

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Speaking from experience it can be said with a great amount of conviction that what you see on your television sets, is the result of a lot of diligent and organisational effort. It is human nature to just discount all of that and take it for granted that you get pictures in the comfort of your home, just like that. But this article is not about the Broadcast orchestra and the nitty gritties of that world, it is about the Indian Premier League, and the slightly Portly League and its connection with ‘to be honest’.

Indian Premier League 2020 | Unfit and really unfit

Being away from active participation in the game, the cricketers have had the challenge of staying fit. While a lot of them have done very well and sport really enviable bodies, there are some who look like fat slobs plodding their weight around the field.


There’s no shame in naming them, so from what one has seen in week one of the league, here are the those who are quite visibly part of the Portly League.

The Virat effect | Credits: mumbaiindians.com

Mumbai Indians has Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, James Pattinson, Saurabh Tiwary and Mitchel McClanaghan as the main defaulters. It is sad to see that they have let themselves go in the time off. But they have the Pandya brothers and others to show them the way.

Chennai Super Kings has the older cricketers playing, but a lot of young talent too. Most obvious in the Portly category is the beefing up of MS Dhoni. His muscles scream out to be noticed. Kedar Jadhav and Piyush Chawla have never been thin, but the added kilos do not help. Shane Watson is big, and there’s no hiding that. One cannot help in thinking that the added weight, hampers his performance, especially when it comes to fielding.

Delhi Capitals has young Rishab Pant who again has never been thin, but he has added weight in the time off. Shimron Hetmyer is solid and sometimes in his fielding it is very apparent. Prithvi Shaw has put on weight too, but he too was never thin at the best of times. They are young and need to address this issue immediately, if they want a future in the game.

Credits: Firstpost

Kings xi Punjab have their share of bulked up cricketers in Chris Gayle, Sarfaraz Khan, Sheldon Cottrell and Chris Jordan. Fitness was clearly not on their minds during the time away from the game.

For the Kolkata Knight Riders the men from the Caribbean Andre Russell and Sunil Narine are the noticeably overweight duo in the side. Adding to the portliness is the young Indian Nikhil Naik who has always had a large gait. If he is serious about getting into the national side, then fitness will have to be his mantra in the days to come.

Rajasthan Royals are one of the fitter sides, with just a couple who are not really in shape. Mention of Robin Uthappa would be fair, as he sports a bulkier frame.

Royal Challengers Bangalore are another physically fit side. With the likes of the ‘epitome of fitness’ – Virat Kohli leading the way, this is not surprising. Mention of AB de Villiers bulking up a bit and maybe Umesh Yadav would perhaps be fair. But one must take into account that ABD has been away from the game for a much longer time than the rest.

And finally, the Sunrisers Hyderabad. Again, one of the fitter teams with the exception of Jonny Bairstow who has gained a little bit and the young Priyam Garg who at 19 one could say that the added pounds must be puppy fat.

Honestly, being but saying it too | Indian Premier League 2020

So, there you go, the members of the Indian Portly League from what one has seen on display so far. Perhaps there are more and the Lockdown regime will be blamed for their unfit body frames. But there are so many who are just amazingly fit and such great examples of how one should approach sport.

To be honest, the running around in 40 plus temperatures and horrendous humidity may melt the fat of the main detractors. To be honest, as a cricket lover one is just lapping up all the cricket that one can get from those who play it whatever size and shape. Just saying, to be honest.

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