India vs Pakistan in World Cup: A look at biggest rivalry in cricket

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Be it kabaddi, hockey, volleyball, football or cricket, we don’t like losing to ‘them’. Yes, you guessed it right. ‘Them’ here stands for India’s biggest rivals – Pakistan. Sometimes Cricket is more than a game, apart from being the most popular sport in both countries. Political skirmish has led to fewer games between the two teams now. However, this is what elevates the value of their meeting in the international tournaments. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is wise and has lost upon this ‘Golden egg’ opportunity in the last few events. No matter how you see it, the India vs Pakistan in the ICC World Cup is a treat for cricket fans.

It would not be an ‘exaggeration’ or a ‘hyperbole’ to state that the India vs Pakistan in the World Cup is the most passionate encounters in all of sports. Without any doubt, it is cricket’s ultimate showpiece. The arch-rivals will battle once again on June 16. But before the action begins, let us analyse the previous matches of India vs Pakistan in the World Cup.

4India vs Pakistan in World Cup- 1992

Javed Miandad’s monkey jump (Credits Getty)

Pakistan winning the World Cup was hard to imagine during the first half of the tournament. Remember Javed Miandad aping Kiran More and jumping up and down like a monkey? The famous incident took place in this World Cup. It took 17 years of the World Cup cricket (From 1975 to 1992), before the first match was played between India and Pakistan in 1992 in Sydney. It was special a special competition for God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar as he was just 19 then. The master blaster impressed everyone and won Man of the Match award for his unbeaten of 54 from 62 deliveries. India posted a total of 216 before nowling Pakistan out for 173.



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