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Indian Kabaddi 2018: Heart wrenching loss after 28 years

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Shocked! Flabbergasted! Dumbfounded!  Yes, these were the reactions when the Indian Men’s Kabaddi Team lost the semi-finals of Asian Games 2018 from the hands of heavyweights Iran. Even you will find it difficult to buy this fact. All we could see, were the stunned faces of Indian players. Indian Kabaddi 2018

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Indian Kabaddi 2018 kreedon

End of 28 golden years : Indian Kabaddi 2018

For the first time in 28 years, team India will return back sans gold from Asian Games. No Indian player will pose with the gold medal clenched in between their teeth. They lost the opportunity of remaining unbeaten or as everyone called them, “invincible”. How sad is that?

Where did India go wrong? Was it the lack of experience? Well, we don’t know. If we go ahead and excavate out the facts, it will become crystal clear as to why Iran clinched the victory from the asthenic hands of India.

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An unjustified selection is the biggest factor for team India’s defeat. What were Raju Lal Chaudhary and Gangadhari Mallesh doing in the team? Why was there no Manjeet, Surjeet or Surender on the team? It is all a mystery for us.

Even though the faulty man Janardhan Singh Gehlot got sacked for selecting the players on the amount of money they shelled out, it cost the team badly. Now tell me, is it the apt justice provided to the team? The answer is no.

Another reason for the loss is overconfidence and no proper implementation of plans. What did the spectrum of raiders do? The only raider discernibly successful on the mat was Rishank Devadiga with just two points, whereas Iran won the whole match relying on their defense. Even a small quantum of defenders, mainly two or three scored many super tackles throughout the match.

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Indian Kabaddi fans had a heartbreak

The loss was heart-breaking. Many provided sympathy to the team. Fans were seen shedding tears. The people on twitter too went crazy with fury over the loss of Team India.

Surender Nada on his social media handle said that it was an unfortunate day for the team. Not watching our glorious tricolor waving up high in the sky for the first time is very disappointing. What he said is legit. If we as fans, feel so bad after the team lost, then it is almost impossible to envision the feelings of the team members.

Indian Kabaddi 2018 kreedon

All in the favour of Iran

Despite turning up as the winning side, Iran did not play a clean game. The defender duo of Fazel Atrachali and Mohammad Maghsoudlo caught hold of Ajay Thakur like a bloody tiger mad with hunger and gave him both a mental and a physical scathe that he will never forget. The two Iranians did not leave Ajay even after the referee whistle went out and hence Ajay suffered the gory injury as blood was smeared all across his face.

Nothing went right for the team. No raider played well, India lost every single chance of inflicting an all-out on Iran, Ajay Thakur got badly injured and talking about the defenders is not even worth it.

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With just three defenders, out of which one was Raju Lal, only Girish scored points. All-rounder Deepak Hooda, who did not present a worthy game at the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 also played up as a defender and managed to score a few points with the help of Mohit Chillar. What was the point of even having three defenders if only one out of all scored for the pack?

Not to forget about the fact that Ajay Thakur in spite of being an amazing captain and player isn’t as experienced as Anup Kumar. As mentioned above, lack of experience also played a big role in the loss of team India.

Captain Ajay Thakur in tears

The captain, the man who helped team India throughout was seen sobbing over the defeat. Those tears in Ajay’s eyes made our hearts ache with extreme sadness. And what was he awarded with? A white bandage on his head, colored red with blood. It is right to say that the match really started slipping from the hands of India when Ajay was substituted due to the injury. The team looked crestfallen. Yes, it was depressing and doleful.

Nonetheless, for every dark night, there is a bright day. We cannot expect just a single team to win every time, at least in sports. Team India losing for the first time in the history of kabaddi is definitely a melancholic news, but now, a new era of kabaddi is born where there is be no “forever champion”. The other teams will also get a chance to show what all tricks they have in their bags. Well, let’s hope for the best in the future.

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