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Nicknames of Indian Cricket Team Players

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Want to know Indian cricket players nicknames. What nicknames your favourite cricket player have? Get the list of all Indian cricket players.  The Indian cricket team is idolized by many youngsters. We all know what their names are, but do you know nicknames of Indian cricketer? Well, lets find out.

In India cricket is not just another sport but it’s a passion, it’s a religion. In every, street, nook and corner of our cities and also rural regions, the sport is played widely.

Captain Cool of Indian Cricket team – ‘Mahi’

Indian cricketers Nicknames and how they got it!!

Sometimes, being the hardcore Indian cricket team fans that we are, we ourselves jump into the high voltage action unfolding on the cricket field.

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Often you would find yourself or your friends providing your expert advice to the cricketers or simply complimenting them on their heroics.

“20 runs from 2 overs? Don’t worry; Mahi is there on the crease. He’ll handle it.”, “Come on Jaddu, play it on the off side.”

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People are so engrossed with the game and our cricketers that most of times, more than their real name, we call them by their nicknames or names given by fans, commentators or the media.

However, then there are some unruly fans/people who taunt Indian cricketers nicknames. For instance the great Indian Master-Blaster Sachin Tendulkar in his hay days was mocked as ‘Tendlya’, a proper ‘Mumbaiya’ lingo, which many fans felt as derogatory. But, again fans will be fans. Giving respect to our beloved cricketers is also in their DNA.

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Last month, India’s legendary fast bowler, Ashing Nehra retired. His team mate and former India opener Virendra Sehwag, whose now on commentary panel of Start Sports Hindi, often referred to him as ‘Nehra ji.’

During the last match of his last international match in Indian colours, fans at the Feroz Shah Kotla brought in hordes of placards with ‘Miss you Nehra JI’. This adulation from the crowd certainly showed their love for Indian cricketers nicknames.

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We love Indian Cricketers Nicknames

We obviously refer to Indian cricketers nicknames because that’s how their own teammates call them too. But have you ever wondered that how did your favourite cricketer get his nickname?

A video put up on the BCCI’s official website finally puts all such queries to rest. In the video, some of our favourite cricketers are seen revealing the secret behind their quirky and funny pet names. Our very own M.S.D. starts off by saying that initially, his nickname was ‘Mahe’, which was just a short version of his first name.

Later, Dhoni decided to get rid of it and seemed to stick with the much cooler version of it – ‘Mahi’.

Indian Cricketers Nicknames

indian cricketers nicknames kreedon
Be it Rockstar or Cheeku our Indian cricketers nicknames are famous among everybody. (Source)

Virat Kohli

Kohli narrates the story behind his funny nickname ‘Cheeku’, with a straight face. He says that when he was younger, he had big ears and was chubby.

Moreover, he sported short hair and due to that one of the coaches thought that he looked like Cheeku rabbit from the Champak comics. So that’s how Virat got his nickname and it stuck with him from then.

Ajinkya Rahane and Ravindra Jadeja

Others like Ajinkya Rahane and Ravindra Jadeja give very straightforward answers. Their respective nicknames – ‘Ajju’ and ‘Jaddu’ are the shortened versions of their original names.

Also, every family member of Rahane calls him Ajju. We do have two players in the team that share the same nickname.

Indian Cricketers Nicknames

Harbhajan and Suresh Raina

Harbhajan and Suresh Raina both are known as ‘Sonu’ in the dressing room. Everyone got to know about Raina’s nickname when he used to play cricket in his locality during his childhood days. Apparently, during one of these matches, someone called him Sonu and everybody followed suit. Harbhajan on the other hand, confesses that though his original nickname is Sonu, people know him better as ‘Bhajji’. Though he doesn’t know who actually came up with Bhajji but it surely became more popular than Sonu.

Indian Cricketers Nicknames

Rohit Sharma

Indian cricketers nicknames are also related to how they behave. We do have a certain ‘over smart’ player in the team who have some .  The usually shy but stylish opener, Rohit Sharma is the not so proud holder of the nickname ‘Shaana’.

The name was given to him by Yuvraj as he felt that he was the ‘Shaana’ of the team. Yuvraj himself is known by the name ‘Yuvi’.

Shikhar Dhawan

Another opener, Shikhar Dhawan is known as ‘Gabbar’. Apparently, he is also known by the name of ‘Jat’ but Gabbar is more preferred. Perhaps the only player who is genuinely pleased with his nickname is Ravichandran Ashwin.His nickname ‘Ash’ is a shortened version of his full name and is similar to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s nickname. The Bollywood connection definitely makes Ashwin proud.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, the swashbuckling all rounder, is known for his style and sense of fashion. Due to his experimental hairstyles, he’s known by the name ‘Hairy’. He says that Raina thinks that he’s the Neymar of India and even Dhoni agrees with that. I’m sure all of us too.

These fun stories behind the nicknames of our favourite players surely help us know them better.

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